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Toxic Baby Products?

"How's that possible?" "I've been using what on babies?"

This was my reaction when I was researching baby products (during the development phase of Babies 411) and found out the news that most of the baby products that we know, love, and have used for years contain cancer-causing (carcinogenic) chemicals. What an eye opener.

As a NICU nurse, I care for babies that are compromised and are in their most vulnerable state. Now I find out that I have been unknowingly using and recommend unsafe products. Well, no more. I have taken a stand and made it a mission to educate mothers, caregivers and most of all healthcare professionals on the dangers lurking within our trusted baby shampoos, washes, lotions, wipes and more. As a healthcare professional, I know that parents are looking to us for the answers. And because of this, parents choose and purchase products that we use in the hospitals believing this is the safest options. Why would not it be if we use them in the hospitals? Unfortunately, we are unknowingly and unintentionally promoting bad products.

Want to know how to protect your baby from these toxic products? Here are a few recommendations:

1. Knowledge is power so do your research! Read labels and avoid those products that contain harmful ingredients. Learn more by reading our article "Protecting our Babies from Toxic Chemicals" at

2. Less is more. Be sparing on products that you use on your baby.

3. How safe is your baby products? Check out Skin Deep to learn more about the products you are putting on your baby.

4. Keep up-to-date on news surrounding chemicals in baby products (not just skin care products, but also chemicals found in toys, clothing, food, plastics and other baby products).

5. Love disposable baby wipes but want to avoid the chemicals? Make your own wipes. Want to learn how? Read our article Making Homemade Baby Wipes for the easy, breezy recipe.

6. Are you expecting a baby? Ask your hospital or childbirth facility what baby products they use on babies. If it's not a safe choice, bring your own and make your baby's first bath a healthy, toxin-free bath.

7. Help us spread the word. We are working hard with our favorite company, Earth Mama Angel Baby, trying to educate healthcare facilities on the dangers of toxic baby products and looking to phase these products out of our hospital systems. With your help, we could move mountains! Contact your maternity unit and express your concerns.

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Is it Possible to Build Your Own Security Camera?

Keeping your home, possessions, and most importantly, your family, safe is a very important thing to do. One of the best ways to do this is to install a video surveillance system which will allow you to keep an eye on things, even when you're not there. However, it can be extremely costly to purchase a security camera system and have it installed in your home. That's why you are going to learn in this article whether it is possible to build your own security camera or not.

To cut a long story short, yes you can build your own security camera. In fact, you will be amazed to learn that this is not a particularly difficult process at all. You can put together your own video surveillance system using nothing more complex than a webcam and a computer.

However, this system will also be powerful enough to be able to be securely and remotely monitored from any computer in the world with an Internet connection, and even from mobile phone in some countries.

The promise is rather simple when it comes to making your own security camera using a webcam and computer. Basically, you set up your webcam in whatever position you feel will give you area of ​​surveillance that you want. Next, you connect your camera to a computer (any computer will do)

Using camera surveillance software you can then set up an account which will allow you to securely and securely check the video feed from the webcam from any computer in the world with Internet access, or even from certain areas with advanced cellphone networks.

The benefits of building your own security camera instead of merely purchasing one and having it installed are quite appealing. Firstly, you will save large sums of money; a purchased system will cost you upwards of $ 400, whereas you can make your own for less than $ 100. A saving of at least $ 300 is not to be missed!

Secondly, you have a greater level of control over where your system will be installed as you are doing it yourself. Because you are using a webcam instead of a fixed camera you can move it around very easily too if you need to change whereabouts in your home, business or property you have the highest level of surveillance.

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Rocking Chair Choices to Pick From

As a child, you would remember your rocking chair. You know that it contains lots of memories that you would never forget. Now that you have a child, buying kids rocking chairs might also be one of the things that you want to do.

If you have a difficulty finding the kind of kids rocking chairs that you like, then the Internet can make it easier for you. When you search the Internet for stores that sell rocking chairs, you will be able to see different designs. Here, you are able to save time. You do not need to go to the stores and halls just to check the designs because you can stay at home, search different sites and within a few minutes, you will be able to search for the rocking chair that you would like for your kid . All of these are done within a few minutes.

The internet now offers you more choices. Here, you will be able to pick the kids rocking chairs that you think is safe and enjoyable for your child. Different designs are available so you can be sure that there will be something that would fit your needs. Added to this, you can buy the rocking chair online, and it will be delivered to your home or office. You do not have to leave your home and spend too much time for the search. You will only have to click a few links in your computer and you will only have to wait for it to be delivered.

The huge collection of designs in the Internet gives you more chance to get a quality kids rocking horses. There are other designs available and they are more colorful, unique, and sturdy all at the same time. You will only have to remember that you pick a trusted store. Also, the maker of the rocking chair must be good away from the unique design that you are looking for. You can also get discounts and promos depending on the store that you choose. There are stores that offer free shipping once you have placed your order.

