What It Means To Own A Puppy Or Dog

Have you been talking to pet owners and wonder what does it feels like to own a pet? Have you walk down the streets and see the behaviors of various dogs, why are some of them friendly while others are barky or even ferocious? Or are you a pet owner yourself?

How a pet behaves boils down to the training, treatment, lifestyle and communication from the owner.

Well, I had spoken to various people in and around my life who owns either 1 or more pets at home. One of them was a taxi driver, he's got a medium size dog and he does not know what is the breed. As he stated, this dog belongs to his daughter who holds a job in a typical working class community. She leaves home in the morning and comes home around 10pm every night, and unfortunately her attention does not go to the dog. The only place her poor dog knew is the small little confined balcony which overlooks the scenery outside. It urinates and poo all over the balcony everyday, was not allowed into the house and barks at the taxi driver who is the father of the owner. She (the owner) only orders dog food in bulk package and serve it to the dog every day in and day out.

She gives no treat, no "good boy" praises, no communication with the dog.

How can a dog be healthy being treated like this, whether physical or emotion ??

In my next article, I'll share more heartwrenching stories with you.


Source by Cheong LF

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