Thieves Hate Security Window Locks

A third of all burglars get in through a window, help yourself and reduce the chances of letting a burglar through your window. Some simple and cost effective measures could save you a lot of money, inconvenience and stress as well as protecting you.

Window security locks can easily be seen from the outside and may help to deter a thief from trying to gain entry. In built up areas specifically, burglars do not want to make a noise. Smashing a window makes noise and burglars do not want to attract attention from neighbors. Window locks also prevent the thief from opening the window after having partially smashing it to try to open it. It is not uncommon, for a burglar to get cut on smashed glass while climbing through a broken window.

Make sure you protect even small windows, if you can get your head through it could be possible to climb through it. Burglars have been known to use children to enter homes and open windows or doors for quick and easy access to properties.

If you are planning to replace or upgrade your windows and fit double-glazing, see if it is possible to get laminated toughened glass especially on the ground floor or easily accessible windows. The toughened laminated glass is much harder to break and is also safer especially in homes with young children. By fitting a window lock it could also help prevent a small child opening a window and prevent them from falling out of an upstairs window.

Louvre doors are especially vulnerable because of how easily it can be to take the slats out of the frame. Make sure the slats have been glued sufficiently and if possible when replacing louver doors replace them with fixed glass. You can also fit a special louvre security lock.

When fitting window locks make sure that they are the correct type and that by fitting them they will not affect any warranty or guarantees you may have.

Having security window lock fitted is pointless if you forget to close and lock the windows when you go out. A thief can be in and out with a lot of your valuable property in a matter of minutes through and opened window. Most burglaries carried out out of an opportunistic nature. Do not give them the opportunity.

Protecting the windows in your home is only part of the overall process in protecting you, your home and your property. In conjunction with other security measures like a home security alarm, high security door locks, security cameras (CCTV) it all helps to prevent your home from being the next crime scene.

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