Collectible Action Figures – Is About Fun Memories And More Money

Superhero action figures first stormed the doors of department stores and toy stores nearly 35 years ago. Constructed of various kinds of plastic and clothed in uniforms, costumes and capes GI Joe, Superman, Spiderman, the Lone Ranger and others marched, flew and rode off store shelves and into our lives. After short stops under the Christmas tree or at birthday parties, these action figures found their way into toy boxes and playrooms around the world.

These action figures did their superhero work of incredible feats, saving scores of lives and neutralizing villains. They accomplished these heroic deeds on lazy summer afternoon and rainy Saturday mornings in front of the TV set. Too often, they also needed our help after school when we were supposed to be doing homework.

These superheroes were always our friends and they helped us through our childrens. They taught us to share, to value friendships and that good will triumph over evil. Perhaps, most importantly, they extended our imaginations and made us believe that anything was possible. These mighty action figures were invincible to everything but time. Time finally did them in. Or did it?

For more and more people, these action figures are returning to superhero status. The Star Trek crew along with Power Rangers, the Star Wars characters and transformers are popping up in offices, dens and family rooms everywhere. These action figures have become collectibles.

The most popular of these action figures include GI Joe, Captain Action, the Six Million Dollar Man, the Lone Ranger and the Mego line of action figures. These include characters from Super Heroes, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, Happy Days, CHIPs, Monsters and others. There were literally hundreds of different action figures produced during the decades of the '70s and' 80s.

The action figures come in different sizes. Just as with other collectibles, size, condition, original popularity and whether or not the figure is available now available all come together to determine price. Prices are all over the board. Some of these figures have been known to sell for thousands of dollars. Others go for a few hundred. Most are in the $ 10 to $ 100 range.

Action Figures Make Great Collectibles

How do you know what to pay? There are a number of sources for current price information for these action figures. One important source is toy magazines such as "Toyfare" and "Lee's Action Figure News". There are also dozens of websites that have pricing information. More good sources are the online auction sites, such as eBay.

The auction websites are also great places to buy these action figures. Numbers of these toys are sold on these sites every day. You can determine the condition, see what other people are bidding and then make a bid. The top online auctions are safe places to do business.

These action figures crop up in other places as well, just waiting for the opportunity to march into your collection. You can find them in flea markets and sometimes in antique shops. You can buy them from other collectors, at garage sales and estate auctions. There are dozens of toy shows around the country where dealers and individuals buy and sell collections.

You will find these action figure toys in every conceivable condition from mint in the box condition to pieces of the original toy. There is a rating system to help collectors determine condition that runs from condition C-1 through C-10. The very best condition is mint in box or mint on card. These toys are in the original box or bubble wrap card. They are in exactly the same condition today as the day they were first packaged. They are, of course, the most valuable.

One of the first steps in collecting action figures is to decide which toys to collect. A good place to start is with your favorites when you were a kid. Collections will be more valuable if you have complete sets. For example, you might build a collection of a complete set of the Marvel Comics heroes. Part of the fun is putting these collections together – acquiring hard-to-find figures in a set.

The next step is taking care of your collection of action figures. If you are lucky enough to find a toy sealed in the original box or package, leave it in the box. Do not open it. Display your toys on a shelf or in a cabinet where they will be kept dry, out of direct sunlight. You will also need to keep these toys above the reach of your own youngsters. They will be just as tempted to play with them as you were.

Finally, enjoy your collection. Owning these action figure superheroes will bring back many of the wonderful feelings of those carefree days before mortgage payments and college tuition bills. The dollar value of your collection is reasonably secondary to assembling the collection and enjoying its aesthetic value. Even so, your collection will almost certainly become more valuable in time, especially if you can assemble entire sets.

These action figure superheroes are reminders of your childhood and will serve to tell your children and grandchildren a little about whom you are and how you learned that good triumphs over evil. Somehow it is comforting to know that Superman, GI Joe and the Lone Ranger are still fighting crime and saving lives.

