Scrapbooking for Cash: Can You Make Money Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking for Cash: Can You Make Money Scrapbooking?

If you have images of sitting in a gorgeous scrapbooking room, surrounded by all the latest tools and supplies, creating gorgeous layouts for which you are paid scads of money … well, let me be blunt and say that image will probably stay only in your dreams. The reality is that yes, you can make money scrapbooking, but it's not as easy as just creating the pages YOU want, on your schedule.

There are many paths to making money scrapbooking. As with any business, it's easier to make a little bit of extra walking-around money, and much more difficult to make enough to send your kids to Harvard, or even the local community college. But do not let that dissuade you; If you are passionate about scrapbooking and are willing to start looking at it as a business instead of a hobby, you can start earning a paycheck.

Here are the main ways you can make money through your scrapbooking:

1. Selling something. You can sell page kits, completed layouts or albums, or scrapbooking supplies. Whether you attend holiday craft shows, open your own scrapbook store, become a consultant, or sell your wares through eBay, etsy, or your own website, you're basically in the retail business. People come to you for completed pages, albums, or scrapbook supplies.

2. Teaching someone. You know that old saying, "Those who can not do, teach?" Well, not in scrapbooking! If you're a talented scrapbooker with a knack for instructing others, you can find a home teaching independently, as an instructor at your local scrapbook store or big-box craft store, or online.

3. Host events . If you're a great organizer, maybe you can find your niche in the scrapbooking market by hosting scrapbook-related events, such as meet-and-greets, networking events, trade shows, or crop nights. By serving as the administrator, others pay you to take care of the details.

4. Scrapbooking on demand. Some people just love to scrapbook, whether it's with their own photos or someone else's. If that describes you, you might make a perfect for-hire scrapbooker. Individuals or businesses can hire you to create scrapbooks on their behalf, with their photos and stories. And scrapbooking supplies manufacturers often have design teams where you create sample projects and layouts for them, with their new products.

5. Publishing your pages. "Getting published" is what most people think of when they first think about getting paid to scrapbook. Unfortunately, with the closing of many scrapbooking publications, the opportunities to see your scrapbook layouts on the cover of a magazine are few and far between. And even if you do get published, you may be compensated in product instead of cold, hard cash. All the same, some talented designers do make several hundred dollars a month by becoming regulars in magazines.

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Plus Size Clothing – Shop Online and Get More For Your Money

Having a plus sized figure can be a bummer when shopping for clothes. It's hard enough finding a store that sells good plus size clothing; it's much harder with all the nasty looks and jeers coming your way from ill-mannered people while browsing for a great pair of jeans or a pretty blouse. In this aspect of life as a plus sized person, men have it easier than women. Shopping for plus size clothing can sometimes be a chore, especially if you consider the hassles associated with it like actually chasing upon a boutique that offers plus size apparel, not to mention having to contend with rude comments about your figure that does nothing to boost self -esteem. Guys are evidently oblivious to this dilemma; it's the gals who have a hard time. Maintaining an air of dignity while moving around a shop in search of plus size clothing is difficult. The reasons for this is the fact that not all boutiques have plus sizes and that some people will forever perceive you and everyone else who has a plus sized figure as oddities. Men are more foster than women in this regard as they tend to be bulkier and often disregarding disparaging remarks.

If this scenario happens to you often, it is time to rethink your shopping habits and regain a bit of the self-confidence you have lost. Before you devise new ways to shop without getting noticed, however, do some mental exercises first and convince yourself that plus size does not necessarily mean unattractive. In a similar vein, plus size clothing can be fashionable if you know how to dress to impress. You will know whenever the moment is ripe for a change in shopping customs when you start to feel uncomfortable in dropping by plus size shops. I know you are anxious to find alternatives to shopping for plus size clothing at the near mall, but before you do, consider confidence-boosting measures such as accepting that your being plus size is tantamount to unsexiness. It helps if you view plus size clothes as stylish and functional at the same time. Have you made up your mind against browsing for plus size clothing at the mall? It's understandable. Prior to taking drastic steps to regain your composition and completely ignore the desire to shop, you may want to rethink the way you look at yourself by realizing that plus size does not equal repulsive. Take this new mantra and apply it to plus size clothes, that they are chic, especially when worn by the new you.

