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5 Worthwhile Lower-Range Smartphones

Android is known for its variety of devices. One of the factors that makes it popular, is the choice of budget devices. As more people are able to afford Android devices, so they do. While the high-end Androids have impressive specs and features, the low-end ones make up a significant market share. The same is with Windows Phone and the devices it offers at a variety of prices. Usually smartphones are divided into 3 groups, according to cost (and surely, specs vary): flagships, mid-range and low-range. Obviously flagships receive most attention, articles, promotion and acclaim. But here let's discover the other side – several beautiful low-end smartphones.

Sony Xperia U
Sony Xperia U was presented at MWC 2012. It has an iconic Xperia design, and visually differs from larger brothers (Xperia S and Xperia P) only by size. Initially the smartphone ran then-most-popular Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which still is a reliable and widespread version. Then it received an official upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. So what do we have in specs? There's a 3.5 '' 854×480 screen (of quite a high quality for the price), a 1GHz dual-core processor, a 1290 mAh battery, a 5Mpx rear camera, a front-facing camera, 512MB RAM and 8GB of memory storage drawback is, that there's no expandable option, while only 4GB are available for users), Wi-Fi and microUSB connectivity. The bottom cap is changeable, and comes in several colors (sometimes black, white, pink and yellow). A great option for not-so-demanding users.

HTC Desire C
An entry-level smartphone, HTC Desire C is not a choice for tech-savvy people; however, it offers much for its low price. It's quite small, has a 3.5 '' screen and a recognizable HTC design – not luxuriously looking, but quite attractive. The screen is by no means great with its 320 × 480 resolution. Other specs include a 600MHz processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB of internal storage (+ microSD), a 1230 mAh battery, a rear 5Mpx camera; All this is guided by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. What else could be mentioned, is that the smartphone is light, small, and comes in three color schemes: black, white and red.

Nokia Lumia 520
One of the cheapest Windows 8 smartphones, Lumia 520 lacks a lot of features, such as front camera, LED flash and NFC. But it's an entry level smartphone, so let's look from 'what it has', not 'what it lacks' angle. A freshly installed device (annotated at MWC 2013) weighs 124g, and has a 1.0GHz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 8GB of memory storage (essentially expandable by microSD), a 1430 mAh battery, a 4 '' 800×480 screen, and a standard minimum connectivity features: Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, GPS and MicroUSB. The specs are quite diluted, the phone is not the smartest one, but it's more than acceptable for its price. And after all, it's available in five different colors.

Samsung Galaxy Young S6310
Launched in March 2013, Young looks like a younger brother of Galaxy Ace. If you remove the logo, you'll recognize familiar Samsung curves anyway. And if you take a look at the specs, you'll have a 320×480 display at 3.27 '', microSD-expandable 4GB of internal storage, 768MB RAM, a 1300 mAh battery, 1GHz CPU, Wi-Fi Direct, and a generous of other features. Galaxy Young runs Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Apart from the really weak points (such as battery and camera), it's a great-working device that handles the majority of modern apps, being capable to satisfy an average set of needs.

Sony Xperia M
This smartphone has just been commented by Sony. It's even closer to the mid-range market, then pricier than the abovementioned examples, which are currently under $ 200; but it's a brand new attempt that's worth mentioning here. Xperia M will be available in two versions: the usual one and the so-called M Dual (which stands for the dual-SIM feature). The device runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and comes in four colors: black, yellow, purple and white. It has a 1GHz dual-core processor, 4''screen (854×480), 1GB RAM, 4GB memory storage (+ microSD, up to 64GB), 5Mpx camera, HSPA +, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, a 1750 mAh battery, and a weight of 115g. Recently Xperia M has become available for pre-order in Germany at a price tag of € 239 (and M Dual at € 299).

Source by Oleg Lola

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How To Train A Puppy – 5 Tips

Puppies are like a sponge.

They absorb everything you teach them, especially when it comes to rewards!

What they find rewarding when they are young will be continued as they grow into adult dogs.

Here are 5 tips that would make your puppy training more effective and successful.

1. Be calm

Do not expect anything from your puppy. Do not punish your puppy when he does not know what you want from him (especially when you have not tried him).

