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The Main Component of a RC Nitro Car – The Motor

There are two basic objects that the box of a RC nitro car contains, one is the remote control (RC) and two is the car itself. The RC nitro car requires an engine to run and although some cheaper RC nitro cars run with the help of rechargeable batteries only, the better ones come equipped with real gas-powered engines also.

If you are planning to assemble your own RC nitro car, then you may find the engine of the car to be the toughest part of the job. The favorite of the RC nitro car racers is of course the 2 stroke motors. It is the choice for speed because it is capable of producing 2.5 hp with its 23 cc displacement engine, which is quite an achievement for a RC nitro car. The 2 stroke engine is more suited for the smaller RC nitro cars adequately tuned for on-road races, you would find it so as you realize the fast pick up and velocity offered by these small 2 stroke engines. What the 2 stroke engine needs to run that fast and produce the high rpm is a fusion of fuel and oil.

A 4 stroke engine is more suited to the off-road RC nitro car racers like a monster truck or the like. These heavier and bigger RC nitro cars are perfect for the high powered 4 stroke engines as they deliver more torque and power ideally suited to these bigger ones and also due to the off-road dirt tracks that they may race on. The fuel requirement is also quite different for these as compared to the smaller on-road RC nitro cars, they carry oil-tankers and run on straight fuel.

The car engines that run on battery are not exactly right for race tracks but are ideally suited for your home as it runs the RC car without much noise. As the electrically powered cars do not have the nitro boost in their engines, therefore they lack the speed necessary for races in spite of having good acceleration.

The standard batteries need to be recharged after a continuous use of 10-15 minutes and it is quite easy to do so. The electric-powered RC cars may not cost as much as the gas-powered RC nitro cars, but they have their expenses too. You would need to buy batteries and a battery charger to start with and if you buy the cheap batteries and chargers then you might have to replace them sooner than you would like, so it is best to choose the good parts to save in the future also.

The battery powered RC cars are somewhat better suited to the needs of children who are using a remote controlled car for the first time as it does not require the heavy maintenance that a RC nitro car would require due to its complex engine structure. Just keep the batteries and the battery charger safe and you will have probably done all the maintenance that your electrically powered RC car needs.

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