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Puppy Tips – Your New Puppy Will Chew on Anything When It's Teething

One thing to remember is that puppies will teeth just like babies will. When puppies are teaching they do a lot of chewing to treat the pain. They will chew on anything they can get their mouth around. This includes things like shoes, table legs, kid's toys, chords, sticks, bones, and your fingers!

You can give your puppy a special treat when they're teething. I got a washcloth wet, put it in a Ziploc bag and then froze it. Once it was frozen, I took it out and made it to the puppy to chew on. The cold washcloth helped to numb the pain. The only problem with this is the washcloth did not stay frozen very long.

I had read somewhere that you can do the same thing with a dog toy. I took one of the dog toy routes and froze it in a Ziploc bag. The problem I had with this is that the dog rope toy was too large for the puppy to chew on. If you want to have the puppy chew on a frozen dog toy, make sure the toy is small enough for them to hang onto and to chew on.

One thing you do not want to do is to give your puppy a regular baby teeth ring. The teeth rings for babies are usually filled with liquid that you can freeze. A baby's teeth are not as sharp as a puppy's teeth. The puppy will chew holes in the teeth ring in a matter of minutes. You will then have a wet mess on your hands, and I do not know how safe the liquid is inside the teeth ring.

When your puppy is teething try to keep some cold toys around, and also a variety of toys for them to chew on. This will help to keep them entertained and away from things you do not want them to chew on.

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Puppy Care Tips, Advice For Dog Owners: A How To For Pets

What Are The Dangers For New Puppies? Let's Get Safer!

New puppy owners beware, purchasing a new puppy is a thrilling experience for everyone involved, but at the same time, it's a great responsibility. You want the young puppy to grow up into a healthy adult, preferably with a friendly personality to match. However, the most fragile time in a dog's life is early on, within the first six months to be exact. Until that age, the puppy will need to be provided with special care from you, their new owner, to help guarantee they reach adulthood safely. And guess what? I want to help you out, so listen up … please. I asked nicely!

To help a puppy reach the age of 6 months without any problems, let's take an essential in-depth look at a few of the dangers that may threaten a new puppy's life, how we can prevent those dangers from occurring, and how we can shape a puppy's personality to be one oozing with affection.

The Danger: Temperature – Well, I'll tell you the dangers. There are many to consider, but I'll highlight the important ones. The first danger is a simple one but can be easily overlooked. It's the temperature of your house. Think about that for a second, what temperature does your house usually hover around during the winter? How about the summer? What about in general? It is common for households to range anywhere from 65-85F (18-29 C), and anything below 72F is slightly too cold for newer puppies and poses a threat to their safety.

Sure, 72F may feel comfortable to you, and is perfectly acceptable for full grown adult dogs, but puppies are fragile and can not be exposed to low temperatures for long periods of time. Houses cool down late at night, so think about this: when you are fast sleep, you use blankets to keep warm. A puppy, however, only has his fur and that's not enough to keep him warm. So while you're all cozy laying in that soft bed, the poor puppy may be suffering from the cold and a chilling death might not be far off for them.

Prevention: A trusty heating pad will solve all of these troubles, and keep the puppy nice and warm at night. All you need to do is acquire one somehow, I suggest by buying it! Once you get a heating pad, it is imperative to check the temperature. Ideally, the temperature should stay warm and consistent, but nothing overbearing. Some heating pads may get too hot, though, which is why you want to check before using it.

If the pad is reaching uncomfortable temperatures, a method you can use to help make it more comfy is by wrapping it in a towel. The towel will absorb a fair amount of heat, plus adding some additional softness to the hard surface. Perfect for the puppy to lay down on, the puppy will be pleased with your efforts.

Worth noting, when inserting the heating pad into the puppy's playpen, arrange it in such a way that the pad does not cover the entire surface area of ​​the pen. Otherwise, the puppy will be stuck on a heated surface with no choice to step off, and that is mighty uncomfortable. It'd be like getting stuck on a hot sidewalk with no shoes, yikes! When you are finished, the puppy will be protected from the cold, allowing you to sleep better at night knowing they are safe and sound.

