Famous Bearded Collies in the Movies and TV

Famous Bearded Collies in the Movies and TV

While Bearded Collies are known for their roles as show and working dogs, the breed has also been seen in television, movies and catalogs. Some of the credits which can be attributed to the breed include the Shaggy Dog, a 2006 comedy from Walt Disney featuring Tim Allen. Agent Cody Banks is a 2001 film which shows Cody walking through a scene with a Bearded Collie. In September 2001, in an issue of a Lands End catalog a Bearded Collie was featured. Other onscreen credits include Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, which was a television show from the 1960’s; the co-star was a Bearded Collie. Tiger, the dog from the Brady Bunch was also thought to be a Bearded Collie as well.

Most people are used to viewing a German Shepherd and traditional Collies on television and in movies, however, we often forget about the Bearded Collie. We just may have believed the shaggy, lovable dogs were picked because of how they looked. Perhaps on the other hand the breed was chosen because of their dependable nature and natural performing ability. Nobody can deny the lovability of the sweet shaggy dogs that played in some of the most memorable TV and movie roles. Whether in a working capacity or as a family pet, a Bearded Collie is a gentle, sweet natured dog that gets along well with children and other animals.

The gentility of the breed has made the dog a popular choice for both movies and other media outlets. It is obvious by the dog’s appearance that they are quite able to take commands well and perform on cue. In spite of the breed being traced to working origins, the dog seems to possess a natural ability to perform at will when necessary. Not only are Bearded Collies great show dogs, they are also exceptional in the capacity of working dog, family pet, or when used in an acting role.

With past experience being favorable for the Collie, we should expect to see more of these fluffy, even-tempered dogs in future media productions. The dog is a quick study and learns commands easily, making them ideally suited to media exposure on TV or in movies. We don’t often think of the dog when we see them on TV or in the movies, but when a producer is seeking a perfect dog for a television show or movie role, they need look no further than a Bearded Collie.

Before one considers bringing a Collie into their home they should realize the breed requires a regular grooming commitment which must be followed diligently. With a coat of long, shaggy hair, a Collie can track in all sorts of mud, leaves, grass and other debris into the home. The dog also has strict exercise requirements and needs the opportunity to burn off extra energy on a regular basis. When thinking about all the breeds to have as a family pet however, a Bearded Collie is a devoted, loving companion that is sure to adapt well into the role of happy pet with relative ease.

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Top 10 Sexiest TV Series

Top 10 Sexiest TV Series

American TV Series are often loaded with sex scenes, and the production seems to try to squeeze in at least 5 sexual scenes in each episode. And people love it. In the following few posts, I will present to you our Top 10 of America's sexiest TV Series.

Sex in the City

Showcased for the first time on HBO in 1998, this glamor TV show brings to us the ups and downs of 4 New York single girlfriends, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda. Each is either looking for sex, love or to found a family. A great series that treats sexuality with a nice touch of humor.

Sex and the City – Movie Trailer on YouTube


Californication is for men what Sex in the City is for women. In this series full of sex, drugs and alcohol, Hank Moody (David Duchovny) has sex as often as he can. Beautiful women, young girls, bottles of wine, whiskey, joints … nothing is left out by this forty-some artist still broken hearted by his muse.

For a glimpse, search for Californication – Trailer on YouTube

The L World

The L World is the first series exclusively dedicated to lesbian sexuality. The explicit "women on women" sex scenes have as a goal to break taboos. Jenny, a young student in search of love moves in with her future husband, Tim, but ends up falling under Marina's charm, a Latina sex bomb. This is the beginning of tons of questioning and loads of hot nights in LA where ladies have sex in public washrooms and all …

For a glimpse, search for the L Word: Season 5 Coming in 2008 on YouTube

Desperate Housewifes

What kind of life do women have in an uptown suburb of the States? At Wisteria Lane, women face infidelity, relationship issues, seduction, crime, suspense, and more. Behind her perfect appearance, Bree hides a complex personality. Gabrielle, ex-fashion model is scared of routine and therefore alternates between expensive shopping sprees and extramarital relationships. Lynette tries to manage both her professional life and big family, while Susan always finds a way to make her chaotic love life even more complicated. And finally, Edie seems to love creating conflicts. An amusing and sexy portrait of typical house wives that was a great success.

