Total Home Security Means Total Protection

Home security systems can protect your home against theft, intrusion and vandalism. Many systems can go beyond just monitoring your home for theft. Some systems are very robust and offer complete home security which includes monitoring, theft deterrence, the ability to summon help in the case of fire or emergency and monitoring for smoke, carbon monoxide, flooding and pipe freezing. This is total home protection and really adds dimension to a home security system.

A truly effective home security system will have components that will primarily protect your home from theft and intrusion. These include door and window sensors, motion detectors, a keypad with a two-way communication system with the monitoring center, and a high-decibel alarm. This coupled with live monitoring makes any home safer from intrusion and burglary. However, there are other systems that should be considered for other contingencies like fire, flood, pipe freezes and carbon monoxide that can happen while you are in the house and while you are away. These may seem optional, and they are, but if you want a total home security solution, it is wise to consider adding these components along with your basic home security solutions.

Having your home monitored for carbon monoxide and smoke is important because these can kill. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that is lethal. Adding a carbon monoxide detector into your home security system can protect your family against this silent killer. Smoke detectors can detect smoke while you are in the house and while you are away, and when the alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to the monitoring center. The monitor will then alert you first, or if you do not respond, call the proper permissions who will respond to your home within minutes to handle the situation. This can be a real benefit if the smoke alarm is triggered while you are away because the fire department can show up without you having to call them. The monitoring system does that for you. The sooner the fire department shows up, the less damage can be done to your home by a fire.

Water sensors in a basement or other part of the house can detect if flooding has occurred. If you are away, you can be aware that there is a flood and help can be summoned to your house to fix the problem immediately. Flooding damage can be alleviated by early warning from a water sensor. Freeze sensors can tell you if your water pipes are on the verge of freezing over which could cause a pipe burst. Having this information on hand before the pipe bursts can save a lot of time and money, not to mention potential water damage. This is just part of the total protection that a home security system can provide.

Many home security systems come with a battery backup system that will keep your alarm working in the event of a power failure. Blackouts and power failures are prime times for burglars to take advantage of homes and having a home protected during a power outage adds just another layer of protection.

A home security system that can summon help at the touch of a button and deter burglaries is ideal, especially when it is monitored. Having total protection from all possible safety hazards means added protection for the home and its occupants. When you are considering a home security system for your home, examine the components carefully and see if it can be expanded to include coverage for all possible emergencies. Having total home security protection can give you peace of mind while you are at home or while you are away.

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