Instead, accept the fact that your puppy will make mistakes – and that it is normal.

2. Goodie magic

If a puppy does something – and something pleasant succeeds, he is more likely to repeat this action.

So praise your puppy and reward him immediately when he does something right.

3. Pay no attention

Puppies love attention – even shouting is considered an attention to your puppy. So when your puppy misbehavior and instead of shouting at him, ignore him. They will soon learn that the bad behavior is not worth the attention seeking.

4. Replacement

Sometimes a puppy does not know what he should / should not do.

For example, if your puppy is sewing the sofa leg or your shoe, stop him by saying "no" with a deep tone – and gently move him with an alternative (his own toys) to chew and reward him for paying attention to it.

5. Be consistent

There are always reasons for a puppy to continuously make mistakes.

Maybe, he is confused with what you teach him?

If so, change your approach and try again. Always remember to interrupt unwanted behavior and direct your puppy to the right behavior – and reward him when he follows your instruction.

Training your puppy is hard work at times but the time invested in these early days will be fully repaid as your puppy becomes more of a pleasure.

Source by Cindy Ou

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The 5 Guidelines You Must Follow In Teaching Your Puppy

Here we have 5 very useful guidelines that you can use when you are working with your puppy. You will want to teach him to be and you also want him to be in the right frame of mind and condition to learn. This will make your experience more meaningful and enjoyable for both of you.

1. You will want to be brief: Compared to a child, how short do you imagine your puppies attention span is. We all know that a child's attention span is short so we will have to make sure that we remember this as we are working with our puppy. Our teaching will only be effective when we have his attention. If your puppy is physically exhausted and tired mentally, while your are trying to teach him new things, you can not expect to see the results that you wish. You will want to put your puppy through his training activity and then move on. You will have to keep it brief.

2. You want to keep things very simple: You will want to teach your puppy in a progressive step by step manner. Puppies learn the best this way so it will be the best possible process for you to take. You will find this will increase enjoyment and your puppy learn at an higher rate of speed if you will take this step by step approach.

3. Please be patient: You do not want to create a bad experience for your puppy. If you expect to have results immediately you will be frustrated and will have your puppy training loose focus. Puppies learn in spurts and these training's will take time. Your puppy will also go through lapses of memory and this is normal. One day your puppy might remember his training perfectly and the next day have completely forgotten it. When it comes to his training you want to relax and be patient.

4. You will have to be gentle: A young puppy can not handle a lot of psychological or emotional stress. They are sensitive and you will have to work with them accordingly. They can learn quickly and if they are handled too rough while going through their training they will pick up fears that will hinder their learning ability. You will have to be nice but also be firm.

5. Work on building confidence: You will find that every health dog will have a fair amount of confidence. This will start with you building confidence in your new puppy. This is not hard to do. You will want to start out by spending as much time as you possibly can with your puppy. If you make sure that this is a positive experience you will find that this will have a huge positive effect in building his confidence. Take time to relax with your puppy. You do not want to always be in a training mode. You will want to get down and spend some time with your dog. Roll around with him and have some fun. If you will let him know that you are his friend he will be your friend for life.

Source by Jason Beachy

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The Best Sexual Positions: The Top 5 Mistakes Most Guys Make

One of the many challenges men have is to decide on what positions to use when getting booty. The biggest fears are that the woman will get bored with the "same old, same old" and as a result lose interest in sex. So the question becomes, what are the best sexual positions?

The best way to explain this is to talk about what NOT to do. With that in mind, I'll now talk about the top five mistakes guys make when it comes to sexual positions, so that way you will not continue making them.

Position Mistake 1: Imitating anything seen in a porn movie. This is probably the biggest reason that guys fail with sexual positions. Inexperienced guys think porn is a good model because they see studs banging beautiful broads, and … well, they just do not know any better. The problem is that sexual positions in those sections of movies are meant to display a good scene for viewers, not to maximize pleasure for the actors.

And in fact, one of the WORST positions for clitoral and vaginal stimulation is when the woman puts her ankles on your shoulders. With her pelvis bent back that far, she can feel pain in her cervix if you push in too far. Plus it's a position that puts pressure. (If you ever have a chance to go behind the scenes and watch the making of an adult movie, you'll see how quickly the mood gets killed when the actress keeps having to stop the scene to go to the bathroom!)

