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Hat Embroidery Machines

Hats are some of the most difficult pieces of apparel to embroider. The surface is curved so getting the alignment right is always a challenge. The front of the cap is thicker and needs different forces than just that for simple fabric. Hat World has placed hat embroidery machines in all of their stores so that customers can customize the hats with their name while they wait.

Due to the curved nature of hats along with the thicker seams embroidering hats can be a difficult proposition. Finding a hat embroidery machine or attachment for your existing machine can be difficult and expensive. Customizing hats can be a lucrative business if you have some good sales experience to market your business to local companies in need of advertising specialty items. Once you have found the right hat embroidery machine for the volume you need to produce you can begin to make custom hats.

Here are some tips to use your hat embroidery machine for fun and profit. You will need to find a couple of blank hat wholesalers to give your prospective clients a wide variety of options and prices to choose from. You will need to have bucket style, slouch, fitted, FlexFit and adjustable hats to choose from. Embroidery position is also a key to gaining an embroidery job. Some people only want embroidery on the rear of the cap. This area generally takes a much smaller stitch area than the front. Front embroideries generally can not be any higher than two and a quarter inches.

The embroidery can consist of a logo (which will need to be digitized), and existing pattern or stock design or text only. Text may be added to either stock designs or logos at the customer's request.

Keep in mind that you should charge a complete price for the hat and the embroidery as you need to charge for both the hat and a markup and the embroidery. Depending on how quickly you can digitize you may want to offer that service at no charge as an added value to your customer. Consider your wholesale hat supplier's minimum order requirement in setting your own minimums for special orders. If you wholesale source has a twelve hat minimum you should as well. A final word for using your hat embroidery machine for business; do not forget to factor in your time on each job and not just the materials when quoting a final price.

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Finding and Collecting Lost Coins

Some folks have spent several years of their lives collecting valuable and rare coins. They store them in special books that are designed for this purpose, or they keep them in a bank vault, taking them out only on occasion to enjoy their prized possessions. Perhaps one day the coins will be passed down to a family member or be sold for profit.

But there is an easier way to search for lost coins for gain. While they do not have the value of old or rare coins that are recognized and prized by antique collectors, they soonheless offer their own special challenge and sometimes render an unexpected dividend when one turns out to be a rare find.

Set aside a sturdy container for your soon-to-be-found coins. Make sure it can not tip, become misplaced, or get broken by excited kids or a pet. Then start your own treasure hunt as you find time. You can take a few minutes each day, or you can save this hobby for a period of several hours after work or over the weekend on occasion. Do not expect to find a lot all at once. Rather, be prepared to put in the time that will lead lead to a harvest of riches.

You can get a silver locating device or a magnetic pole for finding loose coins in ditches, under cars, or in other hard-to-reach places. Or simply rely on your eyes to identify those gleaming metal circlets of potential wealth. Start in your home. Check under the sofa and chair cushions as well as under these large pieces. Look beneath the dressers, on closet floors, in all the household drawers, and inside the pockets of various clothing.

Little by little, expand your search. Check your car thoroughly, including between and under the seats. Do not forget the toy box, basement, and attic. Look under the porch and on the patio, examining the cushions if you have them there, as well. Keep an eye on the sidewalk or parking areas of public places. You may find coins at the mall or in any kind of community area or store. Of course, if you see the owner drop a coin, be sure to hand it over. Do not allow yourself to spend the money you find. Instead, place it in your container for this purpose and save it as long as possible. One man saved more than $ 2,000 over a twenty-year period.

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An Honest Look at Cat Strollers

Sometimes, we reward our cats as though they are like kids especially if we do not have children of our own. We love to pamper and spoil our pets because they are considered to be a part of our family. If you have a cat then surely you have purchased snacks and many different toys for him.

But, have you considered buying a cat stroller for her?

Why do I need a Cat stroller?

These strollers are used for the same reason you would use a stroller for a infant, along with various other reasons as well. If you do not feel like leading your pet along with you on a leash when you are out in public, a cat stroller would be the best alternative. They are also good for kittens that you might want to keep away from larger dogs or cats whom might be territorial when you take them out in public.

Maybe you have hurt; there's nothing like a joy ride to give your cat a break from having to walk, especially if he is injured! The list just goes on and on as to the reason you could have some good use out of a stroller for your cat.

Describe the features of a cat stroller?

