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The Australian Mist Cat – Diary of an Owner

I have been an Australian Mist cat owner now for 2 years. I am a "pet person" overall and have grown up with cats & dogs.

What interested me in the Australian Mist cat breed was that my vet informed me (and online articles also support this) that they are like a dog. You can teach them to sit and play fetch. So I thought I would be getting the best of both worlds. As I did not have the space for a dog, whilst cats do not require large areas to run around.

I also liked that they were short haired – I thought less shedding: this point is not correct. I later learned that short haired cats actually shed more than long haired cats. Which surprised me as my British Blue Cross previously did not shed – apparently that was due to the double coat.

And as far as temperament – they are meant to have an excellent one, and be healthy & hardy. Now I can certainly vouch for both of these points. And whilst both mine do have excellent temperaments, you could not get two more different personality profiled cats. Even though they are the same breed!

So yes, both have a positive nature. They do not tend to want to bite or scratch. The only bite you'll receive is to get your attention, or to get you to stop patting them when they've had enough – and both types of bites are not designed to hurt you. Where we human's make it worse for ourselves is if we pull out hands away in fear – then you are causing the pain, not the cat. Just leave the hand there, they release, and it does not hurt. I do this with any cat breed.

What I would say about my two Australian Mist Cats, is they both characters on either end of the spectrum. So I guess character may be a trait of that breed of cats. My boy cat Lukan, is a big boy – he's been on an obesity management diet as he does not have an 'off switch' akin to Labradors or Beagles, and his whole life revolves around food. He's only 2 and I have to put him in his own room to eat, otherwise he will steal the other one's food while still eating his.

Oh and he body slams the closed door when he has had enough – so there is no such thing as shutting him away due to bad behavior – as he has perfected the art of body slamming, and can hold it up for hours at an end ( If you try to put him in another room when you have guests).

He's very noisy, especially around when he decides it's time to be fed. And pushy, in your face. He does remind me of the stereotypical teenage male, with hand under his belt, remote in one hand, ban of soft drink in another, belly a bit soft, lounging on the sofa. He's definitely all male. And this too may be all male, as he is the most loving cat I have ever had. So whilst he can be 'painful' at times, he showers you with affection. And in the mornings, will actually use his paw to turn your face to look at him, so he can snuggle into your face!

So that's Lukan.

Then there's Rose. Where Lukan is all male, she is all woman. She watches her figure. Does not eat a complete meal. She does a morning exercise routine of running up and down the stairs at great sped. She will never cry for food, she just waits patiently. If Lukan pushes her out of the way, she will let him. And she also knows how to keep him in line and while she's half his size (and she is 2 years older!), She can give him a run for his money play fighting wise, and she wont take any crap from him.

Even though he likes to think he's boss, Rose will set him straight if he needs to pull his head in. And he accepts that.

Rose came to me as an ex breeding Queen. And unfortunately she had been distracted about giving one of her litters away, to the point where they had to put her on anti anxiety medication. She's off the meds, but can be quite nervy, with eyes bigger than an owl's. The true Australian Mist Cat has distinct green eyes, as both mine do.

What makes me laugh about her, is how every morning it is like being in the movie "50 First Dates" as Rose looks at me with suspicion, and seess as if she does not know me, and is most offhand, scared even.

About one hour later she is full of cuddles, and will hurl herself at my shoulders from the ground as I sit at my desk, and then hangs on like a limpet. There's no putting her down. She is in heaven when she's in cuddle mode, and knows how to switch on the adorable, can not be ignored act of rolling, purring and looking like butter would not melt in her mouth.

She is also the deliverer of a stream of balls each day. She has about 5 to play with. And you hear her coming, as she puts one in her mouth and then decides to cry (she does not utter a peep otherwise). She sounds like she's in agony due to this object muffling the sound – but she's just letting you know she's on her way.

Sometimes the ball delivery is for me to play fetch with her – which I do. Other times, it's in exchange for attention. It's her gift to me, so that I will reward her with a cuddle.

So as far as anyone else interested in the Australian Mist Cat breed, as far as breeds of cats go, I am glad I have both of mine. They are personality plus – even though their personalities are very different. They do like to be close to their owner (me) at most times. They get on famously with each other, washing each other, playing together, and I have seen them console each other, if either the cat regurgitation routine. They are definitely affectionate and loving and a lot of fun.

So if you are interested, I could recommend the Australian Mist Cat breed. Just know you are getting a family member more than just a furry pet!

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