Are you dying to scratch that shopping itch? Hie off to the nearest plus size specialty shop, or better yet, boot up the computer and purchase your plus size clothing on the Internet. If you choose to shop online, there are a few things you should first consider. First, using a tape measure, take measurements of your body. Do not forget to jot down the figures as you may need to refer to them when checking for available sizes. Now that you are set on the right path, make haste to your favorite plus size store and shop till you drop. If you still feel awkward about setting foot in a shop to look around for plus size clothing, try your luck online. Should you decide to hit the virtual clothes racks, first assess your body's dimensions with the aid of a measuring tape. Take down the details on a notepad so you can cross check them with the size of clothes you plan to buy. When you are done with initial steps in boosting your confidence, it's time to head out and face the world. Check out what plus size clothing at the first shop you pass by. If shopping in a crowded mall is not your thing, you could turn to the World Wide Web for your construction. Do not drop that dress into your virtual cart just yet. Since you can not fit any of the plus size clothes you are viewing online, it is a good idea to take your measurements and let them serve as a guide for your intended purchase.

Remember that clothes sizes vary per manufacturer, so do not get bogged down by the difference in figures. This is the reason behind taking exact body measurements prior to shopping. It matters not what size you get. What is important is you feel good wearing that plus size clothing you just bought. Bear in mind that sizes of clothes made by one plus size clothing maker may differ from those manufactured by another which is why it is important to first take stock of your vital statistics. In the end, when you have decided on what clothes to purchase, what is more crucial than size is how they make you feel. Keep in mind the most essential factor in choosing clothes to purchase: Comfort. If you are comfortable with the clothes you are wearing, it does not matter if it's plus size clothing or those that reed-thin models strut down the catwalk in. Of course, it is also important that clothes fit, making the task of measuring your torso and limbs a priority.

Aside from a degree of anonymity, shopping online gives you a wider variety and a better price range. Make sure to canvass first by visiting as many sites that offer plus size clothing as possible. Since some online stores frequently put up their products on sale, it is recommended you subscribe to their newsletters so you will not miss out on any good offers. Remaining inconspicuous is just one of the perks of online shopping. Another benefit is the opportunity to browse through the largest collection of plus size clothing on the planet. It is recommended that you check out as many sites as you can as online apparel shops go on sale during off peak seasons. One way to keep tabs on these inventory sales is through email newsletters and subscriptions. A great way to shop for plus size clothing is to go on the Internet and rifle through dozens of onlinealls. Chances are you will come across good bargains, and have ample time and privacy to go about the business of selecting the best clothing styles. With most online stores offering to send updates on discounts and promos, you should avail of newsletter subscriptions.

The final but certainly not the least important tip for online clothes shopping is to check the store's return policy. Although a majority of e-stores have significant policies for accepting the return of goods, it's still a good idea to read the fine print. The last pointer I can give you this: review an online shop's return procedures prior to purchasing any plus size clothes you fancy. Despite the fact that stores, even those based solely on the Internet, are required by law to admit and replace goods bought from them, it is good practice to examine regulations aimed at protecting consumers. In closing, I will leave you with a noteworthy advice. Make a habit out of inspecting the return practices of the online merchant from whom you plan to buy goods. This tip may save you from headaches when you find out that the plus size clothes you have just bought does not fit or looks very different from the images you've seen on the website.

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Teen Jobs – 5 Unique Ways to Make Money For Teens

Teen Jobs – 5 Unique Ways to Make Money For Teens

Is McDonald’s and Burger King the only teen jobs around? Not by a long shot. If you want to average more than $10 dollars an hour, choose your own hours, and have some fun besides… then read on!

Here are 5 unique teen jobs to make money:

1) Article Writing

Do you know how many websites there are? Millions! The internet is definitely the business way of the future. One of the best (and cheapest) ways for website owners to drive more customers to their websites for Free is to write and submit articles.

But business owners are busy people and may not have the time or desire to write articles. That’s where you come in! You can offer to write articles (about 400-500 words) for small website owners. Usually you can get paid $10-20 dollars per article.

Some of the article directories I’ve had the most success with is:

EzineArticles (of course!),


Can you guess the best part about writing articles for cash? You can do it from anywhere, any time. No more ugly uniforms or stinky shifts.

