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Yorkie Chocolate the Chocolate Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier

The Chocolate Yorkie Club , was formed in 2003 to promote the Choco Yorkie, to promote as a breed unto itself, to set a breed standard for the breed, to establish a foundation registry, to organize dog shows for the Chocolate Yorkie Breed, to educate others as to just what a Chocolate Yorkie is and to document the history behind this magnificent little breed of dog. 

The Chocolate Yorkie Club is dedicated to promoting the Chocolate Breeder throughout the world as a breed unto itself.   We want dedicated to documenting the linage of the Choco Yorkies, to assisting others in documenting their Chocolate Yorkie linages, to establishing and documenting foundation bloodlines and assisting others in being a stepping stone to registering their Chocolate Yorkies through the World Canine Registry.    

  The Chocolate Yorkie Club’s goals are to document the Chocolate Yorkie linages & history, to promote the breed, to educate others as to the breed, to set a breed standard for the breed and to set a code of ethics by which all Chocolate Yorkie breeders are required to follow.  

The Yorkshire Terrier is genetically a Black/Tan (B/T) dog that turns blue later in life. The blue color is created at another loci by the GG or Gg genes.   The red or chocolate born are created by the bb genes. The red or chocolate born, referred to as liver in some breeds will also have self colored pigment, such as red, chocolate or liver nose. They not have health problems with the red/chocolate born puppies.    

  Blue born puppies and red/chocolate born puppies are rarecolors of the Yorkshire Terrier. The red/chocolate born puppies are recessive colors being passed to the progeny and a repeat breeding should never occur. Puppies of these colors are sold as rare colors. Yes hopefully it is very rare to get them.  Yorkshire Terrier      


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