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Train Your Kitten Use a Cat Scratching Post

Feline furniture represents a great alternative to declawing and it provides your cats with enjoyable scratching and climbing activities. By purchasing cat scratching posts, your cats will be happy and they will stay away from the furniture, scratching and climbing on the posts.  However, although most kittens will start scratching on the post immediately, others will have to be taught to do this.

All cats should have at least one cat scratching post, preferably one with the shape with a tree which enables the cat to stretch its body against to its full height. We advise you not to hide the cat scratching posts when you first purchase them, since cats like the areas where humans spend their time.  The most important things that you can purchase for your kittens are cat scratching posts, which can be acquired in any pet store.

We advise you to get a cat scratching post that has a similar material with the furniture your cat scratches most of the time. If the scratching post will look or feel different, it is unlikely that your cat will start using the post. Nowadays, animal lovers have a variety of cat scratching posts to choose from, in order to save their furniture and their carpets.

Cats can be trained to use scratching posts as long as you keep in mind the following tips. First of all, place several cat scratching posts in different areas in which you see your cat frequently. The best spots are those in which your kitten likes to play and to rest. Next, don’t force your cat to scratch if it is not in the mood, because this will only be confusing for it. You can encourage scratching on a cat scratching post by playing with toys near the post and by using praise and food rewards when your cat scratches the post.

If you have an older cat, it will be a little more difficult for you to train it to use the post. However, this is not an impossible task but there are a couple of things that you should do in order to succeed. First of all, cover the damaged area with plastic so that it feels different and the cat doesn’t find it appealing any longer. Most cats dislike aluminum foil and this represents a useful training tool.  Make sure that the cat scratching post you place near the damaged furniture is covered with a material appealing to your cat.

Once your cat begins using the scratching post frequently, you can go ahead and move the scratching post towards the location you desire. Move the post a few inches every day and continue to reward your cat for using it.  This will definitely help you make your kitten use cat scratching posts and thus you won’t have to change your furniture and your carpets as often as you used to.

Just like humans, cats take possession of the entire house, they have a favorite place where they like to spend their time and they need a place of their own, where they can rest and play whenever they please. Your cat deserves its own piece of furniture, a nice cat scratching post. Nowadays, you will be able to purchase whatever you want for your cat as long as budget isn’t a problem.

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