2)Taking Online Surveys

You won’t make millions filling out surveys but it is an easy way to make some quick cash. Companies will pay you to fill out brief surveys or try their products.

They want to pick your brain on what you like and what you don’t like!

One of the best and fastest growing paid survey sites is Cash Crate. It doesn’t cost a dime to sign up and you can start making money right away. But here’s a warning: Set up a separate email account because you’ll start getting an avalanche of spam.

3) Cleaning Up After People’s Pets

You’ve probably heard about pet sitting or walking dogs, right? Well, this is a new twist.

I own a condominium complex and I hire a local teen to pick up doggie do once a week. It takes less than an hour for $15. It may not be the most glamourous job, but a pooper scooper makes it easy to do, and you never run out of work!

This service is especially handy in colder climates. As the snow melts, there’s lots of business opportunities!

4) Washing, Waxing, or Car Detailing People’s Cars in Their Driveway or at Work

I don’t know how it happened…

But my cat accidentally got locked in the van overnight. I can’t tell you how horrible the smell is! I would pay big money for someone else to clean up the mess.

This is a great way for high school teens or college students to make money. You could even advertise with local businesses and shine up their cars in the parking lot while they work.

5) Sell Hand-Made Items on Etsy

This is my favorite way for teens to make money. And I just recently heard about it!

It reminds me of how eBay works, but it’s for hand-made items. So if you have a knack for making anything… from furniture to baked goods to dog collars – then you can sell them on this site.

They have over a million visitors looking to buy. It’s free to join but it costs.30 cents to list items and a 3.5% sales tax on sold items.

Works for me! These are just a few ways to make money as teen jobs.

Source by Sonja Mishek

Collectible Action Figures – Is About Fun Memories And More Money

Superhero action figures first stormed the doors of department stores and toy stores nearly 35 years ago. Constructed of various kinds of plastic and clothed in uniforms, costumes and capes GI Joe, Superman, Spiderman, the Lone Ranger and others marched, flew and rode off store shelves and into our lives. After short stops under the Christmas tree or at birthday parties, these action figures found their way into toy boxes and playrooms around the world.

These action figures did their superhero work of incredible feats, saving scores of lives and neutralizing villains. They accomplished these heroic deeds on lazy summer afternoon and rainy Saturday mornings in front of the TV set. Too often, they also needed our help after school when we were supposed to be doing homework.

These superheroes were always our friends and they helped us through our childrens. They taught us to share, to value friendships and that good will triumph over evil. Perhaps, most importantly, they extended our imaginations and made us believe that anything was possible. These mighty action figures were invincible to everything but time. Time finally did them in. Or did it?

For more and more people, these action figures are returning to superhero status. The Star Trek crew along with Power Rangers, the Star Wars characters and transformers are popping up in offices, dens and family rooms everywhere. These action figures have become collectibles.

The most popular of these action figures include GI Joe, Captain Action, the Six Million Dollar Man, the Lone Ranger and the Mego line of action figures. These include characters from Super Heroes, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, Happy Days, CHIPs, Monsters and others. There were literally hundreds of different action figures produced during the decades of the '70s and' 80s.

The action figures come in different sizes. Just as with other collectibles, size, condition, original popularity and whether or not the figure is available now available all come together to determine price. Prices are all over the board. Some of these figures have been known to sell for thousands of dollars. Others go for a few hundred. Most are in the $ 10 to $ 100 range.

Action Figures Make Great Collectibles

How do you know what to pay? There are a number of sources for current price information for these action figures. One important source is toy magazines such as "Toyfare" and "Lee's Action Figure News". There are also dozens of websites that have pricing information. More good sources are the online auction sites, such as eBay.

The auction websites are also great places to buy these action figures. Numbers of these toys are sold on these sites every day. You can determine the condition, see what other people are bidding and then make a bid. The top online auctions are safe places to do business.

These action figures crop up in other places as well, just waiting for the opportunity to march into your collection. You can find them in flea markets and sometimes in antique shops. You can buy them from other collectors, at garage sales and estate auctions. There are dozens of toy shows around the country where dealers and individuals buy and sell collections.

