Things to Keep In Mind When You Adopt a Cat

Who does not want to bring that cute, fluffy little creature home? Cats are adorable and entertaining but it is an important decision to adopt a cat that should not be made light. If all goes well, this new member of your family will be with you for more than a decade, so make sure if you are prepared for such a long term commitment. As cute as cats are, raising one can be quite a challenge. If you have everything ready and are quite prepared, you will do just fine. For that reason, here are some helpful points that will help must know before you adopt a cat.

Cats Need Time and Attention

From playtime to training, cats require a lot of time and attention. They are like little babies and do not like to be left on their own for long periods of time. If you are unsure that your cat will be accommodated all the time, you should not get a cat. You must dedicate some time for training them, playing with them and cuddling them. This way you will raise a happy, well behaved cat.

Things Your Cat Needs

In order to keep your cat healthy and happy, there are several things you need to have. All the following things are applicable for almost all cats either they go outside or not. You must have:

· Litter

· A litter box

· Toys

· Food (both dry and wet)

· An ID tag collar (for cats that gets out)

· Treats

· A scratching post

· A flea collar or treatments

· A squirt gun or spray bottle (for training purpose)

Cats love to play with toys. Usually they like to play with things around the house. You may not require spending money on expensive toys. Your cat's toys may include:

· Plastic pop bottle caps

· Cardboard boxes

· Paper towel rolls

· Plastic bags

· Shoes

Neutering, Spaying and De-clawing

While the first two are very important for your cat, de-clawing is absolutely cruel and unnecessary. Regardless of whether your cat goes outdoors or not, it is very important that you have your cat neutered or spayed to make sure they are free from any diseases.

On the other hand de-clawing is just about being cruel to your cat. If you are more concerned about the destruction of your furniture, train your cat instead of de-clawing him / her. Another very interesting solution to this problem is to get Soft Paws for your cat's claws. Although they are a little expensive but they are much more humane than de-clawing.

Cats are Pricey!

Food, litter and vet bills are basic things you need to take into consideration before you plan to adopt a cat. Even spaying and getting then neutered will be a fairly expensive deal. Before you get your cat, make sure you have sufficient money to get your cat the shots it needs.

Cat Proof Your Home

Screaming oat your cat for breaking an antique in the house will be no good. It is important to cat-proof your home before bringing your new friend to protect both the cat and your home. These curious, energetic, furry balls of destruction will keep on climbing and jumping. It is there before your job to ensure that all valuables are out of your cat's reach.

Hope you have a positive result of this basic assessment and you are all prepared to welcome your new friend in the family. Enjoy!

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