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The Top Ride On Toys For Toddlers

The top ride on toys for toddlers come in a variety of different rides but they all have a few things in common.  They’re fun (of course) but they’re also developmentally stimulating.  This is a very important feature to have in toys for young children.

Toddlers are very busy exploring their world and the environment around them. They are stimulated by color, sounds, and any type of toy that they can grab a hold of and manipulate. They also begin to imitate the things that they see people around the doing.

The top ride on toys for toddlers will challenge your child’s gross and fine motor skills. This occurs through the form of good old exercise and by challenging hand to eye coordination. They will also stimulate intrapersonal play which occurs while children play by themselves. This is the perfect way for kids to explore their surroundings at their own speed. Some of the top ride on toys include:

Push Ride On Toys

These toys are perfect for toddlers because they can either be ridden or pushed. If your child is just learning how to walk then you may find that it’s very beneficial for them to stand up behind the vehicle and push. This will strengthen their large muscle groups and actually encourage them to walk faster. Your child can also sit on this type ride and use their leg power to get around the room.


I don’t know a child who doesn’t love a classic wagon like the classic red wagon. Wagons are a great toy that will allow you to pull your kids around on walks and adventures. While they’re riding, you can be sure that they’ll be taking in everything around them. They’ll be absorbing all of the sounds, colors, and smells around them. This provides a great sensory stimulation.


Riding their first bike is so very exciting for any child. Trikes are the perfect beginners bike for children as young as toddlers and one of the most popular is the Radio Flyer Fold 2 Go Trike. Today bikes are so well made and have very interactive dashboards that are perfect for stimulating those little toddler minds. Most of them have adjustable seats so even the smallest child can reach the pedals with ease.

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