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With The Winter Months Approaching, Don’t Let Your Cat Turn Into A Couch Potato

Is your cat just a little bit lazy? With winter approaching, will your cat be happy just to eat and sleep during those short daylight days? Don’t let your cat turn into a couch potato!

Some cats need to be coaxed into getting the exercise that they need to stay healthy. Left to their own devices they will spend the winter sleeping and eating and of course putting on the pounds. Cats (like people) need to have a proper diet and exercise. While every cat is unique, most kitties will make the most of the winter months by becoming couch potatoes. Some will amuse themselves with anything they can find to play with but most need to be encouraged to move about with cat toys. Often they need your interaction by tossing a ball, mouse or teasing them with a pole toy. Dangle a pole toy in front of your sleepy cat and watch how he perks right up.

Playing with your cat creates a bond and provides your feline friend with body movement to use his muscles. Sleeping the day and night away only increases his weight and body fat. You wouldn’t consider not getting your furry friend the proper veterinarian care so don’t consider letting your cat sleep his life away. Cat toys not only stimulate the body but the mind as well, making your kitty healthy and happy.

Cats tend to bore easily and many cats sleep because they are bored (nothing to do so why not have a nap). Cat naps are a necessity for our feline friends but playtime is as well. Cats are especially interested in play after waking from a nap. It is their natural instinct to hunt and playing with toy mice simulates the hunt and the kill for them. Don’t let your cat sleep his life away and avoid over feeding. When kitty is just a little bit hungry, he will be more interested in playtime.

Set a certain time of the day that you play with your cat and after a few days, he will not let you forget that it is time to play. Play time becomes something that he looks forward to on a daily basis and helps to create a bond between you and your cat. Keep your cat healthy and happy by providing cat toys for his entertainment (and yours).

You don’t have to spend a fortune to provide a variety of toys to amuse your furry friend, there are many inexpensive cat toys that will help your cat to maintain healthy exercise. Don’t let your kitty become a couch potato!

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