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Traxxas Slash, the Ultima Rc Gadget on the Market

Traxxas’ new Slash is a outstanding tiny race truck, but you don’t need to be a race driver to enjoy it! It’s built on a combination chassis based on the Stampede/Rustler blueprints, and is really stable, even at speed. The body is Enormous! though the chassis is technically 1/10th scale, the body feels more to be 1/8th scale. It goes away from all other Traxxas trucks in that the wheels are covered, not sticking way out of the wheel wells a la Monster Truck. Non-modded, the Slash is peppy, but I put in one of Traxxas’ new Velineon brushless engine and speed control systems. WOW! Now it can do wheelies on demand, and controllable powerslides around corners!

The TQ radio Traxxas includes with the Slash is alright, but if you plan to race this truck, an after market transmitter is best, as it would have the alterations necessary to tailor the truck to any racetrack circumstance. Spektrum builds an outstanding one. I as well urge a another tire/wheel combo, as the stock ones aren’t a good alternative to race with. I substituted them with a tire/wheel combo from ProLine, which are smaller diameter wise, but a bit larger than the stockers, and they just ignite the truck up! Right Away the Slash can go through corners MUCH faster than before!

Traxxas has surpassed itself with this truck! The Slash is a outstanding truck to start racing with, because of it’s forgiving nature in most areas, and it’s exceptional handling. Many judicious application of after market parts well-defined above, will make it a truck to beat! Don’t get astonished if someone come up to you asking about it, because the Slash is great unusual truck!

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