Using Dog Training Bells to Potty Training Your Puppy in 7 Steps

Dog training bells are highly recommended by professional trainers. With them, there is no more whining at the door and barking when your pet needs to go out and do their business.

You do not need to constantly look at the door to see if your dog wants to go out. When you train your puppy to touch the bells, you will know exactly when you need to open the door.

Follow these exact steps to potty train your puppy using dog training bells. Start training in the morning when your dog really must go out!

1. Hang bells on the inside knob of the door. If your dog uses more than one door to go outside, you need to hang them there as well.

2. You will need a treat. Put a small amount of peanut butter on the bell nearest your puppy's nose height.

3. Take your dog to the bells but do not shake them! Cup the bell with the treat in your hand and show it to your pet.

4. The bell will ring once your dog lick it. When this happens, release the bell from your hand. Your dog will continue to lick it and the bell will keep ringing. While your dog is doing this, keep saying, "good boy", open the door and let your dog out.

5. After your dog is finished with his business, and he returns to the house, lift the bells so your puppy can not lick them.

6. Later, put the bells back down when you think your pet needs to go out. Replenish the treat if needed. This is because you want your puppy to touch the bells only when nature calls.

7. During the day, your dog will go to the door, looking at the bell and sniffing it. There should be no trees on the bell. Your dog now has the idea.

Dog training bells have 95% success rate! Use them and your dog will tell you when nature calls. You can potty train a puppy or an old dog using bells! Some will be trained in a few days, while others may need one month.

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