Reasons Why People Buy Private Security

Reasons Why People Buy Private Security

Why do individuals and companies buy private security?
Security firms are aware of their clients' varying needs and as a result are better able to market their products and services successfully. The general idea is to provide protection, however a private individual will have a different set of security demands than corporate and retail companies.

Private individuals usually need security against immediate or potential threats; whereas corporate and retail companies have varying reasons for hiring private security other than for protection. The following are some reasons why companies would need private security:
– Regulation compliance
– Response to a recent event
– Gain competitive advantage over their competitors
– Show effort and diligence in their services

What types of security do companies and private citizens need?
The increasing need for both personal and proprietary protection in various settings has given rise to different types of security, each with its own characteristics and benefits. Security can either be the provision of highly-trained officers on the site, or the installation of high-quality security devices such as alarm systems and CCTVs.

Depending on the client's personal or business concerns, private security firms can provide protection in the form of security guards, car park attendees, mobile patrol response teams for the company, or protection for the personal safety of owners and officers. Private security constituents both personnel and equipment to prevent property damage and loss. Private security firms also develop security strategies against current and perceived threats and provide protection and crowd control during special events.

How do individuals and companies choose the right types of security?
Private security firms need to know and understand the reasons that targeted markets take advantage of their services. Having this knowledge increases their chances of setting up service contracts that match the client's needs.

Private companies should establish a habit of observing the market to determine their potential clients' most pressing needs. Knowing the reasons why individuals and companies hire security businesses will help firms provide the best advice to clients. Security firms should start assessing how their products and services are marketed, eliminating trivial sales talks and replacing them with more client-centered counsel in order to convince clients that they need private protection.

Clients hire the services of private security firms as a response to threats against their companies or their personal lives.

Here's a list of steps clients take when deciding which types of security will provide them the protection they need:
1) Assess the threat

– Determine whether the threat is an isolated or recurring case.
– Determine whether the threat is aimed at an individual or the businesses a whole.

2) Decide whether the severity of the threat requires protection.
– Assess your current capacity to solve the problem on your own.
– Determine the type of threat and what damages it is causing.
– Determine whether you are capable of creating countermeasures to provide immediate protection against the threat.

3) Consult with private security experts regarding the types of protection that are available.
– Determine who you are protecting and what you are protecting against.
– Determine the right kind of security that will provide protection against the threat.
– Hire security personnel, or purchase security devices for your homes and / or companies.

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Private Security Agencies

Private Security Agencies

Earlier Security Setup

Security is always one of major needs for people. During ancient time there were several small states, mostly independent or sometimes under an empire. They had army to protect their citizens from external hazards as well as external invaders. The need for internal security was less important as today due to very less or negligible crime rate.

Current Crime Scenario – Need for Private Security Agency

Currently crime rate has increased dramatically. Every day, several new instances of crime, theft or terrorism are visible to public. We can see the rate increasing even rapidly than ever. People do not feel themselves secure due to this increasing crime rate. Police and Army is there to protect them from internal as well as external risks, but police personnel is either not enough to control current internal crime rate or not as much interested as they should be. Therefore, people needed some sort of private security personnel. The need gave birth to the idea of private security agencies. These agencies provide security at various levels as well as of various kinds.

Services Provided By Security Agency

Private Security agencies provide security of all kind. They provides personal security in form of private bodyguards, corporate security in terms of providing complete security to a corporation or large firm by employing private security guards to their several business installations. These security agencies also provide events specific security for special or occasional private events like marriages or other social gatherings.

In fact, private security agencies work parallel to government security personnel with their help and support whenever needed. They work in collaboration with Government Security Agency to control law and order too at some occasions.

Security personnel at these private agencies are trained specially for their specific works. They get proper industry training before being employed at their actual place of work. These security guards ensure security of their employers or their assets.