You will find these action figure toys in every conceivable condition from mint in the box condition to pieces of the original toy. There is a rating system to help collectors determine condition that runs from condition C-1 through C-10. The very best condition is mint in box or mint on card. These toys are in the original box or bubble wrap card. They are in exactly the same condition today as the day they were first packaged. They are, of course, the most valuable.

One of the first steps in collecting action figures is to decide which toys to collect. A good place to start is with your favorites when you were a kid. Collections will be more valuable if you have complete sets. For example, you might build a collection of a complete set of the Marvel Comics heroes. Part of the fun is putting these collections together – acquiring hard-to-find figures in a set.

The next step is taking care of your collection of action figures. If you are lucky enough to find a toy sealed in the original box or package, leave it in the box. Do not open it. Display your toys on a shelf or in a cabinet where they will be kept dry, out of direct sunlight. You will also need to keep these toys above the reach of your own youngsters. They will be just as tempted to play with them as you were.

Finally, enjoy your collection. Owning these action figure superheroes will bring back many of the wonderful feelings of those carefree days before mortgage payments and college tuition bills. The dollar value of your collection is reasonably secondary to assembling the collection and enjoying its aesthetic value. Even so, your collection will almost certainly become more valuable in time, especially if you can assemble entire sets.

These action figure superheroes are reminders of your childhood and will serve to tell your children and grandchildren a little about whom you are and how you learned that good triumphs over evil. Somehow it is comforting to know that Superman, GI Joe and the Lone Ranger are still fighting crime and saving lives.

Source by Royce Armstrong

How to Earn Money with Inflatable Toys

How to Earn Money with Inflatable Toys

Do you want to earn extra income? You can make substantial amount of money with inflatable bouncers. In fact, a lot of people have already become very successful with it. Inflatable bouncers are the life-size balloon toys shaped like playgrounds, castles, or playhouses commonly seen in them parks like Disneyland.

If you still can not picture how those colorful toys can make you rich, consider these facts:

1. Inflatable bouncers are in demand for parties

Every kid wants their birthday party to be special. And nothing else would make it unique other than a price or princess-themed birthday party complete with costumes and a huge, inflatable castle. All other kids coming to the party would certainly please your son or daughter. And as a parent, you will feel proud because you are able to give your child the best birthday party ever.

If you own one inflatable castle bouncer, you can advertise it in the local newspaper for rentals. Doing that would provide all doting parents out there the opportunity to give their sons and daughters the best party in the neighborhood, complete with inflatable castles and the works, without having to spend so much. You'll see that your inflatable toy's schedule will be full in no time!

2. Inflatable bouncers are a hit in halls, parks, and playgrounds

Have you ever rounded up the amusement section of a mall and see how many kids are enjoying inside an interactive inflatable bouncer? If you have, then you should have an idea as to how you can earn good money with this product. Just invest on one functional inflatable toy and set it up in places where there is lots of foot traffic. Whenever children see your inflatable playground, they will certainly ask them mom to let them play. And that's when you charge them with an hourly rate. You can also give the parents the option to leave their child under your care as they go about shopping around the mall. That's an added advantage for you!

3. Inflatable Bouncers Buy and Sell

If generating sales were your strongest trait, then you do not have to worry about creative business ideas just like the ones listed above. You can very well stick to the basics and sell inflatable bouncers to interested people. You can do this business both online or offline. You can apply either as a reseller or as an online affiliate of these toys. Just contact a dealer and strike a lucrative deal with them. By doing so, you will be able to get a good percentage for every sale completed through your marketing efforts. This business opportunity requires little or absolutely no investment at all on your part.

Inflatable bouncers are not only good sources of enjoyment for kids. It can also provide you with good income on the side. If you do it right, you can determine the income you want to earn right there and then. But more importantly, you can set the time of the day or week you want to work. It's your business and you are your own boss anyway.

Inflatable toys are educational, entertaining, and interactive playthings that appeal to both children and adults. One set comes with everything you need: pump, repair tool, accessories, and appendages. The designs come in all shape and forms too so you will definitely find the one perfect for your business. Give this opportunity a try. It might just be all you need to succeed!

Source by Mike Kay

Make Money on Ebay – First it was my Hobby-Now it's my Business!

One of the challenges that is faced by those who want to make money on eBay is associated with the continuous growth of their business. It is taking a part time business and moving to higher sales levels. It is absolutely moving from part time to full time sales levels.

