Playing and Collecting Board Games

Playing and Collecting Board Games

I guess my interest in board games started during the World Cup draw in 1965. I had gone to stay with one of my Cousins ​​back home in the east end of London, my parents having moved to Surrey 4 years before. It was early January and we were near the end of the school holidays. I'd seen West Ham play once over the holiday period and all the presents had been stacked away in cupboards, most of which were never to see the light of day again.

Boredom set in so we decided to tackle Monopoly (a Christmas present), we were twelve years old then. I guess twelve year olds nowdays have more alternatives for passing away winter afternoons during school holidays. Anyways we played loads of games of Monopoly; we were both competitive but good losers (comes with being a West Ham supporter).

On my return home to Surrey I rushed out and bought a copy of Monopoly with vouchers I got for Christmas plus Spy Ring and Formula One. Games were not that popular in those days, apart from the annual airing at Christmas, I loved them dearly but nobody else was interested in my group of friends.
Some years later I bought a copy of Diplomacy and soon entered the postal gaming hobby; this must have been in about 1973/4. The amateur magazines ('zines) were excellent; Although postal gaming is long winded it was sometimes the only way to experience the less well known games especially if you lived in an area where there was a lack of opponents.

In 1975 I developed a game called Cricketboss, this was a casual Cricket Management game very loosely based on Soccerboss (Commercial game) that was running by post at that time. The game ran for three seasons in a 'zine called Chimera and also spawned a number of versions of the game across the national postal gaming hobby (long after I finished running it). Even now its gets the occasional mention in dispatches some 25 years after it's' design.

In 1978 I met a number of like-minded people and we all met regularly to play board games. At the same time I infiltrated a Dungeons & Dragons Club (not a great fan I'm afraid) got myself elected secretary and then started to introduce fantasy board games into the meetings, soon I had them playing Sorcerers Cave, Mystic Wood etc. When I eventually left the group they played little D & D but a lot of board games.

During the 80's the games collection great, well past the 500 by 1988 when we moved to Hampshire. By the time we got to Cornwall in 1991 the collection exceeded 1,000. The house we purchased had to have enough room to store them all.

1980 – 1995 saw a number to the major games conventions. I remember the good old days at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London, when Games Day meant more than just D & D and painted figures. I remember meeting Major Pat Reid promoting Colditz, Alan Parr inventor of United and later Fireside Football, Andrew Neil the Inventor of Kingmaker and Maureen Hiron of Quadwrangle and Continuo fame. I attended Midcon, Manorcon and Baycon; organized by the postal gaming hobby, all still going strong and always well worth a visit.

I continue to collect games, mostly but not exclusively German and play games and I play with a small group of gamers in Truro. We meet semi regularly but hopefully more regularly in the future to play board games. Personally it's a great opportunity to blow the dust off many games previously retired to my loft. Hopefully we will inspire more people in Cornwall to sample the unique experience of playing competitive board games which stretch the mind and imagination far beyond my and most other people's early experiences of Monopoly, Cluedo and Scrabble.

Source by Bill Dove

Playing with Stuffed Toys: Is it Good for my Kid?

Most kids enjoy playing with stuffed toys for a wide variety of reasons. Some like them because they are cuddly and adorable while other kids are fascinated by their bright and striking colors. Parents cannot help but feel happy when they see the delight in their child’s face when playing with stuffed toys such as large stuffed animals. However, there have been some questions about the beneficial effects of stuffed toys to children. Some parents are concerned if playing with stuffed toys is good for children. This article seeks not only to answer this issue but also to enlighten parents about stuffed toys.

Studies have shown that stuffed toys have positive effects on a child’s development. Stuffed animals that make squeaking noises can grab a baby’s attention and enhance his auditory skills. These toys, which come in brilliant and dazzling colors, can surely hone your child’s visual and color discrimination skills. As your baby grows up to become an active toddler, these toys can be used to engage him in peek-a-boo or other kinds of interactive games. Toddlers and older children also use stuffed toys for imaginative pretend plays, puppet theaters, role-play acting and other activities that cultivate the creative imagination and language skills. Of course, while stuffed animals make great toys, you should never use them as a substitute for parental participation.

While playing with these toys is natural for little girls, some parents find it questionable if it is all right for little boys to play with stuffed toys. The fact is there is nothing wrong with boys playing with stuffed creatures. Stuffed animals would teach them a great deal of information about animals, with your help of course. When it comes to other kinds of stuffed toys, a little boy can play with them and pretend that he is like his dad tending to his children. There is nothing effeminate about this because he is only imitating the role of his father.

It is also important to note that stuffed toys should not be given to babies until they are well able to sit up. If not, this may pose a hazard to your infant and should never be placed in your child’s crib. Moreover, you have to ensure the safety of the stuffed toy; otherwise, you cannot really say that playing with these toys would be good for your little one. Stuffed toys should not have small parts that can be plucked out or pulled off, and pose as a choking hazard. The fabric of the toy should be made of nontoxic and flame retardant materials. There should be no strings and cords attached that can accidentally strangle your kid.

Stuffed toys can play an important role in the development of your child’s emotional and mental skills. They hone the creative imagination, interaction, communication, social skills, and other aspects that are necessary for his progress. Just make sure that you choose safe, suitable, and age-appropriate toys that would be a nice addition to his toy collection.

Source by Sarah B. Sharpe

The Hobby Of Playing Games Online

A lot of people all over the world are playing these online games more and more. These games give so much pleasure while playing on-line that they have captivated everyones attention. These games are so cool that everyone wants to play them at any time? When one is completely exhausted after working for so long at the school or the work place would like to take it light by playing some games. Playing fun games will definitely take your mind off of the stress.

There are so many online games to choose from and there are different ones that will suit every age, there are even games for babies to play with the help of their parent. Most of the kids simply love to play their favorite cartoon characters presented by so many cartoon channels websites. It is fun for them because they can use their imaginations which make them feel as though they are really in the game. The kids games are created in such a way that kids of any age will be able to play it very easily. Sometimes they have kids test the games out before they submit them and let a child of the ideal age play the game so that they know for sure that it is fun and easy enough for that particular age.

The arcade games are played alike by the kids and adults. They were really meant to play by children, but adults nowadays enjoy them just as much, and there have been some modifications made to make the levels of arcade games more challenging for adults to play. Every person has knowledge about the Pac Man game and is one of the most sought after ones. Pac Man is a little yellow circle with a cut out mouth, which resembles a missing slice of pizza, chases around different color ghosts as he eats little pellets throughout the maze. There is no one who does not enjoy playing it as it is very spine tingling and awesome. As all the players need to save themselves from being eaten by the ghosts they are too tensed.

Mario and Super Mario Bros is another worldwide popular on-line flash game that many love to play. It first came out on a game system called Nintendo. The games became so popular that the game creators had to even create online versions. It is mostly the teenagers and the kids that are more drawn towards playing the online Mario flash games. The Mario and Super Mario game has caught the admiration of everyone as it is so easy to play and the characters are simply lovable.

One of the first games to get played were arcade games. There are game terminals even at a laundry mat or at the pool hall where there are screens with controllers to play the game. You have pay about twenty five cents to be able to play games like Pac Man Mario Tetris Puzzle games and more. Arcade games also lets game enthusiasts play the game even when they are in public places or are in their daily routine. You can still find arcade games at birthday party celebration places and some theme parks.

Source by Shristy Chandran