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Why Does Poverty Persist in the Philippines?

The Philippines have been suffering from poverty problem and it continues to exist until today. There have been a lot of alleviation programs introduced by the government but the dilemma keeps on emerging.

The economic problem of Philippine government persists to surface in the society and it is sometime very tiresome to imagine. It gives too much headache not just to the Philippine government but also to the whole Filipino people.

The problem on poverty has been blame to lack of political will of those officials running the government office in uplifting the people’s lives from financial scarcity. Some have pinpointed it to lack of business investors from both local and foreign capitalists. While other says that it is due to rampant criminality that happened everyday in the different parts of the country. Many utters that Filipinos are lazy and lacks the required education and if educated the course being taken are not appropriate to jobs available in the market.

People’s ideas and opinion are proportionally divided. But what is really the real issue why poverty continues to devastate the majority of the Filipinos?

Here are some of the many reasons which I believe contributes a lot to poverty situation of the Philippines.

Economic debt – the swelling amount of debts of the Philippine government from both local and foreign lenders makes the poverty situation getting worst. Every year the Philippine government has paying billion of pesos on the interest and on the principal amount of obligations. In the debts record of the Bureau of Treasury of the Philippines for the calendar year 2009, the external or foreign debt reached P 1,926,599,000,000.00 (1.93 trillion pesos). On the other hand, the internal or domestic debt reached to P2,470,040,000,000.00 (2.47 trillion pesos). In total, the Philippines have a combined debt of P4,396,639,000,000.00 (4.40 trillion pesos). The “National Government Debt Service” for the same year reached about P622,287,000,000.00 (622.30 billion pesos).

Corruption is also in the top list that makes poverty one of great social predicaments of the Philippines. The practice of corruption contributes immensely in dragging the Filipinos into poverty. Because of the greedy ambition of some leaders in the government many have suffer from too much financial insufficiency.

There are still a lot of reasons that makes poverty persist in the Philippines. The above example is just a few of the many explanation why the economic shortage always ahead of the Filipinos. But no matter how the Philippine’ people is devastated by this social predicaments. There is still hope that Filipinos can hurdle the present social dilemma that strongly blocks the economic prosperity of the Philippines.

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