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Your Own RC Boat – How To Make It At Home

For some reason, the idea of controlling a miniature boat, skimming the waters of a lake, is one that attracts more than just a few people. Kids and adults alike find remote controlled boats really exciting and thrilling. All ages find these remote controlled boats universally fun. Even more thrilling is undertaking a huge and challenging project and gradually and eventually seeing it through to success. Therefore, I would strongly recommend that you build your own remote controlled boat, from materials available at your own local hobby or craft store. But since you’re here, you’ve perhaps already considered the prospect. It is easier than you think.

Since you’ve taken up the more interesting and less easy route of building your own remote controlled boat instead of purchasing a pre-made one, you will face a few challenges that you might not have to run into otherwise. But when you take your hand built remote controlled boat out to the lake finally and navigate it through treacherous and dangerous waters, you will feel satisfied and all the effort will pay off. You will feel like you have truly accomplished something great. You might fail here and there with your boat failing, falling apart or sinking. You may have to purchase new equipment all over again and many such obstacles may come in your way, but perseverance will make you glad that you didn’t give up.

Unless you are experienced in boat construction, it is perhaps best you use a plan that somebody else has created. You can easily find them anywhere nowadays- in books and magazines or on the Internet. You could even make a scaled down model of a full sized boat plan. This is a pretty good method as long as you are sure the radio components and motor will not interfere. Make sure your plan is crystal clear in every possible aspect. One error, typing or reading, and your boat can end up sinking or just spinning in circles while it struggles to stay afloat.

Wood is among the most important material supply you will need, especially if you’re working with custom plans. Quantities of Balsa, and other lightwood can be found at any local hobby store. Be sure to buy some extra incase the wood snaps, as wood very often does when you least expect it. Glue holds the wood together, starting with plating a hull shaped structure with successive sheets of wood. When done, you can caulk the cracks and holes with a suitable putty and make it water proof by spraying it all with a suitable sealant. Once done, you can start painting as per your choice and preference.

A radio controlled boats motor equipment demands more attention as compared to other Radio controlled projects like planes or cars. One drop of water in the electric component can ruin your entire project and you might have to purchase the equipment all over again. And that is very expensive business. Water proofing motor equipment is a fairly difficult process and at least one test without electricity involved should be done before its actual maiden voyage. This can be achieved by extending an arm of the motor through a waterproof sealant. This prevents water from getting in.

Every part of creating a radio-controlled boat needs to be paid equal attention. If you invest this time, you can have a great time. It would be tragic if the little sailors go about frantically throwing things overboard.

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