Every seller must find their own market niche before making efforts to grow their business. Look for a niche where there is already a level of knowledge about the niche and the products within the niche. Be sure you also like what you are doing. While it is fun to make money on eBay it is even more fun to invest your time and effort in something that you really enjoy while making money. Find products in your niche that offer you the potential to make a higher profit on every sale. In fact the higher the profit per item the better candidate that item should be to you.

To build sales means that you must build the options for getting those sales. Become committed to listing more products. While it is likely that there are many other things drawing at you during this time in the development of your business, this must be a priority. Without listings there will be no sales. If there are not sales you can not make money on eBay.

Building sales is much easier with a solid customer base. While there are millions and millions of prospective buyers on eBay, having a base of satisfied customers makes growing your business a lot easier. Treat every customer as the gold that they are to you in your efforts to make money on eBay.

Open an eBay store. Often if you have an auction for a larger item and sell accessories that are lower priced in your eBay store, buyers who win the auction for the larger item want to buy accessories. Even buyers who did not win your auction might have taken the time to look through your eBay store and found either an accessory that they fell in love with or you were lower priced so they still buy these accessories from you.

Do not forget to promptly ship items that have sold. Your eBay Buyers are looking for instant delivery after payment has been made. Do not make them wait.

To your eBay success!

Source by Bob Hamilton

Making Money – Get Paid to Refer

Making Money – Get Paid to Refer

Sounds simple, making money by getting paid to refer, but is it really possible to make money by just referring people. Well the simple answer is yes you can. I came across this about 18 months ago and have been slowly but steadily seeing my earnings from it grow.

We all actually play a part in this chain. I'll give you an example:

Not so long ago I was spending a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook seeing what my buddies were up to, when one of them stated that they managed all their social profiles as well as all their email addresses in one easy desktop application called Digsby. I thought that was a pretty smart idea so I downloaded the free software and now use Digsby for handling all my social networking accounts.

Now even though I did not have to pay for Digsby my buddy who referred me was able to make money by referring me, so he was 'paid to refer', and there are 1000's of really useful software tools like that you can get paid from forseeing. Also there is a digital information warehouse that you can join for free, make money get paid to refer any of the 10'000's of the products and services that you refer of their. People can download whatever they buy straight way and you get paid money for referring them straight away too.

I know people who make 1000's a month getting paid to refer, and the ones that do not are the ones who think they are there to sell, selling does not work it's as simple as finding a group of people really eager for a solution say one on "how to train Labrador puppies" and then referring the to a digital product at ClickBank to solve their problems, it's a win win situation.

The best place to learn how to 'make money money paid to refer' is from the someone who does it every day, well the people who do it every day are called affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketers get paid a commission on everything they refer and it does not stop with digital downloadable products either, you can take a look at company's like Commission Junction, Linkshare or even Amazon just to name a few, and make money getting paid to refer tangible goods of all kinds, it really just depends on what your into.

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Article Writing – Make Money with Your Writing Hobby

Article Writing – Make Money with Your Writing Hobby

Writing articles have become a very profitable home-based business. This is especially good for people who love to write and wants to earn money while enjoying as well. A lot of web developers have a need for ghostwriters to write their web content for them. So this is potentially a big income generator for those who prefer to work at home. If you're planning to be a writer yourself, here are some tips to get you started.

Try joining different writing websites. There are a lot of websites that facilitates transactions for freelancer writers and companies that needs writers. In these sites, you get to bid for different writing projects along with other service providers like you. The key to getting projects from these sites when you're just starting up is by bidding with small amounts. Later on, when you get good reviews, you can easily increase your article's value.

You can also build your own website. You can showcase the services you offer and include some of your sample works in it. If you do this, the only challenge for you would be to generate traffic to your website. You can do that by utilizing SEO marketing and online advertising.

There are a lot of other ways that you can do to earn from articles you have written. Join forums to be updated with the latest news about article writing. You can get to ask questions there to other people who can help you on if ever you can encounter any problems along the way. So enjoy writing and learning!

