Tips to Stop Dog Barking

One of the frustrating things about owning a dog is that they bark so much. In fact barking and toilet training are the two main reasons that many people join a puppy obedience school.

But it is not just puppies that bark, grown dogs do it to, so this article will show you how you can stop your dog barking and start to get some peace and quiet again.

Before I spill the tips because you need to know that it's natural for a dog to want to bark. It's their way of talking and just like you can not stop a human from talking, you can not stop a dog barking altogether. However you can control their barking and reduce the amount of time's they do it.

Tip # 1 – Voice Command

You need to have a consistent voice command that will tell your dog that they now have to be quiet. "Stop Barking" is perfectly acceptable and you can use it whenever they are barking out of control. Keep your voice firm and even and when your dog stops, reward them with either a hug or a doggie treat. Positive reinforcement is the most powerful training method you have.

Very soon they'll begin to understand that they must be quiet when you issue your command and stop barking.

Tip # 2 – Distraction

If you dog is barking out of boredom or lack of attention then you either need to spend more time playing and being with your dog or provide toys or activities that will keep him entertained.

You can even hire puppy sitters these days who will come and play with your dog and take them for a walk for a few hours a day while you are at work. Chew toys and pull routes are also great toys to keep them entertained during the day.

Source by Jillian Mackay

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