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Private Security – Measuring Their Worth And Fidelity

Private Security – Measuring Their Worth And Fidelity

There are a lot of ways in which business may revamp or overhaul the security protocols. One method is by asking the services of some private security services. Private security once, was something which was reserved only for larger companies or one's who fabulously rich. Both of what many are not. Today, however, all private securities have a different meaning than what it had in the past.

Some private security firms for many homes and businesses are simply a service which monitors and responds to all the details of the problems rather than some live guards who may actually monitor and also secure the on site property. Many private security firms will have employees in some centralized location which monitor alarm systems, video cameras and both of these from a central location and also respond to all emergencies and also potential problems depending upon the protocols which includes the service agreement which drawn up and all the specifications and needs of the business and / or home owner in any situation.

All these private security concerns many time monitor many homes and also alarm systems at the same time so the amount of care and supervision is not that much as it might be with security staff on-site but the money involved, since you are essentially sharing some service with many other businesses and home is very much reduced over what would be the payment for some private on-site security. There are many differences in both of these types of security which must be told.

On-site private security service keeps our property safe. They make it sure that everything should be nice and should be tightly locked and safe from trespassers and invaders. They would monitor people entering and leaving the properties and sometimes might even carry arms during their duty in order to give an extra protection layer. If you hire some on-site security service you've the ultimate talk so in who's employed and must be fully known about any criminal activities in past (as you'd probably do a full background check) they might have. You'll pay more for these types of services but depending on your needs or business or family, which might often be a price which is worth paying, if you feel that your business or family might be at some risk for any unknown reason.

Some specific private security firms which service multiple house and business security may hire workers who are ready to work for even low wages and often possess questionable pasts. Unfortunately you'll never get the final say over who may respond to your phone calls or looks up your house. All these concerns have very limited people who are stretched fairly thin adding to very high turnover prices. You should be willing to accept the guy they would send or risk remitting the price of having the police to respond to some false alarms. For many people this might be a risk which is not worth doing while others may perfectly will take the risk for the security.

Carefully see the differences given above while making the final decision as whether or not to take a private firm would be the best ever decision for the requirements of your business or home. Regardless of the selection you make, possessing someone who watches over our home business when you're not around for doing it's worthless luxury which has become very much affordable for the normal household or some small business while it comes to be secure.

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Private Security Services for Celebrities

Private Security Agencies play an important role in providing security services to celebrities including world fame politicians, film starts, and renamed person from arts, fashion and sports world. Life of these celebrities are always on risk, because they always have a risk of being eaten by either their enemies or criminals and even by their huge fan following from all over the world. These celebrities really have to forget the dream of having a normal social life. They can not even breathe in open air, so to release some worries that they hire services of Private Security Agencies.

Private security agencies really understand the need of their exclusive set of celebrity clients and providers specifically customized services for them. These services includes well trained and experienced security guards, a Security Manager taking care of the security level of these celebrities while on social gathering or while on move. These security guards not only cover the security of the property owned by celebrities but also their life and family. In fact, celebrities and their bodyguards became complimentary to each other. One can see these expert and attentive Body Guards employed by celebrities on News channels and photographs taken by press.

Privacy and Security on Move Concerns for Celebrities

Privacy is a much talked about need for celebrity, because worldwide huge fan following makes it tough for celebrities to roam around the world in open air without a circle of Security Guards. To provide some personal space and privacy to their celebrity clientele, Security Service provider agencies generally have a specially designed vehicle to transport them. These means of transport includes in built bullet proof glass and body to protect them from sudden external attacks.

Favorite Vehicle's Celebrities

Limousines are a favorite of different security service provider companies because they are not only visits celebrities due to its extra sense of style, luxury, comfort as well as required necessary level of privacy. They really love to travel with style, luxury and total comfort while on move. Privacy provided by Limousines help them keeping themselves apart from Media, journalists, photographers and paparazzi. They provide extra bit of privacy when these celebrity travel with their family members and or spouse or girlfriend.