This means that you will only have to think of the design that you want. Spend more time searching for the piece that you like. There are colorful kids rocking horses and there are also other shapes that you might want. There are even boat shaped rocking chairs! Now you see that there are more choices available. The sizes also vary so you can find a piece that your kids can enjoy. You can even pick the one that you fit so that you can play with your children.

Finding the right choices of toys is important so that you can be sure that you end up with the design that you can really enjoy having. The kids rocking horses are safer and you can be sure that your kid will enjoy playing with it. Now, it is left for you to search for the rocking chair that your child will like.

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Candle Making Jars – Back to Basics

Jar candles are only one of many types of candle you can make at home, but candles made in jars are without doubt one of the easiest ways to make candles. At their simplest these can be made without any sort of specialist equipment with just what you have around the house.

If you have some old candles that have burnt down or become misshapen and unattractive these will be ideal for making your new jar candles.

You will first need to find a container to hold your jar candle. Any strong glass container is suitable and if you have some old stemmed fruit dishes you no longer use, these would be ideal. Just make sure the container is perfectly clean, dry and warm before you are ready to melt your wax.

If you are using old candles, you will need to break these up as best you can to speed up their melting. In order to melt your wax without the danger of it burning or catching fire, you will need to heat it up in a double boiler. This is where you have the container with your wax in it inside a second large pot full of boiling water. If you use a old tin as your inner container, this can simply be disposed of once your wax is melted and poured and you do not have to worry about cleaning this up afterwards.

If you have no pre-made and pre-primed wicks, you can simply make your own by dipping some braided strips of cotton yarn into melted wax and pulling them straight to dry and harden.

Once your wax is melted you are then ready to make your candle. Have your container ready on a piece of newspaper on your countertop to make sure any spills are easily cleaned up. Glue one end of your wick into the center of the bottom of your container and attach the other end to a straw placed across the top of the container in order to keep the wick central. Pour the melted wax carefully into your container, ensuring that the wick is kept as central as possible.

Let the wax cool slowly and undisturbed for several hours or until completely hardened. Sometimes you'll end up with a depressed area around the wick of the candle but luckily this has an easy solution. You just need to melt some more wax and pour it into the dip to bring the level up. Once the new wax has hardened, simply trim the wick down to around 1/4 "and your candle is ready for use – always assuming you are going to light it and not just declare it as an attractive ornament!

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Choosing Dog Accessories

When you visit a pet store or an online shop to find dog accessories you could spend the whole day looking at all the designs, patterns, shapes and styles that are offered. So how do you choose a fashionable look for your dog?

The first step is to take your dogs size into account. A big scary dog ​​is not going to look very imposing with a big pink bow between his ears. Choose accessories that emphasize the great things about your dog. If he's big and scary get him some big scary accessories, like black leather boots for when he has to walk in the cold and wet weather. A leather jacket would really complete the look if he will wear one. A studded collar and leash would also lend an imposing air to your dogs approach.

The next thing to consider is your dog's personality. Many dogs do not do well with dog clothing such as shirts or jackets. If your dog does that great, you can outfit him in a complete look by adding accessories to his wardrobe. But if your dog is a nudist you can still give him some style with a colorful collar and leash set, or even a bow tie collar. If an item is going to make your dog miserable then do not subject him to it.

Before accessorizing your dog you may also want to consider what he will be doing. If you're going to the dog park where he can run and play you do not want anything that will hinder his movement or that comes off easily. In other words if you feel he needs some eye fashion, go for the strap on goggles instead of the sunglasses. The same goes with hats, if they have a strap they are more likely to stay in place.

A functional and fashionable harness with a matching leash may be all the accessorizing your dog needs to be styling and profiling! It's up to you just how dressed up or dressed down your dog looks when you take him out.

The choices are endless when it comes to adding accessories to your dog's wardrobe. Everything from boots and shoes to hair bows and bells can help pull your pooch's look together. So while everything you see in a doggie accessory department may make you ooh and aah, you have to consider your dog before you actually purchase a fluffy tutu for your Boxer to wear. Sometimes dog accessories just look silly!

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Find Treasures at Restaurants and Bars With a Metal Detector

This article will reveal ways to find treasures around Bars and Restaurants.

If you have resided in your area for any length of time you may be familiar with some old sites where these types of establishments were located.

The sites you are looking for are out of the way sites with dirt parking lots. We still have a few in our town.

I remember one location that was an old Supper Club. I'm not sure where the term "Supper Club" came from, but people used the term around here some 40-50 years ago.

