The Persian Cat As A Family Pet

Domestic animals today have seen a lot of changes, and in most cases the process of breeding itself has taken shape over decades and centuries over a large span of space and time. One of the best examples of such a long and steady process of breeding is the Persian Cat. A kind of longhaired cat, this cat gets its name from the land from where it originated – Persia, or present day Iran. Later, the Brits started breeding it at home, and in time the practice spread to France and the United States too.

Based on looks, the Persian cat can be considered to be on the chubbier side (usually weighing 3 to 7 kg) with a well rounded head with ears far apart. Recently the breeding has been such, especially for cat shows, that the forehead, nose and mouth of the cat are almost in a perfect vertical alignment, although the fact remains that the original Persian cats did not have a small muzzle shaped alignment. The general public has taken a liking to this cat a lot, especially in the US, after a steady decline in UK and France over the last couple of decades, but people prefer the one with a more pronounced muzzle, rather than the ones without it (which is more popular among cat fanciers), so as to avoid some other common breathing disorders.

The Persian cat is well liked also because it generally adjusts quite well to any human surrounding, so making it a popular choice for families. In popular culture too, the Persian cat has made its own mark. Crookshanks, Hermione's cat from the overtly popular Harry potter series, is a gray Persian. Even Snowbell from the Stuart Little series of books and movies is a white Persian cat .

Source by Shannon Hutcheson

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