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The Ultimate Ways To Lock Folders And Files

Nowadays people look for data security. Every person has a different reason for securing his data, some wants to secure it because leak out of those data might cost him his business and some want to secure it (especially teenagers) from their parents, for not to spoil their image and hide facts from them.

Data security or data protection now is of prior importance, their are various ways of protecting your data, but none will prove to give you complete guarantee that your data will be safe. The only way that will give you complete satisfaction that your data is completely safe is by locking your important files and folders. Your files and folders an be locked with a software and it can also be locked without a software too, but then it will depend upon the Operating System that is being used.

Locking your Data without Software’s :

1. Using Linux/UNIX:

For Linux and UNIX systems, they have got permissions set so that no one other than administrators can see the folders, you can enforce these restrictions via “chmod go-rxw “.

2. Using Windows:

Using the advanced security tab in Windows and remove every user from it (using DENY option) is a good way not to let anyone view your data. And if you want to restore your access back, simply add yourself back.

Locking your Data using Software’s :

Using Desksense:

Desksense is a software used to password protect folders from snooping eyes.No one can access your locked folders without using the appropriate password to access the locker room.

Now easily drag and drop your fear into safe vault.

Note : Desksense is creating a huge appeal in the internet marketing world in a very short interval of time. And well Desksense works in Windows Operating System ( XP, 2000, 2003 and Vista )

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