Our site was located at the base of a mountain. It opened up occasionally in the 1940's and was visited by some upscale individuals of our community. It was a little tough getting to it because there have been many homes built in the area. We had to walk around some desert area to get to it without going through someone's back yard.

We were surprised to see the old rock foundation was still there. The parking lot was fully-grown over with desert vegetation. It was a challenge navigating our metal detector over the lot with the Buffalo grass and cactus.

We searched the area for about 3 hours and we were rewarded with some nice coins and jewelry finds.

Research is the key to locating these older Bar and Restaurants. If you can not remember any, start asking around your neighborhood. Talk to senior citizens that have lived in the area for sometime.

Do not overlook the current sites with dirt parking lots. I know of a couple more in our town that have been around for 40 years. The names may have changed but the lots are still there.

Be patient and you will turn one up. The final results will pay off.

For more articles, tips and supplies please visit us at; azmule

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Point of Sale Software

The cash register is invented, sold, and developed.

The first cash register was the brainchild of James Ritty, a "dealer of pure whiskies, fine wines and cigars". Ritty was running a successful saloon but had one major problem: he was getting ripped off by some of his employees.


So in 1879, Ritty invented the "Incorruptible Cashier," a device that registered transactions made at his business. Some time after that, he patented his invention and sold it to salesman Jacob H. Eckert, who founded the National Manufacturing Company (NMC). Eckert later sold the company to John H. Patterson, a retail coal shop owner in Coalton, Ohio.


Upon acquiring the business, Patterson named the company National Cash Register (NCR), which still exists today. He also added new features, such as custom employee drawers and bells, as well as the all-important paper receipts.

Electric and computerized point of sale systems arrive.

In 1906, inventor Charles F. Kettering, who worked for NCR, developed the first cash register powered by an electric motor. The device made it faster and easier for cashiers to ring up sales and keep tabs on transactions.


Over the next several decades, more improvements were made to the cash register, and NCR came up with better ways to market and sell the device. These efforts paid off well for the company. By the mid-1900s, the cash register had become a staple in retail stores.


In the 1970s, innovation helped traditional cash registers evolve into computerized point of sale systems. It was also during these years that devices such as credit card terminals and touchscreen displays were introduced.

By the time the 80s and 90s rolled up, the retail world saw the emergence of electronic registrants, barcode scanners, PC-based point of sale systems, and credit card devices.

Point of sale systems go mobile.

Mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions have made such a huge impact in the industry that in 2014 a major of UK retailers (53%) rated mPOS as the most important in-store technology for consumers. mPOS systems are also gaining market share. In 2015, the IHL Group found that mobile POS software installs are up 41% in North America year to year.


Over the years, we've seen POS systems evolve from cash registrants that simply ring up sales to full-fledged retail management solutions that allow retailers to stay on top of inventory, reporting, customer management, and ecommerce from one platform.


It's not just features that have evolved. Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, retail point of sale solutions now look better than ever. Clunky registers and bulky computers are being replaced by sleek tablets and phones. These devices not only look good and save space, but they also help retailers improve the shopping experience.

Gone are the days when cashiers were anchored to the checkout counter. Thanks to mobile POS solutions, merchants can take the checkout process to the customer, enabling them to assist shoppers from anywhere in the store or even when they're out and about at an event or pop-up shop.

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Establishing Good Mobile Phone Etiquette

In this fast changing world many social skills are lacking simply because in earlier generations there was no need for them. So now we need to look at two common challenges and possibly find acceptable solutions for the way we face them.

Take mobile phones for one example. These are a relatively new invention that has greatly influenced the way we run our lives. We walk the streets talking on our phones or at the very least wear an ear piece so that we can answer it as soon as it rings. We love the ease of solving problems for work keep in touch with our friends and relatives.

However this wonderful social tool carries with it certain challenges. Answering the phone in public areas can create situations never experienced before. If we use public transport for example making or answering a call becomes an intrusion into the privacy of others. A loud phone conversation nearby makes reading difficult for others who are drawn into a conversation in which they have no interest and no business hearing anyway. Even private conversations are transported out quite loudly on public trains. If the transport vehicle is crowded it is impossible to move but the call must be made at a set time or must be answered immediately. Perhaps in these situations we may consider others by acknowledging them if they look up. A simple statement such as "I'm unfortunately sorry I need to make / take this call now. It may be the best you can do but at least it lets your fellow travelers in your immediate area know that you accept that they also have rights.

Going shopping can also bring about challenges. Waiting in a queue at a retail store with time on our hands we can decide to access Facebook for example or catch up with a friend we have been meaning to call. It is a queue however and again others are standing around. What about your children who are standing with you? What underlying message are you sending them as you hush them up so that you can talk to your friends? Perhaps they may feel that they are less important than others. That's certainly not a message you would want them to feel. Perhaps it might be wisest to wait for another more suitable time. Hey, you might even start up a conversation with another person in the queue. It could then add substance to both your days.

