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The History of Spy Gadgets

Do you want to be a cool person like the James Bond in the 007 series of films? Now, I will tell you good news, your dream can come true. Take the spy sun glasses, built-in Camcorder Wrist Watch, and a cool Pinhole Lens Lighter on, you will become the James Bond in real life. But first you had better know the history of spy gadgets.

Early History

The Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu references spying more than 100 times in “The Art of War.” While advanced technology did not exist at that time, the gadgets that were used were spies’ own brains. Sun Tzu wrote that dust that spurts high in straight columns indicated approaching chariots, whereas low and widespread dust indicated an infantry was on its way.


The use of spy gadgets in historical settings has accounted for many of the wins and losses associated with wars. One such example of this occurred during the Revolutionary War. In order to make sure that British soldiers could not obtain information if they intercepted American notes, the American soldiers used an invisible ink called “Jay’s Sympathetic Stain.” Even simple gadgets like these in times of war could have meant the difference between a victory and defeat.


Julius Caesar encoded his messages by moving each letter of the alphabet three spaces forward. Now, virtually unbreakable codes are determined by computers.

The first spy cameras were a little more conspicuous than those used today. The Steineck ABC camera, which was sold in the early 1950s, was made to look like a watch. Now, cameras that are smaller than a postage stamp can be installed in watches without drawing any attention.


Even though moremodern spy gadgets are more discrete and interesting to look at, this does not mean that the gadgets are all that different from the gadgets that have been used for decades. Spies who once used technology to bug phone lines now use more sophisticated technology like mini microphones that allow them to hear a conversation from 300 feet away.


During the Civil War, both sides used observation balloons to glean whether enemy soldiers were on the move. Now, aerial information is gathered by satellites that are able to gather important information from places where infiltration would be difficult. New technological advancements must continually be made in order to infiltrate difficult areas like caves. online shop can provide you cheap spy gadgets and other series discount wholesale electronics. By the way, if you msn message or yahoo chat, we can chat there. We want to know more about! Our products are popular all over the world with High Quality, Competitive Price, Best Service and Safe Delivery.

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