How To Wrap Presents In An Interesting Way

How To Wrap Presents In An Interesting Way

We give presents to our friends and family with different occasions and we usually use wrapping paper or present bags when offering them the gifts. But some people may consider these to traditional, dull. So, they try to wrap the presents in different other ways. As I have family and friends who like to open their presents from me just because they look differently, I began finding new ways of wrapping presents.

Tip number one when you want to wrap presents in a different way is to be creative. Don’t think you made a mistake at a certain point in the process, but think of a new way to make that step bring new looks for the present.

Tip number two is to buy as colored paper as you might need, and do not cut the paper, if it is three times larger than the present. We are going to need this. Bring closer a pair of scissors, ribbon of other type of threads, duck tape and flowers made of paper. I usually go for origami flowers, but recently I have discovered how to make flowers of textile. So, if you have one, use it.

Tip number three is to get on working. Place the gift in the middle of the paper, the colored paper facing the table. Now bring the upper and lower parts of the paper on the present. If needed, use some duct tape. Now the fun part begins. Bring the left and right side of the paper on to the present. Do not try to get them there straight. Fold one side of the paper, on the right side, let’s say, by pulling the upper corner to the center. You are going to have a triangle formed. But the triangle is continued into a rectangular shape. Now bring the whole side on the gift and make a fan out of the rectangular part left, beginning from the present to exterior.

Continue working with the other side. You can repeat the steps or you can try doing a different model. For example, you can transform the side into a triangle, by bringing both corners toward the middle. Is like making an airplane. Now, you can bring this triangle on the other side of the gift. Fold it again into another shape or you can make two fans, this time, from the upper parts of the triangle. Use duct tape to make them stick.

Add a flower on the part that you find is more appealing and add some ribbon or thread to make the leaves for the flower. And again, be creative.

Source by Theo Grigore

Eight Interesting Facts About A Cat’s Paws And Claws

Cats have been amongst us for thousands of years and we have learned much about our feline friends. Paws and claws may appear to be just physically functional pieces of a cat’s anatomy, but below are eight facts that may surprise and interest you.

Cats Are Digitigrade

Cats are what is known as digitigrade. Simply put this means that unlike us they do not walk on the balls and heels of their feet and actually walk on their digits (toes) not unlike a ballerina.

Being digitigrade enables cats to travel faster with longer strides and more quietly which aids them in hunting down prey.

Cat’s Paws And Climbing Down Trees

A major reason that cats get stuck in trees is that their front paws turn inward and are weaker than their back paws. This counter rotational design of the front paws is great for climbing up a tree but is totally the wrong design to climb down again.

Front And Back Cat Paw Fact

A cat will usually have five toes and seven pads on its front paws and four toes and five pads on its rear toes.

Sharp Claw Fact

The claws on a cat’s front paws are sharper than the claws on the rear paws. This is due to the fact that a cat is able to retract its front paw claws and not its back ones and this consequently leads to the rear claws becoming worn.

Colour Coded Paw Pads

Cats generally have colour coded paw pads. A black cat usually has black pads, a grey cat will usually have grey pads, a white one will usually have light pink pads and a ginger cat’s paw pads will be pinky orange in colour.

Cat’s Paw Water Filtering

You may notice your feline friend drinking water off its paw after dipping the paw into a water bowl or any water source. This is thought to be a throwback to a characteristic of desert cats that use their paws to filter impurities such as sand and dirt from water sources.

Cat Paw Pads Perspire

Cats actually sweat through their paw pads. A cat will perspire through its paw pads not only to keep itself cool when subjected to a heat source but also when frightened or in a stressful situation.

Paw Scent Glands

A cat’s front paws contain scent glands and a cat will use these glands to secrete scent as a marker to identify territory as its own. A cat will also secret its scent on people to mark them as its own.

Source by John Deeprose

Solar Cell Phone Charger – Discover The Interesting Facts on Having One

Charger is basically the unit utilized to charge up your electronic appliances. Mobile phone can also be referred to as electronic device and if you need to start your cell phone, then you must need to charge it up for usage. There are several ways of charging your cell phone, you may plug it in your computer while you’re at your office during work, or place it in your dashboard even while you’re driving in your car.

No matter how anyone charges it, the following solar battery charger will probably be ready when you need in order to charge your phone, camera, MP3 player, and other gadgets. Charging some mobile phones for about 10 minutes allows you to call someone or about 3 minutes. Whenever you are out of your office or your home, you can make solar power through a sunny window.

Solar cell phone charger one of the hottest items of world’s only pocket-sized photovoltaic lighter which is also the lightest and most compact solar charger in the world. Only weighing about 9 ounces, this foldable charger fits mostly in any bags, be it from laptop bags or backpacks. Not to mention that it is powerful enough to charge any of your personal electronic gadgets or equipments.

