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Training Your Puppy to Use Puppy Pads

Most puppy nowadays can be trained to use puppy pads consistently which make you much easier for taking care of them. You can teach your puppy to go to a specific place and make him remember all the time.

Teaching the puppy to use the wee pad indoors can also help and guide them to go outside. By being consistent and having a praising desirable behaviors are the important factors in training your puppy to eliminate outdoors. Do not try to enforce the rules and other times do not, because this will only led to confuse your puppy and the training become frustrating in yourself.

To begin the good training move your puppy pads by the door and make sure that your puppy knows where it is, this will be a good start of the transition. When your puppy starts going towards the pad, pick him up and bring him out to his outdoor potty spot, this will help your puppy to understand at the first instance. And if you have trained to call your puppy with a certain word in teaching him to use the wee pad, like “go potty” then you can also use that to lead him outside.

Carrying your puppy and setting down beside him to the place where you start taking him outside is a good guide of teaching him and will make him remember little by little. When you puppy start to develop a habit of going in a certain place he will be able to remember that place and go there all the time.

You can make trips outside with your puppy at the right times in as much as possible and if he heads to the pup pads bring him outside. Repeat it early in the morning and after meals. You can remove the puppy pad altogether when he starts eliminating outdoors consistently.

Not all puppies are the same when it comes to eliminating outside, some can quickly learn and do it every time, while others can take longer time to be fully trained. The luck will just come to you and your puppy will soon learn to eliminate outside and your sacrifice of raising a puppy will be behind you.

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