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Types Of Security Lighting

There are different types of Security lights depending on your preference and need, and they are available for a variety of applications. When you plan to install a lighting system, it is good that you know what are the options that you have so you can choose one that is good for you.

The first type of security lighting is the Dusk to Dawn Lighting which really is an old technique, a household that is brightly lit would be the less likely-house that a burglar would attempt to choose.This type of lightning requires lights that have built-in photocells like yard lights or wall packs. But this type of security lighting would require you to burn the lights al night long thus making its energy costs high, plus you have to replace them most of the time.

There are also timing devices that you can avail, they alow the lights to turn on and of in a particular time, handy when you are not going to be home for days. Timers can also make it appear that people are in the house since you can program them to turn on and of from the different rooms.

Another type of security lighting system is the popularly known Motion Activated Lighting. This type is popular because it gives more benefits compared to the other types. It gives security -of course, convenience as well as it is low cost, since the lights only need to go on when it is activated, (the floodlights will be activated when it detects movement about 50 feet away from it) and goes of when it’s not. Also, the lamps last long, so you don’t have to replace them most of the time.

The third type is more of a combination of the first and second type of lighting system; it’s the Hi/Lo Motion Activated Lighting which has Hi/Lo Sensors. It means that their outdoor lams are turned on from dusk till dawn but only the 20% of their wattage, and they’ll brighten to their full wattage whenever their sensor is activated when they detect movement.

So make sure whatever you choose will work for you. You can also base in with your lifestyle, if you’re a person who won’t be around your house for days most of the time, you can choose the dusk till dawn type, with the timers to make the cost not so high. But if you are always at home then you can choose any of the latter two.

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