Position Mistake 2: Trying too hard to keep your weight off the woman, in any position. To a woman, sex is a way to get closer to her man. She loves it when he leans on the underside of her thighs. So here's a tip for you to try … Next time you're having sex with your woman (while you're engaged in actual intercourse, that is), get more of your weight on her. You see, during sex, almost every woman enjoys feeling her man's body hard against her.

So how much weight should you put on her? Make it enough so that after you come, and the sexual frenzy dissipates, your woman will tell you that she feels like she's being smooshed. Of course, do this within limits! If you're on top off her grinding her pubic bone for too long, it can feel painful for her.

But the bottom line is that many, many women like to be pressured by at least some of the man's weight. So save the gentlemanly sex for the royal family's women!

Position Mistake 3: Letting the woman do all the work when she's on top. For virtually every woman, sex is mostly a passive activity. So by being the motionless beta male, you destroy the whole purpose of sex for her, which is to open herself up to you penetrating into her body.

Position Mistake 4: Being a wimp. A lot of guys have read too many "Men are From Mars" -type books and think women like it if you ask permission for everything and let them take the lead. Be the alpha male instead and just "do it." Flip her over, move her here and there. Be aggressive and even toss her about like a rag doll when you want to change positions, and … she'll LOVE it! And do not worry about it. If something is going on that the woman does not like, she'll let you know.

Position Mistake 5: Thinking the trickier positions are better. You do not need to be upside down, hanging from a lamp, and doing something crazy. Just be normal. An old standby like the missionary (man on top, woman lying on her back) can be the best sexual position.

Tricky positions are just frustrating for everyone and often kill the mood because there's too much "where should I put my arm?" … and not enough "let's just have fun exploring."

Source by John J. Alexander

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Social Anxiety – The Top 5 Pets That Can Help You

Pets can be more than just companions; they can also aid you in overcoming your social anxiety.

Treat a pet kindly, and it will love you for who you are. He / she will never judge you for your looks or shyness. He will depend on you to keep him alive. He will be there to comfort and play with you or make you laugh when you are having a bad day. He will shower you with love and reduce your loneliness if you have any.

Some pets require walks (the five listed here can all be taken for walks). For many people, a pet is like their security blanket or their guardian that they can take almost anywhere with them. The fact that their companion is with them in public can help reduce some anxious feelings. By having a pet with you, you have a good conversation starter right there, especially with like minded people. Do not be surprised if someone stops to compliment your critter.

Pets are a great way to meet like minded, friendly people on forums or even clubs. Just remember, always research any pet before buying one. They all need certain housing, diet, and daily interaction time. A pet can be a big commitment.

Here are five great pet choices to help you with your anxiety:

Pet # 5: Guinea Pig

The potential of a guinea pig as a pet is overlooked by many. If kept as an indoor companion and given attention daily, their true loving and funny nature will shine through. Guinea pigs communicate with their owners through various sounds, including purring, and many love to be cuddled and petted. A well socialized guinea pig is sure to brighten anyone's day.

Pet # 4: Cat

Cats are the most curious and psychic of pets. Despite their independent reputation, many of them love their owners unconditionally and will cuddle up to you and show their appreciation as they purr. They are happy to sleep next to their owners and will comfort them when they sense something is wrong.

There is one individual cat in particular who lives in a hospital and can sense when patients are about to die (before anyone else knows). It will cuddle up next to the patient and stay with them so that they are never alone.

Pet # 3: Horse

Horses have been known to help treat people with all sorts of mental disorders – including social anxiety. Riding a horse involves learning or mastering a skill and has been known to enhance one's confidence and self esteem in tackling new areas.

Horses are sensitive to verbal and non-verbal cues, and communication with a horse is vital in working with one. Horses also need to be cared for through grooming, feeding, and cleaning and readily upon their owners. They are also playful and loving creatures.

Pet # 2: Dog

Dogs are commonly kept as pets, and for a good reason! They have been domestically bred for a very long time, and are well adapted to living in homes and interacting with people. Dogs can be playful, cuddly, incredibly affectionate, and can also guard their owners and keep them safe.