Private Security Agencies and Private Military Agencies really try a lot to provide as much as possible better service delivery to these specific clients to attract more and more clients to their services.

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Private Security Industry in United States

Private Security Industry in United States

The Private Security Industry is one of the fastest growing industry in US, public panic over crime after September 11 incident and rise of several criminal and militia groups in all over the world helped this industry in booming more in less time period. Currently Private Security Industry is spending more money and recruiting more security guards than public police forces around the country.

According to the estimates and financial studies, total expenditure on private security was around $ 52 billion, compared to $ 30 billion in expenditure on public police forces in the year 1990. There were more than 10,000 private security companies engaged in Private Security Services, and they employed around 1.5 million guards, which is nearly three times of 554,000 state and local police officers. This industry which collects bills as profits is growing rapidly. There was an estimation that the number of private security guards providing their services will reach to 2 million by the year 2000.

Private Security guards employed by Private Security Agencies can be seen everywhere, patrolling shopping malls, workplaces, apartment buildings and neighborhoods. The rapid growth of massive private shopping malls, and steady shrinkage of public shopping streets along with the change in shopping trends of people are also helping factor in booming and flourishing these private security agencies. Even Government is taking services of Private Security Agencies to ensure security on highly congested public places such as New York City's Grand Central Station. Many municipalities are planning to cut their operating costs further by hiring private security people to work with ambulance services, parking enforcement, as well as to watch over crime scenes and transport prisoners.

Urbanization, modernization and capitalization in United States also encourages the need of solid security systems. Government policing system was not enough to serve this huge demand of security staff and armed personnel's, so that led to more and more increase in number of security guards recruitment and helped Security Agencies in emerging more revenues. The case was not only applicable to large government installations or private organization and places of social gatherings. The security agencies used to get several requests and queries regarding protection of private property and persons. Several wealthy people started taking services of private security agencies and guards employed by them in security of their permanent properties, as well as for protection of their own life.

In brief, it was beginning of another era in history of Homeland Security in United States. The trend of having private security guards is becoming more and more popular, which will ensure better employment services and targeting opportunities for Army veterans, providing a chance to earn them for their own bread and butter.

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Private Security – An Overview of the Different Types of Services Offered by Most Security Firms

Private security is something that has been around for a very long time (in one form or another). Though we would like to think that we live in a world that allows for safety from personal harm, theft, or vandalism, the facts show us otherwise. Crime rates are higher than they have ever been and criminals are becoming much more daring and ruthless in their desperate attempts.

There truly is a security service for virtually anything you would ever imagine. What I will do here is go over the major services that are offered by most private security firms.

Starting from the top:

1. Personal Security

This service is typically used for celebrities, corporate executives, high profile individuals, and dignitaries. Personal security is geared toward protecting a single individual. In most cases, persons of this type are most interested in hiring armed security agents (A.K.A Body Guards)

2. Executive Security

Executive level security services are geared toward protecting a group of high profile individuals. Typically, executive protection services are employed by a group of corporate or business professionals who might be traveling overseas or entering into a potentially sticky situation.

3. Event Security

Event security is among the top level services provided by security firms. This service deals with providing extremely savvy protection agents to monitor and secure small to large events. These events can range from small business parties to large political speeches.

Here I have listed only the top 3 types of private security services available. Most firms are willing to tailor fit their services to meet your specific needs. Nearly all of the security firms across the world are well versed in a vast array of situations and most of these companies only hire off-duty (or retired) police officers and military personnel. The reason for this is that men who come from backgrounds such as these have been very well trained in the areas necessary to provide the absolute best security service possible.

It would come highly recommended for you to do your due diligence when looking to hire one of these agencies. As of late, the vast majority of these firms are available online and you can contact them for interviews.

In conclusion, I hope that this article has been helpful and I send my regards in your endeavor for a private security agency.

