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The Model Trains HO Scale Explained

What can be said about model trains, HO scale? Plenty of things. How about that out of all the different train scales, HO is the most popular, and the reason is that they have more products, accessories, and spare parts than any other scale.

When it comes to basic sets, HO delivers with more beginner, intermediate, and advanced sets than any other scale. It isn’t hard to find one that is right for you. You can always find HO scale, whether in your local hobby shop or a wide range of websites.

Whoever is doing the detailing for this scale has a lot of time on their hands because the work is so intricate that it rivals the real thing. For size proportions, HO scale model accessories can’t be beat. The figurines look just right, and seem like they will fit inside the cars, not just on them.

One of the nice things about HO sets is that you have many different styles. When the holidays come around, there is no shortage of Holiday Express sets available in many styles. Shrek is a big selling item, as well as Thomas the Train Engine.

Of course, there are many traditional offerings with brightly colored engines and trains, steam locomotives, and some that actually give of whiffs of smoke, or even play holiday music.

There is no shortage of holiday scenes either. You can find many intricate winter wonderlands complete with little carolers, lighted lamp posts, working clock towers, and buildings that play holiday carols. Many of these working scenes either run on batteries, or can be plugged into any outlet.

For track layout and design, the HO scale model train wins hands down on imagination and creativity. There are so many different kinds of layouts, from simple oval tracks to mountain scenes with lumber yards, vehicles and trains hauling wood from the country to town.

There are many cityscapes, and buildings, vehicles, and equipment that you will never be bored. For almost anything you can imagine, there is probably a layout design for you.

For train locomotives, HO has probably the largest selection and variety on the market. You can find just about any brand of locomotive in this scale, such as Santa Fe, and Union Pacific, as well as vintage steam trains and futuristic monorail designs.

You will find the same holds for cars as well. You have freight cars, hoppers, and tankers galore. There are flat beds filled with lumber or other building materials. There are car carriers, passenger transport cars, and many different styles and models of caboose.

A quick look on the internet will bring you many presentations. You will not find it hard to locate the millions of videos and picture images of train modelists layout designs, and just one search will reveal more sites that will sell just about anything than you can imagine.

You can find dozens of sites that strictly sell scenery, shrubs, trees, and grasses, all painstaking painted to look like the full size versions.

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