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Top Four Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Recycling and eco-friendliness are two  words gaining popularity across the world. Due to global warming and other environmental issues, it is essential for everyone to start contributing towards the welfare of the environment. If you are serious towards making some environment conservation efforts, you can start by using eco-friendly products. Well, even companies can promote their brand along with creating environmental awareness by using eco-friendly promotional items.

Here are some popular popular eco-friendly corporate items for you to choose:

Grocery Totes

This is the best environmental friendly promotional option to choose for brand marketing. Instead of paper or plastic, these grocery totes are made of hundred percent recycled materials. Plus, they are recyclable and reusable and are also easy to use. Unlike the paper or plastic bags, these grocery totes are less likely to tear. Plus, they offer a lot of space to imprint your company’s name and logo or any other “Green” message. With promotional grocery totes, your employees, clients and  other people who use them will become walking billboards for your brand. This will definitely help in increasing the visibility of your brand like never before.  

Non Woven Bags

Among eco-friendly products, no one can deny the recent rise in popularity of non woven bags. The promotional non woven polypropylene bags are increasingly being used by companies who want practical, eco-friendly items to promote their brand. These non-woven bags are used everywhere from apparel boutiques, local shops to tradeshows. The non woven bags are made of a durable plastic material designed to have the look, feel and quality of cloth. Due to their high functionality, these polypropylene bags make great promotional items. They are lightweight and inexpensive as compared to other bags made of other materials. You can either imprint your company’s name and logo on both sides of the bags or on the side panel of the non woven bags for maximum brand visibility.

Eco-friendly Apparel

There are promotional corporate apparel which are made from renewable, recycled and natural sources. Using these corporate apparel for brand promotion helps you to make a positive statement about your company’s involvement with environmental initiatives. Whether you choose a bamboo woven shirt or a t-shirt made from recycled plastic as a promotional item, it will definitely increase the visibility of your brand. When your promotional corporate apparel is worn by your employees and customers, your logo and brand message will grab eyeballs from curious onlookers. With eco-friendly corporate apparel, you not only give the recipients a product to cherish for years to come, but you also make a lasting statement about your company.

Recycled  Mugs

The promotional recycled mugs are made from recycled plastics which consume only half the energy required to manufacture the same products from fresh plastic. Hence, using recycled promotional mugs is a great step forward towardssolving the problem of energy crisis. There are some eco-friendly promotional mugs which are made from other eco-friendly materials such as ceramics, recycled steel, clay, etc.

The above mentioned grocery totes, recycled mugs or corporate apparel are just some of the eco-friendly products that can be used effectively for promoting your brand, along with building reputation to your firm.

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