The Danger: Other Unfriendly Pets – Do you have any other pets surrounding the new puppy roaming around? If the answer is yes, then consider their personalities. How friendly are they, and will they accept a new animal with open arms? You know the attitude of your pets more than I do, but in order to keep your new puppy safe we ​​need to think and weigh all the possible outcomes.

Remember, animals can be friendly towards humans, but towards other animals it can be an entirely different story. Young puppies are very playful, and will probably attempt to provoke your other pets to get them to play. Whether your pets view those good-intentioned gestures as a friendly invitation for fun or an act of war, who knows? Only you do!

Prevention: If your other pet is unfriendly towards the new pet puppy, then it's a serious problem. No doubt the unfriendly one is bigger since they are probably older, so what you'll have to do is isolate them. Keep them separated until the young puppy grows up and is able to defend himself. Have them interact with one another on a daily basis, with your supervision. This will help your unfriendly pet become more familiar with the puppy. Hopefully with time, the mean pet will become a bit more generous.

The Danger: Electrical Wires – You flip the switch and the light turns on, an every day occurrence for millions of houses. Electricity flows through each of them, powering our microwaves and refrigerators, along with other convenient appliances we use. Some of these appliances come with cords power them. The cords have electricity running through them.

It's not just your pet puppy you have to worry about, it's any pet that can have a chewing habit. Needless to say, dogs love to chew on things, and last time I checked, cords are things. That's right, if you look around right now, do you see any electrical cords sitting on the floor? I bet you do, and those are all potential health hazards. Even the heating pad I talked about earlier has a cord it uses, and your puppy will chew through it if given enough time. I'll spare the details on what happens when dog or puppy gets a mouthful of electricity, but I will give you a hint: it's really bad. Here's one more hint: It's also deadly! Okay no more hints.

Prevention: To avert this disaster, relocate the cords that are vulnerable on the floor to a safer place. If you have tape, use that to neatly pack the cords together, possibly taping them high on the wall away from your pets. Undoubtedly, not all cords can be moved, and in those cases, use cord covers. As the name implies, they cover the cords and prevent animals from chewing through. Remember to use a cord cover on the heating pad in the puppy's playpen, as new owners sometimes miss that. So watt are you waiting for, go secure those dangerous cords. I wrote the previous sentence just so I could use that pun, sorry.

Making The Puppy Comfortable

Alright, we've learned about 4 possible dangers that have potential to be hazardous to a new puppy's health and what we can do to prevent such disasters. Now, let's take a look on how to make the life of our puppy more comfortable. A comfortable puppy is a happy puppy, and a happy puppy is a healthy one!

Many owners restrict the area a puppy is able to move around in. This is vital if you do not always have the time to keep a constant watch over them, and you probably do not. Most of the time, playpens or small dog gates are used to limit their movement, so think about buying one of those. I suggest a playpen, as I find them to be more convenient than setting up gates.

As for where to put the playpen, I advise in a quiet part of your house, away from any noise. This playpen is going to serve not just as a way to restrict their movement, but also as a place of rest. Puppies need plenty of rest to maintain their youthful energy and health. Places you should avoid setting up resting areas in, include spots like directly next to a furnace or fireplace. Drafty areas, like next to a fan or vent are not recommended either. A drapty area could dry out a puppy's throat as they sleep, making it sore when they wake.

Include necessary things a puppy might need when it's resting. A heating pad wrapped in a towel is one, how about food and water? I've heard feeding puppies is a great way to help them continue living, so have that available to them at all times. For entertainment purposes, buy a couple of toys for their amusement. Chewing toys will also focus their attention away from any dangling cords.

Let's see … a playpen, a warm heating pad, food and water, fun toys; things are looking good for our new fragile animal friend. But something is missing, do you know what it is?

The owner's love! That's right, while trying to ensure the puppy's protection and comfort, we forgot to show them the most serious thing: our love. Aw!

Do not forget it, neither. Providing a young puppy affection and positivity as they grow will have a lasting affect on their personality later on. A puppy's attitude will reflect what's shown to them. Show them tons of love, and they will most certainly mirror it right back, which is precisely what all new puppy owners dream of having; A fun, loving, loyal companion. Hopefully this little guide will help you achieve just that.