There are many different breeds (including mixed breeds) out there, and different types suit different people. Dogs are usually not low maintenance pets, so make sure you can make that commitment to keeping a companion dog.

Pet # 1: Parrot

Cross a dog with a cat and a human child, and you have a parrot. While opinions may differ, for me, a parrot is the ultimate pet.

A parrot does not give love unconditionally at first, you have to earn it. But once a parrot bonds to you … wow. It will make you feel like the most important person in the world. A parrot that is well socialized with humans will also be friendly towards strangers, but you will always be his number one person.

Parrots are loving and affectionate, incredibly playful and silly, many love to be cuddled, and yes, even a parrot can be taken into public with you as long as he wears a harness. The special talent that the parrot has is his ability to speak 'in context'. They easily learn to associate human words with objects, actions, and sounds and can communicate to you on an incredible level.

Parrots need just as much, often more, attention as a pet dog does. They live for a very long time, and may even outlive you. If you have no experience keeping parrots, it is best to start off with a smaller species, such as a cockatiel or quaker.

Just about any pet can help that little bit more (or for some people, a lot more) in coping with social anxiety. Rats, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, and fish have also been known to add happiness to a person's life.

Source by Jane Renshaw

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Self Prostate Stimulation & Massaging – 5 Steps to Self Prostate Milking

A Prostate massage also known as self prostate milking is one of the most pleasurable activity a man can experience in his lifetime. It is not only pleasurable, but it helps maintain a healthy prostate. Self stimulation encourages a rich blood flow. It can also be used as a preventive measure against prostate cancer.

The question is often asked, how can one perform self prostate stimulation? While the activity suggest "self", it actually implies that your partner should be involved in the process. You should discuss it with your partner and make sure that you both are comfortable with performing the activity.

Here are 5 basic steps to accomplish self prostate milking to the point of inducing an orgasm. While a video would provide a better guide, we will do our best to describe the procedure. There are also a few diagrams online that can help the process.

1. Preparation of Physical Space – Make the Man Comfortable

Preparing the room in which the massage will occur is quite simple. You will need a bed with fresh sheets. Light some sweet smelling candles at the four corners of the room. Turn off the lights or dim its brightness.

2. Set the Mood

Put on soothing music like jazz or other smooth genre of music. This will set the mood for the moment. Playing this kind of music will greatly and positively enhance your partner comfort zone and the activity.

3. You will need the following;

You will need a clean hand towel, a pair of latex gloves, lubricant and massaging oil.

4. Get Your Partner to relax – With a Massage

o To do this you must place your male partner in the prepared room.

o Allow him to lay on the front part of his body and allow him to get into a comfortable position.

o Get out the massage oil and begin massaging your partner's neck, back and then buttocks.

o Alternate the movements between long strokes and short circular movements.

o While doing this talk to your partner softly into relaxation. Allow him to do some mental imagery by describing pleasant and calming experiences.

o Do this for about ten to fifteen minutes for the least or more if you like.

5. Start the Prostate massage or stimulation

o Put on the latex gloves on your dominant hand and put some lubricant on your index and middle finger.

o Start the massage by making gentle circular movements with the tips of your fingers around the anus.

o Gently slide your index finger into the anus. Ensure that your partner is still relaxed when doing this.

o Allow your finger to go in straight aiming in the direction of the navel.

o Continue moving in until you come in contact with the gland. It is a walnut shape gland with two sides and a ridge in the middle.

o Continuously and gently stroke the gland in circular motions, from side to side and down the ridge in the middle.

o Try to be especially careful with the sensitive ridge in the middle, touch it gently.

o Repeat the gently massage of the gland until your partner experiences an orgasm

There are many health and pleasure benefits to be had from this activity.

Source by Karen Xavier

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5 Reasons To Try Electric RC Helicopters

RC Helicopters capture people's interest since their very first inception. They stand as one of the most fascinating field of the RC hobby world. Very few can resist its charm. Neverless, not too long ago they also rented an extremely heavy price tag and required more maintenance than a ten-years-old car. To make matters worse, flying one required countless hours of practice and tremendous amount of patience. However, all that is about to change. With the introduction of electric RC helicopters, flying these amazing models are not as far-fetched as they used to be. Here are five reasons why:

1. Low Cost:

Flying RC Helicopter used to set people back thousands of dollars. People had to buy the helicopter kit (which comes in a hundred small pieces – unassembled), servos, engine, starter, gyro, receiver, radio controller, a hundred other equipments, and of course – fuel. When everything has been purchased, you still have to assemble it!

