Why Consider Cat Breeding

Reasons to Take Up Cat Breeding

-Love of Cats. For cat lovers, the choice of becoming a cat breeder is an obvious one; you love your cats and you want to make sure that a certain breed (or breeds) continue to be shared with the world so that they can enjoy them too! Cat breeding also gives you the opportunity to be around cats on a regular basis, and get paid for it! A pride in all things feline can do you well in this business, as those you come in contact with will more likely than not assume that you are a cat lover, or at least a feline admirer.

-Doing Your Part for a Healthy Future. If you have a love of animals, you will know that many times animals that are bred for profit are done so at the expense of the breeding animal's health. By taking up cat breeding, you can make sure that the cats you breed are given the very best quality of health care and that the kittens have a warm, loving environment before they are sold.

-Breed Pride. If you are a true connoisseur of cats, chances are that you have a predisposition towards one or another breed of cats. It is only natural that you should want to continue the species and to make sure that you do your part to keep the species viable and sometimes to even add better genetics to the line.

-Breeder Pride. Taking pride in being able to provide exceptional stud services or in the high quality kittens your female (s) produce is a good motivating factor for anyone who is looking to take up cat breeding on a full-time basis. Being able to take pride in a job well done is a great motivating factor in any undertaking, but in cat breeding it can make the difference between a job and a career.

-Pure Profitability. Cat breeding is a rather lucrative business regardless of whether you are renting out stud services, or bringing your females and selling the kittens. If the genetics of your kittens is of high enough quality, you can sell them for a significant profit to loving homes.

Cat breeding can be a phenomenally challenging, but also an incredibly rewarding activity. For some, cat breeding is a way to make money, for others it is simply a way to ensure that a particular breed (or breeds) of cats continue to be shared with the world, while for some it is simply a way to work with and be around their favorite animals on a regular basis. But regardless of the decision behind your choice, it is not worth the time, effort and energy you expend unless you can really find joy in what you are doing.

Source by Virginia Moore

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