Cat strollers look similar to the strollers that you would use for a baby except they are a lot more covered. A stroller will usually have a cover over it to keep your pet protected at all times while she is sitting in the stroller. They usually have many mesh nets along the sides and the front of the stroller so that your pet will have plenty of ventilation for when you are on the go with her outdoors.

The back wheels of the strollers have brakes on the back of them exactly like a baby stroller in an instance that you have to stop somewhere and you need the stroller to stay in place. A holder tray and storage area is usually a part of one of the many add ons that the stroller will include so that you can take along your cat's favorite toys, snacks, and your own drink.

More reasons you should have one

A cat stroller can be an alternative to carrying around a kennel. If you pet is ill or injured, the pet stroller will enable her to stay covered away from other cats and dogs. Keep critters away from your cat when she is covered in a cat stroller. This means that you can keep your cat from getting fleas or being irritated by bugs while she is riding.

Whatever your cat is mean or you just want to keep her away from dogs or other pets out in the public that might be territorial, you can use the cat stroller for this purpose as well.

What am I looking to pay for a cat stroller?

Most strollers are quite affordable. But there are some strollers that are kind of expensive such as the double decker pet strollers and the jogging strollers for cats; those can run about $ 300. The cheapest that you'll probably pay is about twenty dollars.

So there is a stroller for sale in every price range. The price also varies depending upon where you decide to buy yours from. You can purchase a cat stroller at your local pet store or you can shop online at various stores for a stroller for your pet. You will not be disappointed when you see many options that are available.


Cat strollers are wonderful to own no matter what reason you would want one for your cat!

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Gizmos and Gadgets

Gizmos … items that are both appealing and useful, that awe us with their functionality, and win our heart with their charm. That is the frustrating thing with the word gizmo, its origins was intended to serve as a catch all phrase for the various pieces of machinery found in the engine room of US Navy submarines, and so can be applied to anything.

The word has various synonyms including gadgets, widgets etc all used with a degree of warm affection, typically used to denote a particular item or device that is very useful, often show ingenious design and which leave us wondering just how on earth we managed to cope and survive without them.

Do you have a smoking habit, and just can not seem to kick the habit? Perhaps your willpower is just not enough to resist the temptation allure of just one cigarette, and you could really do with a warning voice to just say no. If this sounds like you, then why not buy the rather nifty shocking lighter?

Every time you go to light up a cigarette using the lighter, you will receive a mild (not harmful) shock, which will serve as a rather useful took in solidifying your willpower and helping you to better tackle your smoking habit.

Fond of candles? Enjoy the fragrant smell they create, the tranquil and cozy ambience they set, as they let you relax and make the stresses of the world just float normally away? Candles are great … until they melt, get stuck to every single possible surface in your house, as well as your clothes.

More than that, they present a hazard, both to children and pets, as well to the general surroundings. Finally, but by no means the last issue, is that typical candles melt, and have to be restocked as well as cleaned up.

LED candles are then simply noticeable options, they offer the same gentle atmospheric presence that ordinary candles offer, as well as being totally 100% safe and clean. The typical LED candle will last for up to 100,000 hours before having to be replaced, a major improvement from the rather lackluster 5-12 hours with an ordinary candle.

Sometimes we need to release ourselves (painful as it maybe) from the luxuriously wonderful depths of sleep and face the stresses of the day. Our torment is helped by the ear piercing siren shriek that most digital clocks insist on using to rouse us from sleep, so why not wake up to your favorite song?

iPod alarm clocks are ideal for this, they incorporated speakers into the actual clock so you can hear it, and any of the ipod models (nano, video, shuffle etc) can be utilized. Best of all, the ipod alarm clock does not need any batteries and you will not need to recharge it, as the clock runs directly from the mains power supply. Such clocks also come with a minute sleep function for those of us who simply CANT face the world.

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Enrich Your Child's Mind

Toddler toys are widely used to help a child get familiar with its surrounding. It helps the child in nurturing its capabilities with the use of toys. It's great to know that we have a wide variety of toys to choose from. As parents, we should be picky when it comes to choosing the right kind of toys; those that are educational and at the same time can bring a lot of fun. A toddler needs a lot of opportunity to play and explore the world around him. Try to give toys that create fun activities that would help your child to mature into his talents. Start developing your toddler's talent by knowing what it is.