For a glimpse, search for Everything You Need to Know About Desperate Housewives on YouTube

Tell me you love me

In Tell Me You Love Me, three couples in therapy have the most realistic sexual relationships ever seen on American TV. So realistic that everyone wonders are they really did it or not. They claim that besides from masturbation and fallatio, it was all an enactment, but the rumor keeps contributing to its success. Dr May Foster, a marriage counselor, meets the couples which she tries to assist. Dave & Katie, in their forties, no longer have sex. Carolyn & Palek, in their thirties, wants a kid but the pressure is too high for Carolyn. And finally, Jamie & Hugo, engaged, must face infidelity. Between sexuality and psychology, this is one of the most realistic series.

For a glimpse, search for Tell Me You Love Me: Episode 2 Trailer on YouTube


This trashy series relates the life of Lucy Spiller, heartless chief editor of two gossip & scandals newspapers. Far away from her role in Friends, Courtney Cox shocks the public who watches her having intercourse with a sex toy. Not only does she play the first role in this series, she also asserts her husband, David Arquette, in the production of this sexy series.

For a glimpse, search for Dirt Trailer Promo on YouTube

Nip Tuck

In this trashy series, we see two plastic surgeons in their professional environment, but also in their colorful intimate lives … loaded with incest, rape, bisexuality, Tran sexuality and sadomasochism. With the arrival of Portia De Rossi next season, where she will have a savage relationship with another woman, the public will be again pleased with a series that explores the physical & moral boundaries of human sexuality.

For a glimpse, search for Nip / Tuck Season 1 Promo on YouTube

Big Love

Co-produced by Tom Hanks, this series is one of America's Top 5 most watched TV shows. Full of family drama, it talks about Bill Henrickson, a polygamous Mormon from Salt Lake City, and that maintains relations with 3 wives and 7 kids!

For a glimpse, search for Big Love – Season 2 Promo on YouTube


This British "new generation teenage series" treats about sex, drugs, bulimia, religion, homosexuality and teenage despair. Written by teens for teens, it was an instant success. These youngsters have three things in mind: sex, sex and … sex. There is the good-looking guy, the Muslim, the gay, the anorexic, the virgin, and a night-clubber in love of his teacher. What do they have in common? Their frustration. Dramatic and touching.

For a glimpse, search for Skins season 2 [OFFICIAL TRAILER] on YouTube

One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is about the day to day life of three teenagers who live in a love triangle. Both raised separately in One Tree Hill in South Carolina, Lucas & Nathan, two half-brothers find become rivals, not only on the basketball court, but also to win the heart of Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton). This wonderful series talks about love stories more than it does sex though. Dedicated to teenage only.

For a glimpse, search for One Tree Hill trailer – The Choice on YouTube

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Buying a Plasma TV

Buying a Plasma TV

Plasma TVs are the big screen televisions. The screen measures from thirty two inches to sixty five inches and is approximately four inches thick. Plasma TVs are known as flat screen TV. But not all big flat screen TVs are plasma technology. They can also be LCD technology. The plasma technology is based on neon and xenon gas filled cells that are illuminated by electrical pulse current. Varying the pulse gives different shades of red green and blue which makes the image on the screen. The image is crisp and clear.

If you want to buy a plasma TV, be prepared to spend at least several thousand dollars. They start at price at two thousand dollars and go up depending on brand, style, features, size, etc. When shopping for a plasma TV what do you look for? First of all, what size screen do you want? This depends on how much space you have where you plan to place the television. You need to measure to see what size your area can accommodate and what size will look best. Do not automatically buy the largest screen there is. You need to have distance between you and the screen in order to conveniently view the television. There should be a least fifteen feet distance for the sixty five inch screen. You will probably want speakers to amplify the audio from the plasma TV. You can use your stereo speakers or you may opt for surround sound. This will add to the price.

You do not need much room for your plasma TV because the screen can be mounted on a wall with slim speakers mounted next to it or placed elsewhere in the room. Plasma TVs with the big screens can enhance the video graphics of video games and can be a lot of fun to play on. The problem is that plasma TVs can be subject to "burn-in". This is a situation where an image that has been on the screen for a while "burn's in" and leaves a shadow or outline on the screen. Once this happens, you can not get rid of the shadow. So if you plan to use your plasma screen for playing video games, you want to keep this fact in mind and be careful.

You can purchase plasma TVs in the store or online. If you shop online, make sure you are dealing with a reputable company.

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Top Notch Digital TV – Sony KDL-32EX503

Top Notch Digital TV – Sony KDL-32EX503

Sony KDL-32EX503 is a brand new product from Bravia TV that is just released this year. The price tag for this item is around 700 pounds, so it's pretty much affordable. Compared to the earlier version, Sony KDL-32EX503 provides more enhancements. The users could get benefits of its setups which is designed to create a clear, sharp, and comfortable for viewers.

