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The Best Hobby Games in Australia

Ideally speaking, hobbies are reflective of a person’s passion. But in reality, a person’s hobbies tend to be those that they can afford to do as much as possible. In Australia, people’s favorite hobbies and games tend to have something to do water because they enjoy free access to it.

Recreational Fishing
To get started with this activity, you’ll only need to invest in a good set of fishing rods and hooks. You’ll also need to pay for your fishing license fee (renewable annually) and have extra money to spend on bait and petrol if you want to go fishing in areas beyond shore lines.

Australians may have a reputation for prowess in competitive surfing, but in truth, most locals tend to do so for the fun of it and nothing else. Brand new surfboards can cost approximately AUD 600 but it can go higher than that. Of course, if you’d like to save more money then you can purchase a secondhand board for just AUD 200.

Australia has numerous excellent spots for surfing so you won’t lack for choices and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to test all sorts of waves and meet different people with each surfing session.

For those with budget considerations, you can enjoy the pleasures of boating by investing no more than AUD 2000 and you’ll be the proud owner of a dinghy. Dinghies are aluminum boats, approximately 4 meters in length, and able to accommodate a maximum of 4 persons. If you want something bigger than that, the sailboat would be your next option but it’s sure to be more expensive as well.

Rugby and cricket are considered to be family games and you’ll see them often played in parks and other recreational areas outdoors. Another fairly popular game in Australia is lawn bowling. It’s a particular hit with the elderly and the objective of the game is to roll the ball as closely as possible to the ball master in order to dislocate your opponent.

When you think of Australians, you get the impression of cheerful, laidback people often spend their time outdoors. But truth be told, another favorite hobby of theirs lets them stay inside home — gardening! In fact, gardening has been quite a craze that water restriction has become a critical concern in various cities.

As most of these hobbies and games are based outdoors, weather conditions have a huge impact on them. When Australians have to stay at home, the next best thing they can do is load a video game of recreational fishing – or whatever their favorite hobby is – and just like that, life is back to normal.

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