Provide him toys that range creativity in many ways. Shape sorter, toddler cubes, large pieces of puzzle, wooden toys and bath toys are some of the toys that can nurture your child's talent. Books are the top most tools that can widen your child's imagination and can help you to get to know your child more.

Here are some helpful tips that would help parents in nurturing their child's mind and body:

– Supply them with pop-up books, chunky board books, books with animals, books with shapes and ABC flash cards. Toddlers can get easily acquainted with them. They will certainly love the books since it looks to feed their eyes with colors and lots of shapes.

– Invite other toddlers to join your baby while playing. Give them toddler toys to play with. Try to expand your child's world. For children, their mommy is the most important person in the world, because you should teach your child to get acquainted with others. Introduce your child with other faces, who can be playmates. Teach him how to make friends even in early stage. They could make lots of fun especially with a lot of child their age.

– Take your child to the park or playground. Have a little walk while you tell the things you see on the way. Tell your toddler what's this and what's that? It's a bit surprising but they actually understand what you're trying to say.

– Have a habit of reading your a book to your child before going to sleep. Bible books are great as bedtime stories. Be a good story teller by bringing the characters into life. A toddler loves to hear stories lovingly told by their moms.

– Play classical music while you put them to sleep. Your toddler will feel as if he is being rock to sleep. There are also ABC songs and mother goose rhymes that come out in CD and cassette forms. At daytime, turn on the CD while they play. You'll be surprise how your child follow the rhythms through hums and sooner, memorize the words!

Ahead start in teaching your child is the best start. A toddler's mind needs to be filled with information. To make teaching a lot more easily, try to be informal and cool. You do not need to be so serious about this matter. Teach while having fun. This is possible when you have a lot of toddler toys to choose from. Be creative and share the happiness your child experiences while they learn.

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Wood Working Plans – Where Do I Start Learning?

One of the best hobbies that you can pick up today is that of the woodworking. The thing is that there are a few options that you have before you go ahead and start learning about woodworking to begin on this wonderful hobby.The thing is that you do not become an expert carpenter overnight, but you could have made a good amateur and even that takes a lot of time. One of the things that you might have to focus on when you pick up this little hobby is that you need to do your research. This could be pretty much anything, ranging from checking out the various forums on the internet till the local magazine that you pick up.

But the main problem that most amateurs encounter is the fact that they do not find the right kind of wood plans to help them design the kind of furniture that they would like. Although, the thing is that most of the amateurs do not realize is that they can easily find quite a few options on the internet.

One of the best things that you can do for starters is to make sure that you check out a few websites and forums by themselves, the advantages that you will gain with these are huge. For one thing, you will find that the forums on most websites tend to contain experts on wood crafts and wood working over all.

The other advantage that you will stand to gain is that you can easily find quite a few websites that will provide you with plans on the kind of designs you might be thinking about, there are websites that also provide paid memberships for access to wood designs and projects for woodworking. The advantage that you stand to gain from these paid websites is that you can easily find almost any woodworking plan conceivable and the directions are normally so easy to follow that you'll be making beds and cupboards in no time flat.

Just remember one thing, if you want to find something that really will help you in developing your skills as a wood artisan, you will need to plow on as much research as possible, remember the deer you look, the more you will find. With that, I would like to wish you happy sawing!

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Cat Clothing Trends

The ultimate basic piece of clothing, the T-shirt, has gone through several fashion evolutions. One of the ways that this is done is through cat shirts. No longer just reserved for feline lovers, more and more fashion-forward women are wearing their tees with jeans. They can even be paired with dressier skirts and even couture pieces.

Shirts can be the canvas for either a toned down statement outfit. In order to update the look, go for a shirt that deviates from the usual loose tee. Look for V-neck shirts for a sought-after style. One with a slightly loose silhouette oozes casual chic and feminine appeal. Another variation is to look for cat shirts that have loose necklines to allow for one side to drape over the shoulder.

Do not be constrained with male or female shirts. The ladies can slip on a cat shirt made for a male because the oversize style can be surprisingly sexy and chic. In fact, designers have caught on to this trend and now unisex and boyfriend-style shirts are readily available to women. The look can be interpreted by pairing it with soft and feminine scarf or a sleek, fitted pair of jeans. Depending on the accessories, the outfit can turn from lazy to polished, depending on the mood of the person.

Also, do not be turned off by shirts that have been around for a long time. The destroyed or distressed look is quite popular. Even worn out shirts that have been left at bottom drawers have a second lease at life. New styles and trends have made wearing these shirts acceptable, and more so, stylish. The subtly sheer materials can be quite refreshing and comfortable.

