Wired Systems Hold Little Advantage Over a Home Security Wireless System

Most people opt for hardwired home security systems because of the peace of mind that point-to-point wiring provides. Knowing that physical wires provide power and communication to security devices gives homeowners an elevated sense of security and confidence in their systems. However, the continuing advancement of technology means that a well-built home security wireless system is now equal to, or even more advantageous than similar wired setups.

Any good home interior security system operates with multiple transceivers connected to a base unit or alarm panel. These transceivers can be built to scan for passive infrared, the frequencies of breaking glass, or movement through photo-electric beams. Alternatively, they can use ultrasonic waves that use the Doppler principle of sensing frequency changes due to object motion, or microwaves that respond to Doppler shifts, frequency phase shifts or any motions that can cause a reduction in the energy that a receiver sees.

A home security wireless system expands on the idea of ​​having several of these satellites linked to a base unit by eliminating the physical wiring between all of these elements, employing a good amount of battery power for the transceivers instead. The number of satellites, or what some companies would consider 'zones,' can vary according to different base units' capacities, but the better systems can handle up to 64 individual zones of responsibility.

A home security wireless system is a great option for homeowners looking to install a security system in a pre-existing structure, since it completely sidesteps the issue of opening walls up to put wires in. New technology born of stringent research and manufacturing standards means that a current home security wireless system will be just as robust and vigilant as an equivalent wired setup, and can even be more flexible since transceivers can be moved around to find the perfect unit-coverage area ratio. Wired systems are good in themselves, but to get the most bang for a buck, home security wireless systems are the best way to go.

Source by Jack M Patterson

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