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What Makes a Good Security Guard Manager

If you are a security manager or if you want to become one it’s importan that you work well with people. Security guards are often quite challenging folk to supervise. They are multi-faceted people who come from all walks of life. A good security manager knows how to inspire, motivate as well as discipline various personalities and it is not always in the same way.

Some individuals who are in security work better when they fear their boss. Others respond to kindness or beneveloence. There is a great book called The Little Prince. It’s quite famous, acutually, and it teaches people how to lead through a story. Good security managers, also called post commanders, must be leaders. They are looked up to and face a great deal of responsibility.

It helps if you are an organized soul, if you want to manage other guards. Being a good writer is also important because post orders must be created and rules must be established. If what is expected is not written down, then one can assume it will not get done. Many prefer their entire security staff to sign directives and orders so accountability is never in question. Private Security Los Angles is an article that was written by Evan Blumb and it reviews the importance of being a good security manager. In the article, certain traits and skills are discussed.

The most challenging aspects of being a good security manager depend largely on the skills of each person. It’s worthwhile to take mannagment classes and meet with others in the profession. There are numerous associations one can join which are very helpful. Networking is important in any profession, especially security because jobs are often precarious. In other words, accounts come and go, and the industry is currently in a state of flux. In California, for instance, the state has many new rules and regulations that must be followed so security managers must stay apprised as what is required of the state. They must make sure, for example, that each guard has their guard card and that they are valid. Every city has different requirements and so does every account. Los Angeles security guards that work at the Oscars will have different suprvisory requirements than those who work in an industrial plant in Ohio. Knowing where one is and understanding the limitations and requirements for each place is very important.

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