It is also a good idea to experiment with the lengths of the shirt. Ultra-long tees may be worn over leggings or skinny jeans. They may even be layered over shorter tees or cinched at the waist with a belt. The movement provided by the long tees is can be quite eye-catching. In contrast, short or baby tees can be worn with skirts or sailor pants for a classic look.

Finally, even cat shirts have not escaped the need to become more environmentally friendly. Look for shirts that are made out of organic cotton for a natural twist. Some shirts have incorporated recycled fibers or other materials in the shirt as a contribution to both style and the protection of the environment.

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How to Stop Your Puppy From Biting

Why do puppies bite?

Dog owners have been trying to stop puppies from biting without knowing why puppies bite in the first place. By understanding why your puppy bites is the first step in training him not to bite.

The main reason why puppies bite is as a result of Puppy Teething.

Puppies' jaws are weak and as a result of new teeth they gnaw, mouth and even play-bite to sooth the gums around the teeth. This combination of weak jaws with extremely sharp, needle-like teeth, can result in numerous play-bites which, although painful, seldom cause serious harm. The developing pup, therefore, receives ample feedback regarding the force of its bites before it develops strong jaws – which could possibly consider injury. The greater the pup's opportunity to play-bite with people, other dogs and other animals, the better the dog's bite inhibitory as an adult.

Puppy Socialization

Proper puppy socialization is important when teaching your dog bite inhibition. Your puppy is a blank slate and needs to be taught proper behavior around humans and other animals. Once she is taught proper behavior, it will carry into adulthood.

For puppies that do not grow up with the benefit of regular and frequent interaction with
other dogs and other animals, the responsibility of teaching bite inhibitory lies with the
owner. All puppies love to play by being mouthy and biting or chewing anything they can get their sharp little teeth into. These sharp teeth are the reason that it is crucial for puppies to learn bite inhibiting (controlling the force of their bite) during the first few months of life. Normally this is learned naturally and effectively through contact with mom and other litters. If the puppy bites mom during nursing, mom can roll the puppy over to correct it or just get up and walk away. Most young puppies do not aggressively bite. If you have an aggressive puppy, you should give very serious consideration about keeping such a dog. Puppy aggression may lead to dangerous behavior as an adult dog if not properly handled.

Next the owner must realize that the puppy does not know how to act around the humans.The puppy has not had much life experience outside of its interactions with its canine family. Proper socialization techniques are critical at this stage of your puppy's development. You can learn these puppy socialization techniques in "Dog Bite Prevention", which is part of our Puppy Health & Training Package.

How to Train a puppy to stop biting:

The first and best way to start teaching your puppy to stop its biting is to do what his litters would have done were they in the same position. Puppies usually learn bite inhibitions from their mothers and litters. When a puppy bites its littermates, they will yelp and go away. This same method can be applied by you. As soon as your puppy starts to bite, you should give a loud, yelping OUCH! Glare at the pup, get up and move away. This way you can start ignoring behaviors you do not like. Be persistent with this method and advise your family to do the same.

If your pup does not change then you can start applying the '' Time Out '' method. You just leave the room or take him into his crate.

Another way to use this method is this; when your puppy bites, say "no" and gently hold its mouth shut. This will teach him to keep his mouth shut. Since the puppy is a social creature, saying no, yelping, holding his mouth or walking away will teach him that he will lose his playmate. An important fact about the above two methods is to maintain eye contact with your pup when saying "no" and also watching the tone of your voice. Your tone should be in the form of a command, sharp and to the point. Emitting a growling tone will convey the message in his language.

Your duty as a puppy owner is to plan a response to active puppy teeth that will soften the impact on you and your possessions. The best way to do this is to provide your pup with better chewing alternatives instead of your fingers and limbs. You can buy toys like hard rubber balls, sterilized or nylon bones and knotted ropes from pet supply stores.
In a low voice you can say "no" then remove her into a neutral area where you can give her any of the above stated toys or others to play with.

Praising your puppy whenever she behaves well is one of the best ways to teach her what's right. She will certainly want to continue getting the visa. So when she plays nicely and appropriately, praise the action.

Another method is teaching the "off" command.

You get a puppy's dry food. Hold a handy and close your hand with it then say "off."
Note what will happen. After a few seconds, if your puppy has not touched your hand, say "take it" and give him a piece of food. The lesson you are teaching him here is that "off" "means not to touch.

