When to Start Applying for Social Security Benefits

Like most government financed programs, the social security disability program requires and intensifies and somewhat agonizing application process. Because there are so many people living in the United States, the government requires a very detailed and tedious application process to ensure that you are actually disabled and actually need the benefits that are about to provided.

The social security administration usually gives a 90- 120 day estimation time from when you fill out the application to when it is processed. This does not necessarily mean that you are approved for the application after these estimation time. However, many applicants must wait up to 6 or 8 months before the application process is even complete. After the process is complete, you may find yourself with a denied application. The average denial rate for this type of benefit is actually around 70 percent, so it is surely a difficuable benefit to receive.

If you happen to get denied for your application but believe that you should get the benefits, there is an appeal process that you can go through in order to get your application looked at again. This process is a long and tedious road as well, as the first two steps to the process, the Request for Reconsiderations and the Request for Hearing before and Administrative Law Judge, can take up to three years to finalize.

Because this application is so long and tedious, it is best to fill out the application as soon as you believe that you have become disabled. Although you may get better during the process of the application, it is best to get the process up and running as soon as possible.

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