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What Does Homeland Security Do to Keep Us Safe?

What does Homeland Security do to protect us? There are many things that they do. Find out what these are and find out how you can start a career with them if you want to. Homeland will always be around to protect us but it is up to us also to protect ourselves when we can so they can concentrate on keeping all of us safe from unknown dangers.
Homeland Security is deterrence, prevention and our best defense against anyone who targets the U.S. They protect the U.S. territory, sovereignty, population and infrastructure as well as the management of the consequences aggression and any other domestic emergencies.
Homeland Security is responsible from keeping us safe from terrorists and many other national problems that could arise. Here are some of the things that they are responsible for.
1. Border and transportation security. This area has received much negative press, but this is an almost thankless job and in many cases these people do not receive the support they deserve.
2. Emergency preparedness. After Katrina this has been viewed as extremely important when it is needed.
3. Information analysis and infrastructure security. Important to identify and assess current and future threats to the homeland, map those threats against our current vulnerabilities, inform the President, issue timely warnings, and immediately take or effect appropriate preventive and protective action.

4. Homeland security also focuses on terrorist prevention and detection and they coordinate preparedness, protection, response and recovery activities. They work in conjunction with the state and local governments.

Homeland Security is always going to be the best way for the people of the United States to stay safe. There are many careers that you can choose to do with Homeland but you will have to have the college degree and training in order to do this job.
People everywhere take for granted that we are safe until something happens. Homeland Security does everything they can to keep us safe but it is also up to us as individuals to keep ourselves safe.
Homeland will be there when there is a terrorist attack or another security problem that could affect the United States. However, they can’t protect us from everything. Today everyone must be aware of what is going on around them at all times.
So do your part on keeping yourself and your family safe so that Homeland Security can concentrate on keeping us safe from dangers we don’t know much of anything about.

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