Shop assistants also feel frustrated when someone reaches the counter, is halfway through an order and the phone rings. That is bad enough but when the customer answers the phone at this point it is not only inconvenient but also bad manners. Other customers are also inconvenienced while the whole store waits for one person to end a conversation. If it is urgent it might be best to acknowledge the assistant by saying "This is an urgent call, do you mind if I take it and arrange to call them back? I am so sorry for this inconvenience." Then do exactly that. If this is not possible it could be best to cancel what you are doing, move away and take your call. You can always come back later. Better yet turn off the phone in these situations. How often would it be so urgent that waiting a few minutes will make a difference unless of course you are a doctor?

We are trailblazing in this day and age. Technology is progressing at lightning speed and we need to accept the good while also acknowledging and guarding against the bad. In a further article we will also discuss other social issues resulting from new technology.

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Finding A Craft You Enjoy At Any Age

Often we are involved with crafts as children, in art or sewing classes, but then once we get past a certain age we are no longer challenged to find something new, and something which we might really enjoy given half the chance.

My Mum was artistic as a child, she enjoyed painting and drawing, and as she grew older she experimented with knitting and sewing. However, one thing she had always wanted to try out was pottery, and when she was in her fifties she heard about a local class. Now my Mum was a little lacking in confidence when it came to some things, so she was quite hesitant about going along to the class, as I think she was worried that she might 'not be good enough'. Now is not that the voice that we all have in our heads sometimes, that stops us from doing what we really want to.

However, luckily this time my Mum did not listen to that voice and she went along to the class. From the very first day she absolutely loved it and blossomed under the excellent guidance and encouragement of her teacher. The pottery class was not so much based around throwing pots but about crafting little scenes, animals and all manner of imaginative ideas from clay. My Mum made little mushroom houses, she made animals such as tortoises and a hippopotamus, the head of Chewbacca from Star Wars (she was a big sci-fi fan), the complete range of Winnie the Pooh friends for me and loads of other gorgeous items. One beautiful piece was a Viking Longboat and with this she entered a local Art Competition and walked away with a prize and a very big smile on her face.

Finding this activity, that she both loved and was really good at, was a big boost to my Mum and it gave her more confidence in other areas, for example she went on to really enjoy drawing and painting again, and in fact after she had a stroke much later in life, even managed to learn to draw with her left hand after always being right-handed.

I think we all have some creative ability within us, but because because you were told you were not good at something at school, it has overshadowed your thoughts on hobbies and crafts as you have moved through life and made you hesitant to give something a go. I do not think it is ever too late to learn a new skill, or indeed many different skills.

Sometimes we have to work through a few hobbies to find something that we really enjoy. Classes are often quite cheap, or you can get books from your local library, if you want to try a few different things before investing much money. So from knitting to cookery, from quilting to painting, from photography to dressmaking, there is so much out there to enjoy. If you doubt that, take a look at my Mum's story and see the love she had for craft shine through.

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Budget Friendly Contract Smartphones for Youngsters

If you appreciate technology then Smartphones are designed specifically for you! Magnifying popularity of smartphones compared to the contemporary one clearly state the growing craze of technology among youngsters. However, the greater the computing and connectivity features, the pricey the gadget. Yet there is a way! The online mobile phone deals are coming like that revolution which is making normal mobile users fall in love with as they are not only affordable but are accompanied by attractive gifts. With a perfect understating of the demands great new deals are set each day.

When one thinks of having a Smartphones it's advised to purchase online which provide a huge collection of such hi-tech gadgets to choose from. A comprehensive study reveals that due to the demand of smartphones every leading brand today is busy in manufacturing the most sophisticated gadget of all. Based on studies, Blackberry is on the top of these types of mobile phones. Most of these smartphones fall in the business category.

Apple and Nokia Smartphones are also very famous. A huge collection of Nokia smartphones boasts about the 5 mp to 12 mp camera, zippy internet connectivity due to 3G, Wi-Fi and HSDPA. Such phones present today come with various offers and deals that can really amaze. You may also go for looking into the deals of LG Smartphone. They are not only great in looks but will surprise you with an extensive feature list. With them you will be able to enjoy this hi-tech journey successfully.

Other brands in this league are Sony Ericsson and Samsung. The best part of buying a smartphone online is the opportunity to make a proper comparison of prices and services. Your comparative study will enable you to get the most successful deal. It enables you to understand who offers the best service in cheapest price.

Smartphones are very in demand. All the famous brands that offer such elegant masterpiece smartphones are available online and one can easily purchase them via online booking. Go, Flaunt in style your latest smartphone and make people around you jealous.

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