Solar cell phone chargers have this advantage since they are connected to the solar cell panels; it provides a battery backup for storing solar power. A Turbo recharge facility that is available in such chargers makes certain that the phone is not impaired or overcharged unlike the conventional electrical solar battery chargers.

Solar cell phone chargers function by changing the sun’s energy into electricity can be used to charge your current cell phone. The solar cells on the mobile phone charger connect to an inside battery which will carry a full charged cell phone (sometimes it rather depends on the product you have).

Solar cell phone chargers have become more popular since a lot of people start seeing the value relying on renewable energy. Not only does it help you save a lot of money on your power bill, but it is also an excellent power back-up once you encounter power outage and you can still be able to use your cell phone or any electrical gadgets without worrying about the power loss.

Solar cell phone battery chargers are powered via direct sunlight; there is no need to use electrical energy. During an emergency, such as earthquake, blizzard, and hurricane are mostly the causes of power outage, leaving behind the residents not having ways to contact their family members, relatives or friends.

Powering even the smallest of appliance that has a clean energy source go a long way in cutting down your carbon presence. Using a solar power mobile phone charger is just one-step in this particular direction. This portable charger collects energy from the heat of the sun, or through an electrical socket which will then store that energy in an internal battery.

Solutions such as the solar battery chargers should be available for everyone as well as easy to buy, no matter where you are located. This is a very commendable strive.

Source by Sallie Obin

10 Interesting Facts About Toy Model Trains

There are many different interesting facts about toy model trains. The more you get into the hobby of model railroading, the more you will find out. Those just getting started will be interested by some of the things experienced railroaders have come to know over the years. Below you will find a list of ten interesting facts about model trains.

(1)    The Truth About G Scale. Many people have come to accept G scale coming from the word garden. G scale actually comes from the term Gros which is a German word for big or large. The reason why so many people call them garden trains is because they are used as outside trains. Layouts include plants and grass from the gardens people have in their homes.

(2)    History of Model Trains. Toy model trains started out as novelty toys for children. These toys followed shortly after trains were used as modes of transportation and delivery. These toys did not have very much detail. As time went on, adults became interested in the model trains and an entire industry was born.

(3)    High Society Model Trains. In the Victorian era, there were many different social clubs, which met to talk about model trains. It was considered highly exclusive to have your own model train set with an elaborate layout. The prices of the trains put them out of the hands of common people making it trendy to own them.

(4)    World War One. Before World War 1, the majority of toy model trains were made in Germany. This became a problem in a time when Germany became the enemy of the world and all production was halted. This allowed many companies like Lionel to become the powerhouses in model trains they are today.

(5)    Track Materials. The material used to make the tracks have changed over the years. One of the most popular materials has been brass. This has given way to aluminum and stainless steel as options many people prefer. One of the most popular materials to use is a nickel alloy blend, which costs less while still being light and conductive.

(6)    Weathering For Detail. A very big design feature many train modelers include in their layouts is weathering. This will give the train and the layout the appearance of realism most people are looking for. By adding stains, or wear, the entire design will appear as if it has been affected by the conditions.

(7)    Why N Scale is Cheaper. The N scale is one of the most popular scales of toy model trains. The popularity along with the size makes it very easy to mark down. Using less materials and being easier to add details also play important roles in allowing manufacturers to reduce the cost of the finished product.

(8)    The Future of Model Trains. Model trains have undergone many changes over the years from being able to only run one train to running several. It used to take a highly skilled conductor to manage multiple trains. Now with computers, it is easy to manage several trains on the same track at once.

(9)    Trains You Can Ride on. The 1:8 ratio model train is not something everyone has space for. It has become popular for those who have the money in order to have fun with their children, or simply to have a model that is easier to work on. Being able to operate the model with coal or propane allows you to have the live steam most modelers prefer.

(10)    Train Clubs. No matter what scale train you own, there is probably a club you can join of others who prefer the same scale. These clubs are recommended for anyone regardless of skill level. They are great places to show off and get new ideas from.

There is much more information available about toy model trains. You are sure to discover something you will want to pass along, as you get more familiar with the hobby itself.

Source by David Blackburn

Interesting Facts About Pet Adoption

Man can essentially build a simple and unbreakable bond with a companion animal. Adoption gives a pet another chance to have a happy and healthy life. It makes the owner happy as well.

When planning for pet adoption or looking for a pet to enter into your life, contemplate adopting a homeless pet from a local shelter. The shelter has the finest selection of pets and animals. The shelter also has everything – whether it’s a matured dog or puppy, mixed breed, and purebred. They even have hamsters or rabbits. Besides, you can be assured that all animals at local shelters are all screened for good health and proper behavior.