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Different Kinds of Anime Collectible Figures

Different Kinds of Anime Collectible Figures

You've finally found yourself interested in collecting anime statues! Maybe because you enjoy reading manga or watching anime. Or, sometimes you saw some cute, colorful, attractive toys in a store's window or on a Japanese website. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: you're ready to start collecting! It's a very fun and popular hobby, so you are not alone! Unfortunately, however, many people foreign to Japan find it difficult to find these statues, since they're primarily produced in Japan. Maybe you, yourself, have tried to find out more information? For that purpose, I've complied a list of popular models of anime figures that exist, and how you can find more information on the newest released statues!

Because these statues are so popular, many manufacturers have designed different types of statues. The most popular type to date, and probably the first created, is known as a scaled PVC statue. They're named this because they're produced with a material called Polyvinyl Chloride, shortened as PVC. Typically, the parts of the statues are mass-produced by machines, and are put together by hand. They are designed to be scaled to a specific size, usually directly proportional to an actual size character. Most of these statues are scaled between 1 / 8th to 1 / 5th, but not all. I've seen statues scaled at 1/1 (full scale!), Or more commonly 1 / 4th. I've also seen stats scaled at 1 / 10th. The detail to these statues are also typically high, depending on the manufacturer. The prices range based on the size and detail, anywhere from $ 70 up to $ 300. There are special occasions in which the prices may be higher or lower, however.

The second most popular style of statues is called a cast-off. As demanded by the name, these figures have parts that are removable. They're typically made of the same PVC as regular scaled statues. Although, laately 'candy-resin', a material that is known to simulate the feeling of skin better than PVC, has been used. These statues are mostly designed as hentai (perverted) statues, where the clothing can be completely removed to reveal a naked statue. That being said, however, this is not always the case. Sometimes clothing can be removed just to reveal undergarments, or a character in a swimsuit. In both cases, cast-off figures give the owner a slightly different way to display the character. These statues usually price about the same as the previous ones, depending on scale and detail, but may cost a little more due to extra parts.

A strange, yet popular, style of anime statues that has been becoming increasingly popular is known as a nendoroid. This statue line was created by Good Smile Company, a well-known and reliable figure distributor. These statues are very small in height, usually measuring in at 4 inches. They're made in a chibi style, with their heads about one-third the size of the entire statue. What's made them so popular softly is that they have many parts that are interchangeable. They come in sets, including items such as additional faces, body parts, clothing, props, etc. These pieces easily snap on and off to the statue. The parts included typically come from the anime series that the character is featured from, and usually tie into the storyline somehow. Also, they have movable joints, a feature not seen in regular PVC statues. This makes them movable, so that you may place them in any pose you like! These small toys are much cheaper than the previously mentioned statues, and usually cost as little as $ 25. It's rare to see a nendoroid go over $ 60.

Another popular type of statue that is being produced is known as a figma. Also created by a popular and well-known figure distributor known as Max Factory, figmas are similar to nendoroids in that they also have movable joints. However, these statues are much larger. They are similar in height to scaled PVC statues, about 6 inches tall. These toys also come with many parts featured from the statue's anime, making it easy to portray a scene as if it's actually happening! Many collectors find this enjoyable, since it adds to the collecting experience. Instead of just owning a character, you also own a scene from a show! Since these statues are a big bigger than nendoroids, they often cost more, but are less expensive than scaled PVC or cast-off statues. They usually cost between $ 35 and $ 70.

The last type of popular statues are model kits. These were always my favorite as a kid! The most popular type are Gundam models. These ones are made of plastic, and require assembly. Gundam kits are usually pretty easy to assemble, as the parts simply snap in. However, there are other, more collectible (and expensive) sets that require more labor. These may need you to glue and paint the pieces, which requires accuracy and talent. These sets are typically rare, harder to obtain, or are exclusive. The price may range greatly, depending on the kit. However, it's easier and cheaper to obtain the cheaper Gundam models, and can range anywhere from $ 10 to $ 50.