One of the best things we can find on this product is its ability to provide its users with a clear high definition of 1920×1080 res. This television also adds up a technology known as MotionFlow 100hz to its feature, which allows images with quick movements still can be seen clearly, this would be the favorite feature of sports and action fans.

This TV also has the ability to be connected to various devices, you can even connect it to the internet, also it can be used to view some photos, or whatever data stored in a USB device. Of courseides all that, it also has HDMI inputs that you can use for Blu-Ray Players, Video games, and so on.

Sony KDL-32EX503 has a technology installed to detect lights, it could automatically adjusts just how much light is in the room and make adjustments to the picture to the most comfortable state for human eyes. Not to mention its 4 color features which allows users to set the colors to appear just like how they want it.

Television is an audio-video device, so a good TV besides having great features related to its picture should also have a great sound. Sony KDL-32EX503 utilizes specifically angled speakers which would bring the optimum sound. These speakers are also hidden, so it will look good on the overall design. To make it more perfect, this TV utilizes S-Force Front Surround feature that could make the users experience a magnificent digital surround sound.

Other features offered by the product includes energy saving, sophisticated remote which has a one-touch options that you can set to have a certain image and audio settings, and could also be set to work for other devices and possible to be used as a universal remote.

With all those features, Sony KDL-32EX503 is among the top-notch digital television which is very suitable for our modern living. With all the sophisticated technologies it has to offer and a really reasonable price makes this TV that should be considered when you're thinking of buying a digital television.

Source by Billie Vitiello

LG 26LH20-26 Inch LCD TV

LG 26LH20-26 Inch LCD TV

Packaged with the “Smart Energy Saving” technology, the 26 inch LCD Television of LG has now been released into the digital market to emphasize on the proverb – “Simple living, higher thinking”. This simple looking TV has got 720 pixel resolutions that offer a good picture. It conserves a considerable amount of energy through the use of video mute as well as the backlight control options. This good-looking TV comprises of a front panel that hides all the ports from your view.

Even though, this TV has only limited essential features, the picture quality is nevertheless much sharper than that of a regular TV set. Talking about the picture quality, a review of this LCD Television has also shown that it covers 720 pixels high definition resolution along with 60 Hz refresh rate. Beside these, there is also the provision for connecting two HDMI inputs such as Blu-ray players, DVD players and other such devices. Moreover, it also offers an easy calibration options, not only for audio but also video along with an easy access to the content. Also, the owners will be glad to know that the Super IPS panel is made for the comfort of giving you a better contrast and color of the pictures along with considerably better response times. So, if you want top find out for yourself, then try watching from any off angles. I assure you that you will be presented good picture quality with just a little variance. Furthermore, this 26 inch TV is also packaged with the ISFccc Calibration Ready feature that offers you the power to access and adjust the service-level menus.

A highlight of LG 26LH20 Features:

• 720 pixel resolution

• ISFccc Calibration Ready

• Two HDMI inputs

• A “Smart Energy Saving” technology

• 60 Hz refresh rate

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It seems like every time I go out to look at TV's they just get more and more expensive. When I go out to buy a TV, I only concentrate on getting what I pay for and nothing else. So when I fell across the LD450, I was really happy with its quality. Everything that comes with this TV is good quality and I do not have to fork up too much for it. My whole opinion of the LG brand is not all that great, but it did sway me a little bit reviewing this TV.

It comes with standard equipment, everything that you would normally get when you buy a TV. Looking at the TV does not really bring too much of a sense of creativity to the table. A tiny light on the black on black TV will let you know whenever you have the TV on or if you have it off. If you do not like the blinking button, then you can just make it go away using the controls that are located on the rear face of the TV. That part is actually nice because you can not see any chords sticking out of the front, which I hate. HDMI n's are on the television, but I know some are not going to like this aspect of the TV if they have more than two of these that they need hooked up. The two speakers that accompany the model are adequate enough in their sound quality. Unfortunately, the same problem of not enough outputs comes into play here with only one for the specific speakers.

For a 50 Hz set, this one pretty one blew me away with the beautiful picture it puts up. Whether you're just sitting back watching a regular cable or satellite, you're going to be really happy with what you get. You're going to be paying a lot less for something that most television sets charge buckets for. Calibration really is not a problem if you want to do it but the picture really is not bad straight of the shelf. What I really thought was a good addition was the ability to customize the picture quality to your specifications using different subject matter.