Adopting from an Animal Shelter

Most of the pets and animals at shelters are abandoned by their owners because of unrealistic expectations of time, money, and effort in sustaining a lifelong association with their pets. Based on the national figure of abandoned animals, half of them are euthanized due to lack of homes or adopted family. Staff and volunteers at animal shelters are dependable when it comes to assessment of the animals. These people also do every attempt to collect detailed history of the animals. They also learn as much as they can about the animals’ behavior and temperament in order to make the best adoption matches possible.

Adopting from a Purebred Rescue Group

When adopting a purebred animal from rescue groups, be sure to get full information on how they care about them and how they decide what kind of pets are adoptable. Also, ensure the post-adoption information and other services available while adopting a purebred animal. The animals that rescue groups accommodate came from failed breeding operations, stray animals, or arrived from boarding kennels with veterinarians where they were abandoned. Adoption fees may vary depending on veterinary doctors and other expenses occurred during stay of the animal.

Choosing the Right Cat

Cats also make great pets. Most of them can easily adjust to different lifestyles and environment. They have their true individuality, appearances, and age, as well. You will notice it through their own meow when you are strolling along cat cages at animal shelters. Some would show special attention whereas still others simply lie back and watch you with an air of authority.

Kittens are more playful, curious, and full of energy while the adult cats are more tranquil and well-behaved. Kittens need more time to train as well as feed. Young children usually don’t have enough understanding on how to handle kittens responsibly. Thus, the best time to adopting and having cats at home are when they are at least four months old.

Choosing the Right Dog

Adopting dogs typically entails selecting one that matches your lifestyle and desire. Dogs are wonderful and lifelong companion for you and your family. You can choose them from an ample collection of breeds, sizes, shapes, and personalities. You can visit an animal shelter and ask the assistance of an adoption counselor for the dog qualities and breed that you are looking for. He/she can help you choose dogs from two categories: the mixed breeds or purebreds.

The important variation between the two is that purebreds come from the same breed and are similar to breed standard. It means that when you adopt a purebred puppy you will know right away what general physical and behavioral characteristics it will have. A mixed breed puppy on the other hand, is a combination of different breeds. This breed is considered as the natural dog, too and adopting one is a unique choice of companion. It is better to know the ancestry of a particular mixed breed so that you can easily identify what type of dog he will turn out soon after.

Things to Consider in adopting pets

• Why do you want a pet?
• Do you have time for a pet?
• Can you afford a pet?
• Are you prepared to deal with special problems that a pet can cause?
• Can you have a pet where you live?
• Is it a good time for you to adopt a pet?
• Are your living arrangements suitable for the animal you have in mind?
• Do you know who will care for your pet while you’re away on vacation?
• Will you be a responsible pet owner?
• Are you prepared to keep and care for the pet for his or her entire lifetime?

Source by Christa Kowalczyk

MP3 Players – Knowing the Various Interesting Facts About These Gadgets

For storing audio books and various music files MP3 players are apt devices. The term is used generically to represent any digital device which is portable. There is a slight difference present between PMP, also known as Portable Media Device, and a MP3 player. Even though all PMPs are capable of playing audio files, video files cannot be played in all the MP3 players. Many such examples can be cited like SanDisk Sansa Clip, Creative Labs Zen Stone, and iPod Shuffle which are not capable of playing video files.

Among the various brands present in the domain of MP3 devices, an iPod from Apple happens to be a popular choice. But many other dependable brands are available and your choice would depend to a large extent on your budget and your requirements. Brands which fall in this category are Cowon, Coby, Archos, Creative Labs, Samsung, Philips, Toshiba, Sony, etc. The MP3 players are also categorized into different types like memory-based players (flash), and hard-drive based players. This classification is done on the basis of how the digital data is stored.

The storage capacity of hard-drive based players is significantly more than the other kind. These players are also heavier compared to the memory-based players (Flash). Examples of such players would be iPod Classic 160 GB, Zune 120 GB, iPod Classic 120 GB, etc. The drawback that is associated with these players is that malfunction often occurs when these gadgets are exposed to elevated temperatures or when they are dropped.

On the other hand, a flash memory-based MP3 player is smaller and lighter. No mobile parts exist in this kind of players and 100 to 8000 songs can be easily stored. Examples of such players would be Apple iPod Nano, Apple iPod Touch, Creative Labs Zen PMP, etc.

I hope this has given you some insight into the mp3 player market. If you are looking to buy, check out my website for great deals.

Source by Todd Hathfield

Interesting Facts About Plush Stuffed Animals

Before plush stuffed animals ever came along, most toys for children had been manufactured out of hard materials, such as wood or tin. Dolls were popular, but their papier-mâché or porcelain heads and bodies, stuffed with horsehair, were not comforting to cuddle. If it had not been for a bunch of felt elephant pincushions that have been given to women as gifts in 1877, who knows when plush stuffed animals would have been invented.