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The Difference Between Dolls and Action Figures

The Difference Between Dolls and Action Figures

When you hear the word "doll," the first thing that comes to mind is "Barbie". The major difference between dolls and action figures is that the former is directed towards girls, while the latter is oriented towards boys. Dolls typically include matching outfits while action figures generally include clothing and accessories that you might not see every day.

Look at Barbie. Since her inception in 1959, Barbie has been the quintessential girls' toy, what with her interchangeable clothes, pink cars, and Malibu Beach House variations. Although the collection later included Ken, of course, Ken was by no means an action figure. His clothes, like those of Barbie, were typical day-to-day outfits, albeit ones that was masculine.

By comparison, your typical "action figure" is muscular, especially to an exaggerated degree, and may include weapons as accessories. Two classic examples that come to mind are Thundercats and GI Joe. Thundercats characters, while somehow human-looking, were normally yellow or gray-tinted, with overdeveloped muscles; Their outfits consist of tank tops or tights. Most Thundercats figures, whether male or female, included a weapon; Lion-O, for example, was packaged with The Sword of Omens, a longsword with a fiery-red handle.

GI Joes, while not as muscular as the Thundercats, still looked physically fit and generally included accessories such as machine guns, knives, and grenades. Can you really argue that these were not designed for boys? That is not to say that girls never played with them, but that's not what the marketing companies had in mind.

Other popular dolls include American Girl and Ashton-Drake, both of which are also oriented towards young girls. On occasion, some adults may collect dolls of this type, because of their real appearance and value, if kept in good condition.

Another classic action figure collection that may come to mind is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which very name suggests action, and perhaps violence. Like GI Joe and Thundercats, the Turtles, armor, and play sets with vehicles such as tanks and artillery-studded cars. Again, while some girls may have found the Ninja Turtles appealing, they were primarily popular with boys. The villains, too, were spotted and mutated, such as Shredder and his henchmen, Bebop and Rocksteady. Perhaps these figures were meant to appeal to the same boys that liked aggressive competitive sports and war games.

Today's action figures vary somewhat, but again, their appearance as a whole is about the same. Sometimes, even as times change, people's mindsets tend to stay the same. The toys produced for boys and girls, for the most part, reflect this.

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Military Action Figures

Military Action Figures

On the 17 of June, 1942, G.I. Joe was debuted as a Yankee cartoon soldier made by David Breger in the military’s YANK mag. GI Joe, became a American household name with the release of a picture the story of G.I. Toy business was the driver following the commercialization of GI Joe brand. As an example, The milliatray actions figures from the Hasbro toy company included members from every one of the four branches of the armed forces ; Action soldier, Action Pilot, Action Sailor and Action sea.

The story of of the military action figure started with an American cartoon soldier made in 1942 and began a considerable industry over some years. GI Joe military action figures have galvanized many young Yank to serve thier country and protect the state. The tenth annual convention was in New Orleans 2006 with Sgt. Massacre in attendance as a special guest. The sensation of GI Joe story is both a commercial success and the proof of American heroism. Actually, many up to date G.I. Joe action figures are based primarily on both army and civilian real-life heroes – Bob Hope, Dwight Eisenhower, Colin Powell, John F. Kennedy, Ernie Pyle, Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington.

The story of GI Joe has been influenced by each combat that the U. has been concerned. Even though in 1970 the Vietnam Confrontation, toy company Hasbro had rebranded GI Joe as journey figures to diminish the original war theme of G.I. Joe. The name of GI Joe frequently appeared in TV and paperspapers when writers followed war heroes who were spellbound with GI Joe action figures or GI Joe collectibles before they served in the military.

The formation of new GI Joe action figures are influenced by both major army and cultural procedures in the states. GI Joe actions figures have become favorite gifts for boys. A lot of men are obsessed about the collectibles. Like carved gifts, action figures are unique and special when it comes to the present giving.

