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Why Choose Miniature Beagles for Adoption

In 1950’s, the miniature Beagle enjoyed being the number one spot for most sought after dogs in the US. The Beagle has a short, sleek, weather-proof coat which may be nearly any hound color and tones. Tricolor (white, black and brown) is common. Miniature beagles are sociable, independent and cheerful. Their temperaments make them ideal pets for children and adults. Dogs are very active and seem always ready to go for a walk. Walking beagles are absolutely awesome – they always sniff out something and usually run with the head down to the ground, chasing some trail only they can smell.

Pocket beagles (another common name for this breed) get along well with other pets and even cats, especially if taken into the house as a puppy. They’re trainable from the first months.

There’s always a choice for pet lovers whether to prefer a miniature beagle for adoption, or buy one. A common sense tells that buying a beagle puppy is a sure way to get a healthy dog with no inherited genetic diseases. But adopting a beagle is not a bad idea at all, and here’s why.

  1. Because miniature beagles are so popular, many of them get abandoned or rejected by former owners who no longer can afford or maintain a dog. These dogs are used to living with people and need human care, they cannot survive on their own. Mostly they come from clean environment. Beagles are abandoned through no fault of their own.
  2. In rescues and pounds, beagles receive veterinary care and proper nutrition, as well as necessary exercises. Unlike puppy mills with overcrowded cages, rescues provide them with enough space to play and sleep comfortably.
  3. A reputable breeder can charge you over $500 for a puppy, while miniature beagles for adoption are available significantly cheaper or at no cost at all.
  4. Buying a puppy you may be unintentionally supporting dishonest breeders. Not always is it possible to track the origin of the dog, and you may be buying a pup coming from a puppy mill. Because their owners make sales, they will not stop their cruel business. By adopting a beagle you help to stop animal cruelty.

Of course it’s up to you whether to choose a miniature beagle for adoption. I just suggest that you consider such an option before making the final decision.

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