The Amazing Art of Balloon Twisting

Nobody is really sure who was the first balloon twister. Some historians say that tribal Eskimos and other native people were using animal intestines for the purpose of entertaining their families or villagers. I can imagine the faces of those primitive children lighting up with delight as the town's jester – the funny man of the tribe-blew into the primitive balloon made from the guts of a sea animal or other living creature, and started twisting it till he created the shape of a dog or a bear. It is also believed that animal bladders were inflated and used as toys from time immemorial.

Nowadays, with the innovative rubber or latex, it is much easier to learn this amazing new and spectacular art. The magic skill of transforming a long inert piece of rubber into an amazing new creation is only limited to the artists imagination and techniques. He can create a vast array of animals, flowers, swords, motor vehicles, depending on the number of balloons utilized.

There are innumerable books, articles, manuals and videos written on the subject of balloon sculpture and the market supplies you with the best wholesale balloons you can find. Seems like many people are interested in learning how to do it, but not everyone succeseds because it is not as easy as it looks in the videos.

Once you manage to overcome the fear of popping the balloon as you inflate it with the unfamiliar pump, and tie the knot, you still have to vanquish the fear of twisting it. You can see people's eyes squinting, obviously afraid that the balloon is going to explode as they squeeze it and twist it. The audience participates of that same fascinating fear you feel when you watch the trapeeze artists perform in a circus.

When this art started being popular in the streets, those pioneer clowns used their lungs to inflate the balloons. That was not an easy or healthy task, and certainly not one that their counterpart females would do. But they managed to inflate it quite fast and well.

Nowadays it is not encouraged to do so, as the balloons have a lining of talcum inside which accidently can be ingested or inhaled by the artist and cause him respiratory problems. Along the fact that balloons do sometimes pop as you inflate them and it can hurt your eyes or face. Always use a pump.

Source by Rose Gagnon

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