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Pet Stain Removal Off Carpets – Organic Pet Stain Removal Tips and Advice

Did your cat mistake your carpet for the litter box again? Other pet stains? Worried about that carpet smell? WAIT! Before you call a professional carpet cleaning service, take a look at some of these expert carpet cleaning and pet stain removal tips on how to remove carpet stains your pets made. All recommendations here also apply to area rug cleaning. Having a door-mat or small area rug in front of your entrance helps prevent a lot of potential pet and dirt stains. If left unattended, these stains can grow into a harmful mold smell. When there is a significant amount of soil, using a good suction vacuum with a good air filtration (one that removes 99% of airborne particles) and spinning brushes is going to help get that dirt and any other detritus out from the bottom of the carpet .

Removing cat urine stains
If it is a cat urine that is causing the stain, do not use ammonia! Cat urine has ammonia in it, it will only cause the cat to return to the same place and do it again. Dab the area lightly with a paper towel. Do not blot it with anything. Once it is dry, mix a 1/2 a cup of white wine vinegar and 1/2 a cup of warm water, pour the solution on the carpet stain, and then sprinkle on baking soda, to quell the odor (of the pet smell and the vinegar). Wait, and repeat if necessary. The area should take several hours to dry.

Removing dog urine stains
We all know how it goes, the bigger the animal, the bigger the mess, and the task of pet stain removal is more challenging. When it is a dog urine smell or stain, and it is strong, you can try using a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, salt or baking soda with warm water and / or dish soap. You can also use this mixture on cat stains and any other sever pet stains. Remember, always give your pets lots of love, but too much of it, and they might get over-excited and pee on your carpet!

Benefits of using a professional carpet cleaning service
In order to keep the same color tone all over the carpet you may want to have a professional carpet cleaning service attend to the job. The advantages include savings in time and money (keeping your carpet), by wisely applying the most appropriate treatment for the stained area and the entire carpet, maintaining its original uniform looks, using the most advanced methods, processes, solutions and tools.

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Rock Climbing: 3 Valuable Tips If You Are an Amateur Rock Climber

Are you interested in taking up rock climbing as an addictive hobby or favorite past time? Here are 3 valuable tips if you are an amateur rock climber just getting started in this fantastic sport.

Learn the Ropes
When you are ready to go rock climbing, you just do not go out on the first day and try to climb one. Rock climbing is basically a dangerous sport. Make sure you learn the ropes before you venture out into the open and attempt to that climb.

Go online and reach out to the pros and get some privileged instructions or guidelines. Furthermore, try to get the hang of climbing rocks by practicing in indoor climbing gyms or centers. It is not exactly the real deal. But you can learn a lot from there before putting your body on the line on the outside.

Find those in the Fold
Rock Climbing is a team sport. It is not a good idea to go climbing without people by your side. There's no joy in being the lone ranger, you need people to encourage you, tell you where the best rocks are and who will generally share their experiences with you. Take a friend with you.

So whether it is a natural cliff or indoor climb gym, bind with those who share your passion. Learn a thing or two from them. You have no reason to feel funny like the new recruit, who is still wet behind the ears and asking too many questions. The best climbers, started just like you, with nothing but enthusiasm going for them. Do the same.

If you live in an area with lots of natural scenery, check out the rock climbing shops in the vicinity. The shop owners will know how to point you in the right direction.

Learn the Lingo
Rock climbing is in a world of its own. And you need to learn the language; your life could actually depend on it. If you are an amateur climber know your equipment by name and techniques, rock positions plus first aid procedures by heart.

Rock climbing has crafted a language different from the outside world. Learn it and speak it with your fellow climbers. So when you hear your climber colleague say 'Elvis!'.

You know that he's not reminiscing about the late King of Rock and Roll, but suggesting that his legs are shaking from tiredness or deep exhaustion.

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Tips to Reduce Audio Noise

If you attempt for recording your own music of if you have audio recording which is full of distracting background noise, you need to reduce the unwanted noise by using recording software which is available on your computer. Whether you are going to work with a music recording, speech recording or the other type of recording, you should be able to remove the unwanted noise in a way to capture the cleanest audio recording possible. At this time, this article is going to give you several tips that will guide you to reduce audio noise.