It is important to give your puppy daily exercise and give him enough playtime. It is advisable to have a specific daily playing time. Your puppy will always look forward to this period and will be less likely to seek attention at any time, thus limiting his biting behavior. Also you will be distracting his attention from biting by teaching him new tricks and taking him for a walk. You will be establishing a great bond with him doing this as well.
Teach all your family members not to play any rough games like tug-of-war or wrestling which may encourage aggressive behavior like biting. Also teach them to be consistent with the "no biting" rule. With everyone working together, you will achieve a well-behaved, well-adjusted puppy and, extremely, adult dog.

Source by Russ Richer

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Black and White Security Cameras

There are numerous types of black and white security cameras available from various retail and online stores. You can find these cameras with different designs, sizes, and extra convenience features. There are several brands of security cameras, which are black and white, designed for indoors and / or outdoors. They vary in price depending on the brand, size, video quality, whether or not the camera is wireless, and design. Designs vary from large cameras that are very visible and easy to spot that are typically rigged up to walls, to small inconspicuous dome cameras that are usually attached to ceilings. For your convenience they also come in fixed designs and movable designs.

The price usually does not depend on the size of the camera though. The video quality of it depends on the brand and price. Usually high video quality, no matter what the size, is more expensive than the low video quality cameras. Wireless cameras are also usually more expensive than the regular black and white ones.

These cameras online usually range in price anywhere from $ 30 to $ 140. You can also find security camera systems for multiple rooms. These vary in price depending on the brand, number of cameras, and video quality and features, but they usually range anywhere from $ 80 to $ 500. With the various types of black and white security cameras available you should be able to find the perfect camera for you and all of your surveillance and security needs, whether you want a one for your home or a business.

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How to Earn Money with Inflatable Toys

Do you want to earn extra income? You can make substantial amount of money with inflatable bouncers. In fact, a lot of people have already become very successful with it. Inflatable bouncers are the life-size balloon toys shaped like playgrounds, castles, or playhouses commonly seen in them parks like Disneyland.

If you still can not picture how those colorful toys can make you rich, consider these facts:

1. Inflatable bouncers are in demand for parties

Every kid wants their birthday party to be special. And nothing else would make it unique other than a price or princess-themed birthday party complete with costumes and a huge, inflatable castle. All other kids coming to the party would certainly please your son or daughter. And as a parent, you will feel proud because you are able to give your child the best birthday party ever.

If you own one inflatable castle bouncer, you can advertise it in the local newspaper for rentals. Doing that would provide all doting parents out there the opportunity to give their sons and daughters the best party in the neighborhood, complete with inflatable castles and the works, without having to spend so much. You'll see that your inflatable toy's schedule will be full in no time!

2. Inflatable bouncers are a hit in halls, parks, and playgrounds

Have you ever rounded up the amusement section of a mall and see how many kids are enjoying inside an interactive inflatable bouncer? If you have, then you should have an idea as to how you can earn good money with this product. Just invest on one functional inflatable toy and set it up in places where there is lots of foot traffic. Whenever children see your inflatable playground, they will certainly ask them mom to let them play. And that's when you charge them with an hourly rate. You can also give the parents the option to leave their child under your care as they go about shopping around the mall. That's an added advantage for you!

3. Inflatable Bouncers Buy and Sell

If generating sales were your strongest trait, then you do not have to worry about creative business ideas just like the ones listed above. You can very well stick to the basics and sell inflatable bouncers to interested people. You can do this business both online or offline. You can apply either as a reseller or as an online affiliate of these toys. Just contact a dealer and strike a lucrative deal with them. By doing so, you will be able to get a good percentage for every sale completed through your marketing efforts. This business opportunity requires little or absolutely no investment at all on your part.

Inflatable bouncers are not only good sources of enjoyment for kids. It can also provide you with good income on the side. If you do it right, you can determine the income you want to earn right there and then. But more importantly, you can set the time of the day or week you want to work. It's your business and you are your own boss anyway.

Inflatable toys are educational, entertaining, and interactive playthings that appeal to both children and adults. One set comes with everything you need: pump, repair tool, accessories, and appendages. The designs come in all shape and forms too so you will definitely find the one perfect for your business. Give this opportunity a try. It might just be all you need to succeed!

Source by Mike Kay