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The Secrets for a Brilliant Birthday Gift

Your child is counting down the days until their friend’s birthday party and it is time to decide what gift to buy them. The market is flooded with gift ideas and birthday cards for kids, so how do you decide what’s best? What do children like? In this article we offer suggestion and tips when choosing gifts and cards, while remembering that during this current economic climate budgets are tight.


In some cases, a card is all that needs to be given. If this is the case, make it special. If there it is a themed birthday party for kids, why not buy a card a card that matches the theme? Pirate themed parties lend themselves to skull and cross cards, moons and star shaped birthday cards can be taken to space themed parties. However, if the party is a little obscure (or you have time on your hands) – why not make the card yourself? Get your child to join in on making the card; it will be enjoyable for you both and there is always something a little special about receiving a hand-made birthday card! There is even the potential to get super creative and design a birthday e-card for kids who have a passion for online games. These suggestions need not be expensive; craft fairs will sell inexpensive craft supplies and card and online e-cards are generally free, or will cost next to nothing. So get creative!


When deciding a gift, make sure you are well aware of your budget and stick to it! If your child’s friend’s birthday is in a fun centre for kids, the likelihood that they will open the gifts there and then is very low. They are more likely to run off and play and the child will open his present when he/she returns home. So if your budget is low, stick to inexpensive gifts such as chocolate and sweets which they can snack after a hectic day of running around and playing. This may not seem much, but all kids love candy and they can never have enough. Furthermore, if you and your child have made their own card – you could always make your own wrapping paper or decorate an old box/jar to store the sweets in. These little touches are fun to make and will not go unappreciated! With a higher budget, you are able to look around more. Take hobbies for kids in to account when deciding, and if you can, make it practical. If they like football or fairies, why not buy them themed pyjamas or socks. The parents, as you are aware, will appreciate the practicality and the children will be over the moon to have cool gifts that they can ware out next time they see their friends. If you are unsure of the child’s interest/hobby, don’t be afraid to call or approach the parents for suggestions. No-one knows the birthday boy/girl as well as their parents!!

Whatever you do, do not stress out! Birthday parties are a fun time for all children, so plan in advance and plan a budget. That way you can shop around for the perfect gift without needing to spend all your money!!

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