Firstly, you should turn on your computer and then open the audio recording program which is capable of loading the software effects plug-ins. If you do not have the application of this type installed, you can search for it first. You can choose among popular programs that include GarageBand, ProTools, Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Nuendo, Sonar and Reason.

Secondly, you should load the audio file which contains the noise that you want to reduce. You can use the "Open" or the "Import" option from the recording program menu for locating and loading the audio file into your audio project. If there is no audio file in your computer, you can simply plug in musical instrument or microphone into your computer by using audio interface for reducing audio noise in the real time.

Thirdly, you need to apply noise gate effect and also a compressor effect to the audio track that containing the unwanted noise. The used noise gate plug-ins typically includes Floorish and GGate. The popular compressors are Waves SSl and Blockfish VST.

Fourthly, you need to adjust the level on the compressor and noise gate. The compressor can make the audio to sound more uniform and also will remove any "pops" or "cracks" that created by the volume peaks.

Lastly, you can replay the audio that you have applied noise reduction effects. You have to make sure that the audio does not sound chopped or overly effected in any way. You can try to make comparison of the new audio file to the original for ensuring that you have appropriately reduced the noise.

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How to Make Love to a Man in Bed – Sex Tips Every Woman Should Know

Lately, your love life just is not what you want it to be. You want to have an amazing sex life with your man and you want to make sure that not only are your needs being met in the bedroom, but that his are as well. You want to keep him happy and satisfied. You want to know how to make love to a man in bed to give him some of the greatest pleasure he has ever had.

Instead of wishing for a better sex life and a most exciting time in the bedroom, it is time that you made it happen. Now is the time to take the reigns and to really show your man what you are made of. Now is the time to learn how to make love to a man in bed with the help of these sex tips.

Most of the time, you leave it up to your man to initiate sex. That is something that needs to change now. Your guy wants to feel sexy and to feel wanted as well. He wants to feel like you want him and the only way to do that is to show him. He wants you to have your hands on him and to not be able to take him off. By initiating sex, you make him feel special and this is a good first step.

As well, you should make love to him in a different sexual position. The missionary sure gets boring after a while and there is no room for further exploration of your bodies. If you switch up the sex position that you use, you offer him a different form of stimulation. The woman on top is always a very popular position for women who really want to blow their man's minds in the bedroom. Men love this position and if you really want to make love to him, then you should actually make love to him.

The most important sex tip is to have fun. Your man does not want you to take things so seriously and to get upset if things go sour. Sex is fun and it should be fun. It is a time of bonding and creating more intimate in your relationship. When you keep sex fun, you want to have more of it because you enjoy yourself more. As well, you want to explore more aspects of sex because you feel more comfortable about it. This is how you get in the right frame of mind to set your love life on fire and that is how you really make love to a man.

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Emergency Preparedness Tips For Pet Owners

Disasters can happen anywhere at any time. The public does not usually get a lot of notice before a disaster strikes, so you must be prepared in advance and know what to do quickly if there is an emergency.

Here are 5 simple steps that you can take to prepare your pets and reduce the level of stress and worry for your entire family to a minimum.

Tip # 1. Get a Pet Emergency Supplies Kit. Have it readily accessible and make sure it consists of at least the following items:

  • Pet first aid kit that will cover your pets' emergency medical needs. If your pets take any medications, add some extra supplies.
  • Food (in water proof container) and water, 3-day ration.
  • Collars with ID tags – make sure the information is current and updated. You may consider microchipping as permanent identification as collars get lost.
  • Safety harness and leash.
  • Sanitation Items.
  • Rescue Pet Decals – to alert rescue teams to save your pets inside the house.
  • Comfort toys and blankets to take with your pets if you have to evacuate.

Tip # 2. Pack a picture of your pets in case you get separated. It will help rescue workers to identify and reunite you with your pets faster.

Tip # 3. Get your pets familiar with their carriers or crates. Usually, pets associate them with visits to the vet and become stressed at the first site of them. Let your pets play in the carrier or get them some trips to make the transition easier when the time comes.