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5 Hottest Batman Action Figures

Batman action figures have always been popular since the year of 1960 when they were launched first time. We all have seen Batman in movies, comics and animated t.v. series. Of all the action figures, there are more figure toys of Batman than any other character.

Toy companies like Hasbro and Kenner produces hundreds of batman action figures toys every year with so many variation. The Batman statue is liked by millions of people worldwide. People of all ages like batman and batman toys.

Every time a new batman movie or comic book is released, new batman busts hit the market. The toy lines of batman figures are named after the batman movies or comic books. And the toys are dressed the same way as they are in the movie or comic book.

Batman is a favorite of all be it a kid or an office going person as every one admires and needs a hero in their lives.

5 Hottest Batman Action figures –

1. Batman Animated Action Figures –

When the ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ was released, Kenner produced a new line of batman action figures that was based on this movie. With this line of batman figures, Kenner introduced some new villains like Clayface, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy. The collectible toys of this collection were a hit and they were selling like hot cakes. So, add batman animated action figures to your collection.

2. Batman Dark Knight Action Figures –

In the year of 2008, Batman Dark Knight toy line was launched by toy manufacturer Mattel. The line of batman dark knight action figures has 5 inches toys. You will find a cool Bruce Wayne figure with this range. The figure of the villain ‘the Joker’ has a cartoon-like face. The toys of this range come with Bat-Mobile and other gadgets.

3. Batman Joker Action Figures –

The Joker is the main villain opposing Batman. You see him in Batman movies and he is also present in the batman joker action figures. Action figures of the joker are liked above all the other villain figures. The Joker is very popular among the batman fans as he heads the axis of all evils that opposes batman.

4. Batman Hush Action Figures –

‘Batman hush action figures’ is a must for all the fans of Batman. Every fan of batman should add this line of batman statue to his collection. The inspiration behind this line of batman action figures is the ‘Hush’ comic book story. The Hush is a story of a mysterious stalker ‘Hush’ and all he wants is to sabotage Batman.

5. Batman Begins Action Figures –

The busts of toy line ‘Batman Begins Action Figures’ are just great. This line was launched when the ‘Batman Begins’ movie was released in 2005. You can find batman action figures of 14″ armed projectiles and other gadgets. Some figures come with Batarang and Speedbike too. This is really a special batman toy line.

Make batman figures toys a part of your collection today.

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a very popular name. This company deals in professional wrestling. The arena of WWE is the playground for the world’s famous wrestlers that include some big heavyweight performers.

WWE is a publicly traded company. This sports company is engaged in media like TV, Internet and live events.

Earlier this company was named WWF (World Wrestling Federation). WWE has its headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut and have offices in other cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

Brands – WWE works under three brands – Raw, ECW and Smakdown.

Management – WWE is headed by Vince McMahon, who is the chairman of the company and his wife Linda McMahon, is the CEO of the company. Their children also handle some departments of the company.

Merchandises – Out of all the WWE merchandises, WWE action figures are the most famous ones.

A huge amount of royalty is given to the WWE as a license fee to manufacture these action figures.

Today, there are WWE action figures that are based on all wrestlers that perform on the floor of WWE. But not all of them are equally famous.

Below are the 5 hottest WWE action figures –

1. WWE Jeff Hardy Action Figures – The well known WWE wrestler Jeff Hardy was born on 31st August, 1977. Jeff is signed with WWE and wrestles under the SmackDown brand of WWE. The ideals of Jeff Hardy were Shawn Michaels and The Ultimate Warrior in his childhood.

Jeff Hardy was 16 when he joined the WWE as a jobber. His first fight was against the famous wrestler Razor Ramon. Though, he joined WWE as a jobber, but today, there are so many Jeff Hardy action figures sold in many variations that no one can say he was a jobber at a time. These statues are based on his various fights he fought in the ring.

2. WWE Rey Mysterio Action Figures – Everyone knows Rey Mysterio and about his unique jumping style. Rey is one of the top WWE wrestlers and so are his WWE action figures.

Though he is a Mexican, but he is popular all over the America.

