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The Positive Influence Of Short Story Reading In Children

Writing has been a much adopted trend perceived by the masses as both a profession and leisure pursuit. Considered to be the ideal avenue for expressing the deepest of emotions and feelings, there are innumerable layers to it which can be explored suitably. Among the different styles of writing, short stories have been one prominent name which has garnered extensive eminence from everywhere. Much loved in the writing arena, they have been globally preferred by the reading fanatics too. As observed in it reading short stories entail comprehensive benefits which is one of the strongest reasons of its mass adherence.

To be defined in the layman terms, short story is a piece of literary art which generally delve upon a single place. A sequence of events to be described in it, they are the output of the writer’s imagination based on personal experiences. Enunciated as per the individual whims and fancies, these stories render an insight into the personality and personal inclination of the author. Be it a delightful take on life or a melancholic approach espoused, the ideals and beliefs held by the author is mirrored conspicuously. Serving a strong purpose through its subject, this genre of writing can be diverse in nature ranging from inspirational to entertainment.

An important segment of readers is formed by the children who are extensive readers with their special favourites. Deemed to be influenced the most by the books, they hold parallel attributes of wet mud which can be moulded easily. Childhood believed to be the most vital period contemplating its role in the formation of the personality; story reading is incorporated as an essential in every child’s schedule. Abiding by the previous instances which have proved the effectiveness of the books in cultivating moral values, the contributory role of reading in a child can never be denied. Impacting the thought pattern of the child, it is in consideration of these factors that good reading is stressed upon for children.

Short stories have been a much preferred medium of writing by the children globally. Appealing to the intellect of the children, these stories perform the perfect role of inculcating the habit of reading with their fascinating narration style. This often acts as the commencement of the passion for reading which later takes a substantial role. As observed in multiple instances, children exhibit the common tendency of indulging in the fantasy world created by these stories and subsequently end up imagining themselves as one of the central characters. Getting inclined towards this realm of vision, the children often visualise themselves in the context of noble portraits.

Hence, considering the importance possessed by the short stories for kids in the development of a child’s persona, these stories enrich the mind and play a principal role in their healthy growth as well. It is in relation to the influence carved by these stories that tales imparting moral lessons are one of the good options to opt for. Impeccable way for ameliorating the imaginative capability of the child, regular reading of the short stories also works upon enhancing the concentration span. Making the child read or listen to a yarn for a specific period of time, it makes the child strengthen his focus accordingly.

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