Tip # 4. Know your pets hiding places in and out of the house. At the first warning of a disaster, you might consider putting them in one room in case you have to leave in a hurry.

Tip # 5. Have a Family Emergency Plan Ready:

  • Map out a get-away plan: how you pack your pets, where you go.
  • Check with the nearby Shelters, veterinary hospitals, and hotels to see if they would take your pets in an emergency.
  • Develop a pet care buddy system – arrange for friends or extended family to take your pets in if you must evacuate in a shelter that does not allow pets for health issues. Instruct your caretakers on the location of the emergency supplies kit and anything else you might find useful.
  • Learn about various disasters that could strike your particular area. You may have to wait home longer before getting an order to evacuate, so get some extra supplies of food and water.
  • If you have to evacuate, take your pets with you if possible.

For more emergency preparedness related information please visit

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Puppy Toilet Training – Tips For Owners

Puppy toilet training is one of the most important trainings in every dog's life – as well as yours being a dog owner. Having a dog that is not successfully equipped toilet means having a poop-scooping and pee-cleaning life. Considering these facts, you indeed have to do something to avoid urine stains in your expensive carpet or piles of poop somewhere under your bed. What you have to do is train your puppy to eliminate at the right time at your designated spot.

Puppy toilet training is not the easiest either an impossible thing to do. All you need is the right training advice on how to achieve your goals – a reliably trained canine companion.

The first bit of advice is to understand your dog's need to eliminate. Take note that puppies do not have full control of their bladders and bowels. So they must be taken out to eliminate at the following times:

  • after eating
  • after drinking
  • immediately after waking
  • when excited
  • after playing or exercise
  • before sleeping

Just take your dog out at least every one to two hours and you'll be safe.

Feed your dog at approximately the same time everyday. Feeding on regular schedule will help your dog establish regular potty time.

Another important thing a dog owner must understand is the signs indicating that the dog has to go. Sniffing around, circling round in one spot or holding the tail high is your dog's simple way of telling you that something is on the way.

Some people find crate as an effective tool in toilet training a puppy. Having den lodging ancestors, domesticated dogs would never soil their dens as much as possible. This is ideal in helping them control their urge to eliminate. Just remember to take your pup out regularly to avoid soiling the den.

Understand that successful training can not be achieved for only a day or two. Time as well as consistency and determination are other contributing factors to make Fido learn what he has to learn. Accidents will happen and if they do, never punish your dog for it. Hitting him or rubbing his nose in the spot will not make him realize his mistake but rather create behavior associated problem.

If your best efforts, the puppy is continuously having accidents and toilet training tips do not seem to work, seek out your vet's advice. It could be a sign of a disease that must be addressed at once.

Source by Richard Cussons

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Ten Tips for Getting Writing Ideas

The number one question I get asked when I tell someone I'm a writer is, "Where do you find all of your ideas?" This has never been a problem for me. In fact, I have the opposite problem. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head that it is hard to focus on just one. If you struggle coming up with ideas to write about I have some tips for you.


A good place to start when looking for writing topics is your own hobbies and interests. If you are an avid gardener, you might want to write about gardens. If you love to cook, consider writing for the food section of the local newspaper or a gourmet magazine. If sports are your thing, you could interview athletes for sport's magazines.


Every time I travel to a new place, I see so many interesting sites. If you love to travel you could pitch a travel article to a magazine before your next trip. You might even get some of your expenses paid for. I have also written about new plants, animals, and tourist attractions I have seen on my trips.


The first thing I do every morning after pouring a cup of coffee is to read the newspaper. You are bound to come up with new ideas every time you read the paper. Whether you enjoy reading the front page or the arts and entertainment section, you will find some new topic to write about. Take an idea and put a new twist or spin on it.


My family is a great source of inspiration for my writing. If you enjoy writing for children or parents, you will get lots of great ideas just by observing the members of your own family. Even if you do not write parenting articles, you could write about a hobby someone in your family has or write about your dog or cat for a pet magazine.


