WowWee Robotics Roboquad – Do not Try to Sneak Up on This One

Today's toys just keep getting more and more advanced and that is surely the case with WowWee's Robotics Roboquad. Considered the first real robotic arthropod, this innovative toy is very inquisitive and capable of multi directional movements. Its advanced sensory awareness helps it interact with its surroundings. As it moves through its environment, it scans everything and can move as appropriate to avoid obstacles and react to changes.

Salient Features of the WowWee Robotics Roboquad
The behavior of Roboquad is controlled by three personality settings. These three levels are activity, aggression, and awareness. Roboquad can judge distances and also obstacles. It will adjust its behavior accordingly.

It will turn its head to the left and right, scanning while doing so. It can turn and look at any object within three feet. A really cool aspect is the flinch response. If you or an object were to approach Roboquad quickly, the robot will actually react accordingly to its current aggression level.

Roboquad has real headlights that turn off and on and it can change its lighting according to light levels in its surroundings. This is a very sleek looking machine. It's agile too. The legs can rotate and it has an articulated neck. There are many movements possible from this robot too. It walks like a crab; it can stomp and rotates while walking.

You'll find a fully functional remote control. There are 72 functions already programmed into the remote. However, the robot will move and groove on its own without any help from the remote. Roboquad simply is an outstanding toy for any age group, but it is recommended for children over eight years old. Adults will also love this adorable little robot.

You can not sneak up on this guy while he is awake. It has sensors to pick up on the slightest noise or movement. It will start to snooze after five minutes of activity and eventually it will turn itself off after 24 hours. This robot almost makes you wonder if it can read your thoughts as quickly as it can pick up on your commands through the remote control.

WowWee is the cutting edge of robotic toy technology. You can find many other robotic toys offered by this great company, which are priced a lot less than you may think. Expensive it may be, but the WowWee's Robotics Roboquad. is predicted to be one of the hottest toys of the holiday season, so you better get yours soon.

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