What Do You Know About Bichon Frise Dogs?

Bichon dogs are a great all around dog breed, cuddly little toy dog ​​that every child loves. Intelligent with a happy disposition, the nice thing about them is that they do not shed … which makes taking care of them that much easier around the house.

They are called toy dogs because they are considered "lap dogs", meaning they like to cuddle on your lap. Although small, they are very sturdy. They can be feisty but yet are sensitive, playful, and very affectionate.

Bichon dogs were used primarily by the Spanish as a working Spanish boat dog when they went out to sea. Their job was to meet people with great enthusiasm. They were right for boats because bichon dogs love water, do not shed, and make great companions.

They can weigh up to 12 pounds, and measure up to 12 inches in height. They're generally all white and have a life expectancy of about 15 years just like other breeds. The American Kennel only recognized the Bichon dog in 1973, although they had been around in the US since the 1950s. Devoted Bichon dog lovers will quickly brag about their long list of links and attributes, and why not …

Intelligent, happy, never sheds, playful, affectionate, patient, good watch dogs, ball of energy, loves water, good companion, but somewhat hard to train.

It's history can be traced back to the water spaniels – poodle category, dating as far back as 600-300 BC. They were originally called "barbichon" because of it's small beard appearance as it's hair grew longer. But it's main popularity was in Spain, to later spread into France, then the US and Canada, and eventually into Australia.

Because of their temperament, they have become a favorite among families with little children and elderly retired people

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