It even has a USB port on it. Now the things you would usually only be able to view on your computer, you can view on the TV. It would be ideal if anyone who buys this also inserts in a universal remote. The formats that are compatible with this TV are different and really depend on what you want to use. This makes doing things like watching HD movies, really easy to do.

You probably will not find something that has good quality picture for any cheaper. If you really do not need much to just enjoy a regular standard television, with a few hook-ups this would be a good choice for you. Being able to sit down and check out the HD is also a pretty penny I can look forward to not spending. It's a great buy off and you'll only pay about $ 570 for a new one.

The Main Components A Nicely Displayed LCD

42-inches in width

42-inches in length

It has 1080 HD

High res of 1920 x 1080

ED-Res of 1080p

A contrast ratio of 100,000: 1

4 milliseconds of response time

2 HDMI ports

2.0 USB usage for media

A 60,000 hour life

Parts and Labor included in a 1-yr. warranty

Video Components An engine with XD

An Aspect Ratio of 16: 9

6 Modes available for mode correction

178 degree angle at which to view

3 modes for temp control

1080p Source of Input through HDMI

7 different modes for picture

Ready for ISFccc®

Comes with the Picture Wizard 2

3 modes for Av including Cinema, Sports, and Games

Has real cinema in 24p

Has a 3: 2 ratio pulldown

Has a reset for picture

Color is in XV

A DTV signal for strength

AUDIO Components Has MTS and SAP

$ Speakers that go 2 ways

Has a digital decoder though Dolby

Surround Sound is through Infinite

Controlling for Treble, Bass and Balance

Has the Clear Voice 2

Has an automatic leveler for volume control

5 different modes for EZ sound

Specialty Components Has a smart energy saver

Has controlling for backlights

AV navigation for inputs

Labeling for inputs

A quick view

Have parental controls along with the v-chip

Key locking available



Comfort Have languages ​​available in English, French, Spanish and Korean

Automatic programming and tuning

Adding and deleting channels

Programming for your favorite channels

An Automatic or manual clock

Tier you can put on or off

Timer set to sleep mode

When there is no video it has automatic off and sleep

Side-by-side ins and outs All in 1 AV

Has one HDMI ™ / HDCP Input (1.3 w / Deep Color)

Has a 2.0 USB for both music and photos

An out for headphones

Back ins and outs Input for antenna and cable

An input for AV

One input for video components

Output for digital audio

A HDMI ™ / HDCP Input (1.3 w / Deep Color)

An input for RGB

One input for PC audio

Input for RS-232c control and service

Accessories on cabinet A black cabinet color

Swivel Stand – or + 20 degrees

Unified remote control

VESA® Compliant 200mm both width and in height

Optional items A slim wall mount is sold separately

Systems for Broadcasting A tuner built into device

Overall power Has Voltage, Hz 100V ~ 240 volts and 50/60 Hz

180 Watt average

Stand-by Mode is less than 0.1W

Sizes and Weights

(WxHxD) 40.2 "x 25.0" x 3.0 "- not including the stand

(WxHxD) 40.2 "x 27.0" x 10.3 "-including the stand

Weight 29.8 lbs.-without stand

Weight 33.3 lbs.-with stand

41.7 lbs. for shipment

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TV Addiction – As Serious As Drug Addiction

TV Addiction – As Serious As Drug Addiction

Over-attachment to anything is a serious problem. People are addicted to different things – drugs, cigarette, alcohol, cartoons, and computer games are just a few things that people fall addicted to.

No one really thought seriously about TV addiction until recently, when a research found the characteristic behavior of persons addicted to drugs and to TV is the same. That is, persons addicted to TV shows the same behavioral patterns like someone who is addicted to drugs.

Definition of addiction: inability to overcome the dependence on anything, in spite of serious efforts from one’s part is an addiction. Serious withdrawal symptoms are another characteristic of addiction.

For example – someone who is addicted to drugs know he/she must break away from drugs, tries in that direction, but is unable to free oneself from the influence of drugs.

Different studies conducted by universities from different parts of the world suggest the strong parallels between TV addiction and drug addiction.

Researchers studied the brain waves of people, who were serious about withdrawing from TV.

The persons experience maximum pleasure while preparing for watching TV – he/she feels happy while taking the remote control and while switching on the TV. Once the TV program is over, he or she returns to the previous state of tension and mental stress. He/she wants to reach before TV to once again feel peaceful.

This experience has strong parallels to that of drug addiction, where drug addicts feel disturbed when the drug stops working in their body and they inject more drugs into their blood.

This is not true for all TV viewers. People who watch TV for more than four hours a day exhibit these behavior patterns and one tenth of total TV viewers are haplessly addicted to TV.

