UK Theme Parks – Legoland Windsor

UK Theme Parks – Legoland Windsor

Legoland Windsor Theme Park is an area of ​​150 acres and is located in Berkshire. The park first opened its gates as a Lego theme park in 1996 and boasts 50 rides, of which 3 are roller coasters and 6 are water rides. The theme park is built on the old site of Windsor Safari Park. The only remnant of the safari park is the railway, now known as the Hill Train which connects the Beginning to the Wild Woods.

Legoland Windsor has 10 themed areas which are predominately targeted for the 2 to 12 year age range, but no age groups are barred. In fact, the park has won numerous awards for its dedication to giving young children fun and laughter. These include the "Best UK Attraction for Children", given by Yandell Publishing and, more recently, the "Best Family Visitor Attraction" by Tommy's Parent Friendly Awards.

Legoland Windsor is the UK's third most popular paid for tourist attraction with 1.3 million visitors annually. One of the most popular locations at the park is the Miniland, an area that with the aid of 40 million Lego blocks has recreated scenes from various cities in Europe.

The ten themed areas at Legoland Windsor are: 1. The Beginning; 2. Imagination Center; 3. Miniland; 4. Duplo Land; 5. Traffic; 6. LEGO City; 7. Land of the Vikings (New for 2007); 8. Wild Woods; 9. Knights Kingdom; 10. Adventure Land. The parks slogan is Heroes Wanted.

Obviously the rides at Legoland Windsor are not very extreme, although some of the smaller children would disagree with this, for instance the Jungle Coaster which is the fastest ride in all the park reaching 60km / h and having a 16 meter drop. There are minimum heights at this park. Children under 1.3m must be accompanied by an adult on some of the rides.

As always at a theme park, there are plenty of places to eat. Legoland Windsor is no different. There is an extensive range of food choices around the park and around the park are Carts and Stands for people wanting a quick snack. Some of the places to eat are: Cinnabon Bakery, Pitstop Cafe, Sweet Shop, Papa Moles Ice Cream and Coffee Shop, Pasta Patch, Fish and Chips, Baguette Bar, Burger Ranch, The Big Restaurant, Ice Cream and Donuts, Crossed Ribs BBQ , Knights Table Rotisserie and the Jungle Cafe.

Among the gift shops at Legoland Windsor, is the Lego Big Shop. This is the largest Lego store in the UK with the largest selection of Lego toys. Inside the shop is a life-size statue of Harry Potter and Haggrid and are made entirely out of Lego.

There is never a dull moment at Legoland Windsor. Throughout the season, there are fairytale shows which will enthrall the youngsters and enchant the adults. At the Duplo Theater, the very colorful Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk fairytales are staged. During the high season a third show is The Princess and the Pea. Spellbreaker 4D is a new medieval adventure film with stunning 3D special effects and nerve-sizzling physical 4D effects which takes you right to the heart of the adventure where the hero rescues the princess and battles the evil Wizard and his Skeleton Army. There is a live action show – Johnny Thunder in the Secret of Scorpion Palace. Plenty of high dives, fast paced action sequences and exciting jet-ski races around Lego City Harbor. Plenty of audience participation.

All in all, a wonderful day out for the youngger children and even with the height restrictions, which are very low anyway, there are plenty of rides to suit even the smallest of children. It is refreshing to be able to take the very young to a theme park without having to worry about them not being able to go on the more popular rides. As I said, it is predominately for the 2 to 12 age range. Details of prices and opening times can be found by going to Legoland Windsor .

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UK Airline and Airport Security Regulations – Exactly What Liquids Can You Carry in Handgage?

UK Airline and Airport Security Regulations – Exactly What Liquids Can You Carry in Handgage?

The current regulations around Airline Cabin Baggage have been in place since 6th November 2006, but we are still seeing many questions over just what liquids can be brought into the cabin as hand luggage. The rules here are very precise, and cover drinks, medicines, make-up, toiletries, and even baby milk. The regulations are summarized here for simplicity, to help you avoid difficulties or delays at Airport Security .

What is the definition of a Liquid?

In terms of Airport Security Rules , a liquid includes all of the following:

  • All drinks, including water, soup, syrups
  • Creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, mascara etc
  • Sprays and pressurized containers including shaving foam and spray deodorants
  • Pastes, including toothpastes
  • Gels, including hair and shower gel
  • Any other solutions and items of similar consistency

How Much Can I Take?

Obviously you can take as much as you like in the cargo hold, but in your hand luggage you are limited to containers holding no more than 100ml (note that a 200ml container half full is not permitted). All containers of liquid must be placed into single, see-through and re-sealable plastic bag.