Many times looking at old photographs is a good way to get ideas for your writing. Old memories will surface and you will remember long forgotten events. Maybe you will stumble across a picture of your kids learning to ride a bike or a camping trip you took with your family. There is no end to the possibilities.


When you finish with your writing for the day, you might unwind by watching a little TV. I have found that educational stations like Animal Planet, Food Network, and the History Channel always give me ideas for stories and articles. You will not feel so guilty about watching television if it inspires you to write.


I do not know about your dreams, but mine can be kind of crazy sometimes. You should start jotting your dreams down as soon as you wake up in the morning. You might find a great plot for a story.


This one always works for me. When I'm a little bit tired and the ideas just will not come, I go for a walk or a bike ride. The exercise wakes up my brain and I starting thinking again again.


You probably learned this technique in school and used it to write compositions. Brainstorming is a very effective way of getting writing ideas. Pick a topic that you want to write about. Then start brainstorming about that topic and write down every related word that comes to mind. For example, if your topic is dogs, you may write down leashes, dog food, ball, bones, collar, Frisbee, walking, pet, friend, etc. Keep brainstorming on your topic for ten or fifteen minutes and you should have an idea for a story or an article.


You might not be able to write while you are listening to music, but it is a great way to come up with ideas. Music often brings up memories of your past and it helps you to relax. Next time you are stuck for an idea, turn on the radio for a few minutes.

I hope some of these techniques for finding writing ideas work for you. I know they have always worked for me and I rarely ever run out of writing ideas. Happy writing!

Source by Renee Kirchner

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Top Tips for Ensuring Security, Confidentiality and Authenticity of Data over a Distributed Network

To ensure confidentiality, security and authenticity for a message over a distributed network crossing the internet many things need to be done with both companies networks. Each network at each company needs to be sure the security of there local network is safe. This is done by a variety of means.

A firewall is needed for monitoring and controlling traffic to and from the internet at the transport layer to make sure communications are the type of communication the companies allows via its security policy. In order to stop people from creating their own connections to the internet tight auditing of the companies network is required, auditing the software that runs inside the network is important to remove the chance of any spy software running. A security policy needs to be in place to decided what people can access and how.

At the physical layer a company could op for some using optical fiber through to reduce that chance of snooping but this tends to prove impractical on a local LAN. Avoiding the use of radio networks as much as possible, these are easily snooped. If radio must be then encryption at the data link layer is important. This is generally done using a shared secret that may change overtime after the first connection. This type of security can only be used internally to the local corporation network as once connected to the internet data link layer encryption will not be possible (ignoring tunneling over IP).

Once the data is to be sent over the internet then the physical layer and data-link layer can not be encrypted as stated before. This is because routers operate at layer 3 the network layer to make routing decision. So the payload inside data at the network layer does not need to be decipherable but the headers added at network layer are used making routing decisions and do need to be readable. At the network layer it is common to encrypt data from the gateway / connection to the internet at one company to the gateway / connection of another company. These often again use a shared key which changes over time and all data sent over the internet is encrypted and deciphered at the other end. This does mean however that inside companies' networks the data travels unencrypted. There is no authenticity of sender as well except that they are able to send data via the encrypted network layer at the company.

At the transport layer it is also able to encrypt data for a known type of protocol which has to be agreed before hand. This encrypts a connection end to end for an application which means it travels over the local network encrypted as well as through the public internet network. Security at the transport layer provides some level of authenticity that the connection is to the person although it can not provide full authentication. It is however a good source of confidentiality as the only place data exists deciphered is in the local and remote machines and it should not be possible to snoop to find out the contents.

Full authenticity is only really possible at the application layer. Data encrypted at this level passes through all the other levels encrypted. There are numerous types of encryption that can be used to send data. The use of public key encryption will allow the data to be sent in the full knowledge that the sender and receiver can be authenticated and the data can only be deciphered by the intended recipient. With public key encryption it is possible to swap public keys in order to allow 2 companies to communicate. Once something is encrypted with one half of the key (public or private) it is only possible to decipher it with its combined other half. Therefore if a message is first encrypted with one company's private key and then with the others public key only the intended recipient can decode it and then use the first company's public key to prove they sent it.

Source by Simon Loader