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Generate Extra Income: 3 Super Easy Ways To Make Money With Your Hobby

Generate Extra Income: 3 Super Easy Ways To Make Money With Your Hobby

One of the greatest things in life is the ability to enjoy your hobby. I mean really enjoy your hobby to the point where you do not know how the time flew by so fast. Whether your hobby is raising horses, or beading jewelry, or decorating homes, they all can bring so much fun and pleasure into our lives.

Is not that true? Well, I'm going to share a little secret with you in this article. You can not only take great interest and pleasure in your crafts and hobbies, but the internet has opened the doors to many, many, opportunities to generate extra income from it as well. That's what we're going to be taking a look at here.

Make money method 1: If you happen to land on a website online in the hobby of your desire that is selling a product, more than likely it will have a follow – up series for buyers. This is to let them know of any upcoming products and specials they can later purchase. Now, you can cash in here by getting paid to write these email / autoresponder series for the merchant. All you'd need to do is let them know your service by emailing their customer service desk.

Make money method 2: There are many people online who are in search of buying information websites – (this is a website containing 10 or more well written articles). They're too busy to create it themselves and would be more than happy to pay you for it. If you have a knack for the technical stuff and you happen to have a passion for teaching photoshop, you can brand yourself as one who creates niche hobby websites consisting of informational content pepered with very good value and flip the site for a fee on sites such as This is a very lucrative way to generate extra income any time you wish.

Make money method 3: Position yourself as a hobby product creator on the net. Information is being snatched up by hungry buyers every single day online. People will open their wallets and pay for information they believe will benefit their lives. And, those with hobbies are all the more rabid in their buying habits. It does not matter too much if this falls under favorite past times such as knitting, pet care, origami, or even beekeeping. If it makes one happy doing it, they're spending the money. So, why not with you? Why not make an extra income selling hobby products?

In this article we chatted about three ways to make money with your hobbies. The first way was to provide email / autoresponders writing services to website owners selling a product. Method 2 discussed creating hobby informational websites and selling it on sites like eBay. And the last method looked at the idea of ​​creating a hobby information yourself and selling it to fellow hobbyists as a means to generate extra income for a long time to come.

If you want to make an extra income selling information products and doing what you love, nobody is stopping you but the one looking back at you in the mirror. Click here for more information:

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Short Lesson On Handling Money For Young Kids

Short Lesson On Handling Money For Young Kids

Parents are more aware nowdays that financial literacy is important for kids. If children grow up without the knowledge of handling money, they will end up paying for debts or credit card bills when they are old.

We teach children about money as they grow up. For young kids, it is probably harder for them to understand. I made use of the idea of ​​using what kids like to let them learn about money first. This is suitable for kids from about three and a half years old.

This lesson is about "You can not spend more than what you have."

I gave my two kids sixty cents each. Each of them spent twenty cents playing games. They are now left with forty cents. They decided that they want to buy sweets and chocolates instead of spending the remaining forty cents on games.

We proceeded to the candy store. They politely ask the shopkeeper how much the various chocolates, sweet and crackers cost. Most of them cost more than forty cents (about sixty cents to a dollar) except for a lollipop which cost exactly forty cents. I gently reminded them that they had only forty cents and that I have no more money. They finally decided to get the lollipop even though it was not their first choice.

The lesson is that even though they like the chocolate more than the lollipop, they can not buy it because they are only left with forty cents. I would not encourage them to borrow money for daily pleasures in life (unless it is for a calculated risk business). I thought it was a pretty good lesson because the children still got a lollipop in the end. It was a win-win for them and for me. If they can not find anything for forty cents or less, then they can not buy sweets. They could, however, use the money for games instead. It is their choice.

This seemingly simple theory is usually forgotten when we grow up. There are simply too much temptation for us that we find it very difficult to resist. There are perpetual sale the whole year round and most of us try to comfort ourselves by buying things we do not really need just because it is cheaper than the usual price.

There are new gadgets and new models of everything. (eg handphone, television, computer etc) We are almost always tempted to buy new and better things. However, are they really necessary? There is no issue if you have excess money of course. Most of the time we do not really need these things but it would be 'good' to have them.

Be aware and do not fall into the trap of advertisers. Advertisers have to do their best to market their products and make sure you feel you must have it. Think about it seriously before buying it. The old model may work just as well but not as trendy. Spend where it is necessary and where you can get the best returns. Remember to weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Source by Cheng Cheng Tan