Those felt pincushions, were created by none other than Margarate Steiff, the creator of the first teddy bear. After she gave away the pincushions, the children of the women they were given to, liked them so much, they claimed them for themselves, loving their size and tactile qualities. Margarete began to receive so many requests for the tiny elephants that on December 29, 1880, she decided to start selling them. The first batch produced sold out quickly and soon after that, soft toys which included dogs, camels, lions, monkeys, and donkeys, formed the majority of what was her original felt store where felt petticoats and children’s clothes were made.

In 1889, Margarete’s German based company moved to Muehlstrasse, to much larger premises. It was here that in 1892, the company produced its first catalog which showed an overview of the entire range of products offered. In the same year, the company applied for a patent “for the making of animals and other figures to serve as playthings.” The patent was designed so as to avoid the trouble of imitations in the future, but ironically, that trouble eventually came to pass.

In the same year as the catalog was produced and the patent obtained, the first Steiff bear was launched. It was one of many animals which were available in a set. The tiny bear character was so popular, he was soon given the feature position amongst the set. This was the beginning of the Steiff bear journey that would see him perfected  and established as the world’s most popular  soft toy.
Margarete’s brother and his six sons, all played vital roles in the further development of the company. Four years after the company had been registered, it was doing so well financially, that Margarete decided to have her own stand at the Leipzig Toy Fair. The person chosen as the family representative was her nephew Richard, her brother’s second oldest son. At the time, he had just graduated from art school and would eventually become the most influential person (after his Aunt) when it came to the history of the soft toy.

Richard Steiff was responsible for designing and developing new toy lines at Margarete’s company. From the get go, he was fascinated with the possibility of having a soft toy bear and spent many hours trying to design one that children would be attracted to. He went on to make numerous sketches of bears he saw at the Stuttgart Zoo, circuses, and animal shows. It is from here that what we now know as the best plush stuffed animal ever made – the teddy bear – finally came to life.

Animals have always had great influence in our lives in one way or another, but who knew that plush stuffed animals would one day take their inspiration from them as well.

Source by Angel H.

Manx Cat – Pros and Cons of Owning This Interesting Pet

Reasons for and Against Owning a Manx Cat as a Pet

The Manx cat was first seen in the 1700’s and has become quite popular over the years. The most distinctive feature of this breed is that some of them are tailless while some have short tails and others have regular tails. A tailless or short tailed one is a feature that makes it attractive to people looking for something unusual in a pet cat.

While they come in all types of tail configuration the main feature of these cats are the heads which are round with cradle like ears when view from behind. They are a stocky bodied cat with longer legs in back than in the front. Although they look different than most cats the Manx will show many of the same characteristics as most cats along with a few characteristics of dogs.

These are indoor cats that should be spayed or neutered and made sure they have something to scratch on. They like high places, so if you can’t find them look around at you eye level and you will probably find them on a shelf or on the back of a chair.


The Manx cat is highly intelligent and extremely playful. Their behavior is often confused with that of a dog in that they love to fetch things and will follow you all over the house. They are good watch cats and are very protective of their territory and will attack an intruder no matter the size or type. They are very social and like being around humans very much.

A Manx is going to enjoy playing in water. If you let the water to drip in your bathroom or kitchen, you may find your pet playing in your sink. These pets are known to enjoy a bath which is ideal for owners who want to bathe their cats without being scratched up.

Your pet Manx cat will be good at learning commands and therefore are normally easy to train. They are not a complicated and complex animal which makes them ideal for owners who want a companion as well as a pet.

A Manx is usually a quiet cat without a lot of verbalization although they will “trill” to their young or to their humans and will growl when protecting their territory. Even a female cat in heat is rather quiet about it.


A pet Manx is interested in everything and therefore will play at all hours of the day or night. You might be disturbed at any hour which could be a problem for you and your household. If you do not want to be disturbed by your pet, the best option would be to lock your cat out of your bedroom at night.

Manx Syndrome is the main health problem for a Manx and might be a big concern for you. This causes a shortening of the spine and can be extremely painful and damaging to the cat as it causes problems down the road. Buying your pet Manx from a reputable breeder will eliminate most problems such as this. Another thing you might want to do is buy insurance which can help with the expensive bills associated with Manx Syndrome.

Getting a cat that is free from Manx Syndrome will mean that you’ll have a pet that is no more likely to have medical problems than any other type of cat. Due to the high degree of intelligence, the loving nature along with a relatively long life makes a pet Manx a highly desirable acquisition to any family.

Consider all of these options when looking to own a Manx cat. Once you know all there is to know about them, you will be able to decide if this particular type of pet cat is what you want inside your household or as a companion. I think you will agree that they are not only unusual but make good pets.

Source by Don A Levy