Rey Mysterio was born on 11th December, 1974. He wrestles under the WWE SmackDown brand. Rey is the Intercontinental Champion.

WWE Rey Mysterio figures are very popular among his fans and they look out for new versions very often. His action figures are based on his amazing stunts.

3. WWE Kane Action Figures – The famousWWE wrestler Kane isthe half brother of the Undertaker. Together, both the brothers fight under a team ‘Brothers of Destruction’.

Kane is a respected name in the WWE ring. He has got some dangerous skills that help him defeat his opponents. The real name of this wrestler is Glenn Thomas Jacobs. Kane was born on 26th April, 1967. The Kane figures are sold in various versions. Toy companies cash the relationship with his brother. The Kane figures are not only famous in the states, but also in other parts of the earth.

4. WWE John Cena Action Figures – John Cena is the name of a versatile person. John Cena is a professional wrestler and he has also some other interests like hip hop music and movies. He performed in a rap album ‘You Can’t See Me‘. This album did well in the music charts. John has been part of two movies – The Marine and 12 Rounds.

The full name of this handsome wrestler is John Felix Anthony Cena. Currently John Cena is signed with WWE under the Raw brand.

John Cena has been the 5 times World Champion. John Cena figures are sold worldwide as has millions of fans across the globe. Toy companies release new WWE John figures almost every month. WWE John Cena action figures are launched after his every fight in the ring.

5. WWE The Undertaker Action Figures – Only the name of this great wrestler is enough to threaten his opponents, The Undertaker – the Deadman. This world famous wrestler was born on 24th March, 1965. His real name is Mark William Calaway. The Undertaker was wrestling under the SmackDown brand of WWE. Since 2007 he is inactive at WWE due to a serious arm injury. But the undertaker action figures are sold in large numbers throughout the world. The undertaker is still the favorite of a large number of people and that is why they love to collect the figure toys of the Undertaker. There are many different versions of WWE undertaker figures available today.

So, choose any of these WWE figures, but I guess that you may buy all of them as all these toys belong to the great wrestlers that have a huge fan following.

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Old Star Wars Action Figures – What are They Worth?

Even if you were not a big fan of the Star Wars movies, you likely had your share of time to play with Star Wars vintage action figures.  After all — Star Wars dominated a portion of the science fiction genre starting in the late 1970’s, and the demand for these action figures continues today.

With the popularity of Star Wars vintage action figures in mind, oftentimes we wonder what certain toys, vehicles, or characters, might bring in if we wanted to sell them.  Before we begin, however, something that we should state is that, as with many vintage toys, the true value is in the eye of the beholder.  While an X-Wing Starfighter may realistically be worth $50 to $250 on the open market, a certain collector may actually be willing to pay much more than the going rate for these vintage star wars action figurines and vehicles.  

Here are two resources that may be able to help you identify the value of your Star Wars vintage action figures.

While the popularity of eBay has floundered a little bit as of late, it is still considered a massive worldwide marketplace.  If you’re looking to figure out an estimated market value for your star wars vintage action figure, or even if you are just looking for some quick cash — eBay may very well be the very first place to look.  Now, the prices on eBay are not necessarily reflective of the true value of some of these vintage Star Wars toys and in fact, the prices that you find on eBay are likely less than you would get from a private collector.  All of that said — is a great place to try to assess the value of your vintage Star Wars action figure.

There are small handful pricing guides for Star Wars vintage action figures that can be purchased, quite affordably, on One of these guides is the “Warman’s Star Wars Field Guide: Values And Identification” paperback.  This particular priding guide is purported to be a short and concise pricing guide for vintage Star Wars toys, figurines, and vehicles.

So, if you’re in a pinch and you want a relative idea of what your Star Wars action figure may be worth, is the place to go.  However, if you’re looking for a more in-depth, and likely accurate, pricing guide for your vintage Star Wars toys, check out the small handful of selections at to get your answers resolved regarding how much your action figures and vehicles are worth today.

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