Travelers are encouraged not to take items in hand luggage which are capable of holding liquids (for example, bottles, flasks, tubes, cans, plastic containers, etc). This should help avoid unnecessary delays.

So What's This About a Plastic Bag?

The plastic bag allows the liquids being transported by a passenger to be easily checked by airport security. The rules which must be followed are:

  • The bag must be the transparent, re-sealable type
  • The capacity of the bag must be no more than 1 liter (approx 20cm by 20cm)
  • The contents must sit comfortably in the bag and the bag must be sealed
  • The re-sealable bag of liquids should be prepared before arriving at the airport
  • Each passenger may carry only one such bag of liquids
  • The one item of cabin baggage which can be taken through the airport search point is in addition to the bag of liquids

What About Essential Medicines?

Prescription medicines in liquid form which are essential for the journey (such as a diabetic kit) can be taken in hand luggage, but be prepared to prove their authenticity.

What About Baby Milk and Baby Food?

Baby milk and liquid baby food may be taken in hand luggage, and are not subject to the 100 ml limit, but the contents of each bottle or jar must be tasted by an accompanying passenger.

What About Duty Free / Departure Lounge Purchases?

You may take as hand luggage any Duty Free items you purchase in the shops in the departure lounge, or 'airside'. These will be given to you in a special sealed bag which should not be opened until you reach your final destination, and you should keep your proof of purchase.

Note that there are additional considerations for duty free purchases for your return flight if you will be
changing flight at an EU airport.


Limited liquids are now permitted as hand luggage, but if you want to avoid delays and difficulties at the airport then you should ensure you understand the above rules and prepare your bag of liquids before you get to the airport.

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A Look At the UK Clothing Brand – Paul Smith

A Look At the UK Clothing Brand – Paul Smith

The fashion brand Paul Smith, has become very famous in the UK and is well known for it’s striking and attention grabbing strips which has become a trademark for the designer. The Paul Smith brand offers collections for both men, women and some for kids and teens. However, it is the menswear market, where Paul Smith has managed to excel. They have even managed to take this one step further by developing a very popular mens fragrance range that carry’s the Paul Smith name.

Sir Paul Smith is the creative talent behind his namesake clothing brand. As an English fashion designer, Mr. Smith has a top reputation to create and make the best in menswear. This creative talent and business acumen has made it possible for him to develop Paul Smith into a leading brand that now holds its own on the global fashion scene.

What makes Paul Smith’s designs so popular and sought after is the exquisite and really feel-good design which help to give men a really good looking shape. As mention earlier, the Paul Smith label is best known for the signature multi-colored pinstripe motif that is always present on most of there shirts and if not on the label. This motif makes the brand really stand out and has been incorporated in the accessories range including wallets, aftershaves and cuff links.

In the past 10 years or so Paul Smith has become known as brand and name that men can truly trust and has therefore developed a loyal fashion following. Paul Smith has made it easy for the average man to dress up if they want to, and if one the clothes can also take on a casual look if dressed the right way. Just for a little background information, Paul Smith opened its first retail store in 1970 in a small corner in Nottingham. Through the years, and because of the loyal patronage, Paul Smith was able to roll out its first ever fashion brand in Covent Garden (London) in 1979.

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Gadgets UK: Ruling the world

In a fast growing lifestyle gadgets have so influenced the common man’s life that one cannot imagine his or her life devoid of it. They offer a great deal of help to all of us in our minute needs. Since the gizmos are of great importance in a human’s life, now a day gadgets store have gone online and offer gizmos, electronic devices of various functionalities, digital equipments all at a very unbelievably affordable rates.

Digital cameras, laptop, memory cards, Skype phones, audio conferencinggadgets, both PC and mobile handsets are available for a discounted online price, which are always among top bought gadgets in UK. Apart from this spy camera, home appliances and utilities like tool kit, calculators and washing and cleaning equipments are completely indispensible to one lifestyle. Now a day these gifts not only come with affordable prices but also a good quality of manufacture. That is why they can offer up to a lifetime warranty on many of the product, such as Skullcandy headphones offer 100% replacement warranty for free during the lifetime.

Apart from these regular use gadgets, many other come up which are rather funny but of great help to many people like solar power courtesy lights, snore stoppers, pebble battery, the Lenovo Multimedia Remote with 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard (Once connected, this multimedia remote can be used for using multimedia controls on the PC), Block clock, gel spa, Zap cap bottle opener, Universal desktop charging station. Gadgets in UK are present to interest and lure costumer of every age group, and everyone can enjoy watching and searching for latest gadgets that are cool and enjoyable, over the net. They are not only cool, but also cheap, useful and enjoyable to use, apart from a good quality and warranty coverage services over them.

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