The Serious Problems Associated with TV Addiction

o Anxiety

o Lethargy

o Prefers solitude

o Turns away from social situations

o Difficulty getting along with others

o Risk of obesity

TV Addiction in Children

Children below 12 years of age are especially vulnerable to the dangers of TV addiction. They can forget everything about their studies and spend so much time before TV.

When parents try to minimize time spent before time, the children protest and in an unhealthy way. Self harm and destruction are common.

Studies have also found that children enslaved to TV mature early and feel helpless before difficulties.

Some Things You Can Do to Prevent TV Addiction

@ – Spend time engaging in physical activities, sports, hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, swimming, tree climbing, etc according to one’s physical capacity.

@ – Read books including novels, short stories, poetry, science fiction stories, science magazines, etc.

@ – Engage in indoor games like chess, caroms, scrabble, board games, etc.

@ – Be active at a social service club (so far the best antidote for all stress related problems).

All the above activities are helpful in overcoming addiction to TV. While you feel energy sapped, lethargic and tensed after prolonged TV viewing, these activities make you feel refreshed.

Source by Dev Sri

The Best Wireless Headphones for TV: Review of TV Ears and TV Listener J3

The Best Wireless Headphones for TV: Review of TV Ears and TV Listener J3

He’s starting to lose his hearing & listening to the nightly news at 100 decibels is not your idea of a relaxing evening. Or you want to catch the highlights on ESPN while lying in bed, but keeping her up makes her cranky in the morning. Of all the things couples can argue about, the TV volume shouldn’t be one of them.

Wireless TV headphones provide a simple, practical solution, but there are so many different brands to choose from. Some brands are available for $20-$30 and others can cost 100’s of dollars. Our staff recently tested & reviewed two of the most popular brands in the market: the TV Ears & the TV Listener J3.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing which Wireless TV Headphones are best for you.:

Price: When choosing electronics, we want to get the best quality possible without breaking the bank. Both the TV Listener & the TV Ears are economically priced and provide very similar levels of technology. The suggested retail for the TV Listener is $49.99, while TV Ears is available for $99.99.

Infrared Signal vs Radio Frequency Signal: Wireless headphones that utilize a radio frequency signal have been around for a while. This technology has the advantage of being able to listen from another room. The only problem is that most of the other devices in your home use a similar frequency and will usually cause a great deal of interference, such as static or buzzing.

Both the TV Listener J3 & the TV Ears models utilize Infrared Technology, the same as your remote control. With infrared, there is no interference from other sources which gives the listener a much cleaner & crisper sound. Obviously, this does not allow you to travel into different rooms to listen. So, you will need to be within site of the receiver that is plugged into the device (TV, computer, radio, etc.)

Coverage: Both the TV Listener J3 & the TV Ears will provide clear reception within a range of approximately 600 square feet (or a 30-foot x 20-foot room).

Independence: Some wireless headphones give you the option of only listening with or without the headphones. This isn’t a problem if you’re the only one needing to listen. If this is what you need, you can usually find them for $20-$30 at a local Radio Shack or Best Buy.

Both the TV Listener J3 & the TV Ears allow you to listen to the TV independently. This means that your spouse and/or kids can watch the TV at one volume and you can control your own volume with the headphones.

Will It Work With My TV: Again, no difference between the TV Listener & the TV Ears. Both will work with any TV, computer or audio device, including Digital & Plasma televisions, as long as you have an audio output.

Hearing Aids: Here is the only big difference between the two. The TV Listener J3 model uses an “over-the-ear” cushioned headphone, as opposed to an “in-the-ear” headphone bud. This feature makes the TV Listener compatible to use WITH hearing aids. TV Ears uses the “in-the-ear” headphone bud. So, hearing aids need to be removed. To make up for this, the TV Ears does provide a higher decibel level for those with hearing difficulties.

Battery Life: Both the TV Listener J3 & the TV Ears operate with a re-chargeable headset that lasts approximately 15 hours when fully charged.

Extra Headsets: Both offer additional headsets that can operate on the same receiver & operate independently of the other. The TV Listener J3 extra headset retails for $29.99, whereas TV Ears offers additional headsets starting at $69.99.

Warranty: Both models offer a 90-day full manufacturer’s warranty.

Both the TV Ears and the TV Listener J3 tested very well for quality. Both are very easy to use & set up as well. It will only take you 5 minutes to set up either one. Just plug the receiver into your TV’s audio output, charge the headphones for a little while and you’ll be ready to listen.

Source by Sherman Walters