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The Basic Need of a Private Security Officer

A security officer is a privately-employed person who is appointed to protect privately-owned property and/or people. A security officer is generally uniformed and acts to protect property by maintaining a high visibility presence and observing for signs of crime, fire or disorder and taking actions for the same.

The motto of a security officer is to “detect, take actions and report”. An officer generally do not make any arrests, but has the authority to make a citizens arrest. In some parts of United States, security officers are invested with arresting powers like those of a county sheriff. In contrast to the above mentioned motto, a Private Security Officer’s actual primary duty is prevention of crime.

Security officers are often trained to perform arrests, operate emergency equipments, perform first aids, take accurate notes, write effective reports and perform other tasks as required by the property they are protecting.

In case of Armed Security Officers (or Private Police Officers), they are required to go through additional training mandated by the state for carrying weapons.

The access control to building entrances can be handed over to security officers. They will ensure that employees and visitors display proper passes or identification before entering the facility. Security officers are often called upon to respond to minor emergencies and to assist in serious emergencies by guiding emergency responders to the scene of the incident and documenting what happened on an incident report.

Security officers are classified as either of the following:

  • In-House
  • Contract
  • Public Security or Security Police
  • Private Patrol Officers
  • Private Police Officers

Security Personnel can be classified into three basic classes:

  • Security Guards: These uniformed personnel are solely responsible for the protection of properties and do not have a responsibility for anything other than basic visibility and reporting.
  • Security Officers: These personnel are also uniformed and are primarily responsible for the protection of lives, property and public peace on private property.
  • Security Agents: These personnel, usually without a uniform, are primarily contracted or employed with a focus on apprehension rather than prevention on private property.

Since the laws regarding the limitations of powers generally have to do with public law enforcement, private security officers are relatively free to utilize non-traditional means to protect and serve their clients’ interests.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Private Security Companies for Businesses

So you have started your very own business and in order to keep it up and running without the fear of security threats, you must hire a protective company. Now the main dilemma when it comes to hiring protective companies is whether to opt for private security companies or whether to build an in house security team. If your business is relatively new and you don’t have enough capital to start your own in house security department for your company, here are some pros and cons of hiring private security companies.

Cost Effectiveness of Hiring Private Security Companies

One of the biggest advantages you can get from hiring a protective company is that you can save a hefty amount of money. You won’t have to place ads in the newspaper for security guards so no advertising fee has to be paid. You won’t have to hire training professionals to train the security guards you hire because they will already have adequate training and special skills taught to them by their agency. Administration costs associated with retaining the protective guards will be zero because that will already be handled by the private security agency.

So basically, you won’t have to worry about administrative costs, hiring and training costs and advertisement costs. You will be amazed by the amount you will have saved in just one year of hiring a private security company rather than building a security team of your own.

Flexibility by Hiring Private Security Officers on Contract Basis

Another golden advantage you get by hiring officers from reputed security agencies is flexibility. You can increase or decrease the number of security officials on duty as you please. You can choose to terminate a security guard without the need of a policy write up or employee union issues. This is another advantage you get when you hire security guards on contractual basis from security agencies. If you don’t like the quality of service being provided to you by the agency, you can simply opt out of the contract without making any additional payments or fines.

Lack of Commitment Can Become an Issue

A major downside to hiring guards is that they lack commitment towards your business. Private security guards hired on contract basis tend to have a carefree attitude towards serving a third party employer. This is because they don’t get to enjoy the same benefits that career employees due which cause a feeling of resentment towards the employer.

High Employee Turnover Rate

Another problem you might face when hiring an agency is the high turnover rate of employees. Most contractual officers leave their jobs to become career employees. This happens due to the low salary packages that are offered to them by security agencies. There are no promotions given so basically, it is a dead end job with little or no improvement.

When hiring a private security agency, you may want to consider these pros and cons.But there are some good private security agencies that provide clients with the highest level of security like Eagle Protective Group, Inc.

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