On the other hand, electric helicopters almost always cost less than 200 dollars with cheaper but better versions coming out regularly. Even better, most of these helicopters come ready to fly right out of the box. In addition to that, every necessary equipments and accessories often come included as well. Finally, by using batteries, the running cost of these helicopters is greatly reduced as it is no longer necessary to buy gallons after gallons of gas.

2. Silent and Clean:

RC Helicopters might be among the most fascinating radio controlled models, however, one undeniable fact still stands against it; they make more noise and create more pollution than a breaking down truck. This makes flying around the neighborhood almost impossible.

The problem of noise, pollution and size is almost entirely eliminated with the electric models; the amount of noise greatly decreased while the amount of pollution vanished alike. These two facts allows these machines to fly everywhere without causing too much annoyance to other people.

3. Reliable and Easy to Fly:

With gas helicopters, countless crashes occur not because of pilot errors, but because the engine fail in midair. Who's to blame? After all, everyone knows that gas engines are not the most reliable thing in the world. They also notoriously require constant tinkering to run smoothly. On the other hand, electric helicopters fly undeniably more reliable. They almost never cut out in mid air, even when the battery runs down. Moreover, you can forget about having to crank up the engine over and over. These electric motors will run anytime anywhere as long as there's battery. There's nothing more frustrating than taking your helicopter to the field only to find that it will not start because it is too cold, too humid, or just because the engine wants to act up.

Electric helicopter are generally easier to fly than gas models, making them ideal for beginners. Some model allows beginner to start out with only 2 or 3 channels to worry about as oppose to 6 or 7 that the gas model requires. Avid pilots will not have to worry though, as professional fully 3D-capable electric models also exist.

4. Easy to Maintain:

Maintenance used to be one of the largest hurdles for anyone wanting to start flying RC helicopters. Thankfully, electric RC helicopters dramatically reduced the amount of repairs required. These little wonders were specifically designed to keep the amount of fixing necessary to minimum. Therefore, repairs can usually be made with just the bare hands or with only one screw driver. Even more impressive is the fact that these types of helicopter rarely need repairing at all. They can survive most types of crashes without any problem.

5. Small Size:

Before electric helicopters, indoor flights and flights in your own backyard were next to impossible. Now, they are quick and easy. Newer versions are so small that even flying in the bedroom is possible. The smaller size of these helicopter means that it is easier to transport as well. However, for pilots who prefer big aircraft, there are electric helicopters as big as.50 size gas models available.

The advantage of flying electric RC helicopter does not end with these five points. With new technologies becoming available, these aircraft are improving at surprising speed. All in all, it is not hard to see why electric RC helicopter is the fastest growing field of RC hobby.

Source by Tara Soonthornnont

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5 Things You Must Do Before Traveling Internally

Traveling is my passion and I enjoy it a lot. So, whenever I go for a trip, I always feel like a dream and I would like to live like a dream. It is very exciting to travel in different-different countries. So, when you travel to the new country, you must take care of lots of things. Therefore, each and every time I go for a trip, I do take care of certain things that will help me to travel worry-free.

So, I am here with several traveling tips and tricks which will help you to be ready to encounter anything happen to you when you are wandering away from your home. Let see these major things that you must take care before heading to the trip.

1. Check your passport and visa date

Traveling to the foreign country is not easy. There are different rules in every country regarding the visa. Well, most of the countries need your passport must be valid for six months after your return date. So, you must check the expiration date of your passport as well as visa. If the date is expired, then your whole trip would get ruined. If all set, then do not forget to make copy of your passport and visa to keep it as a security.

2. Money Matter A lot

Money is the major things that every traveler must take care before going to any trip wherever out of the country or to the same country. If you are planning to the foreign country, then make sure that you have complete math of your home country and the other countries currency conversation knowledge. You must also conform to your bank that your credit card will work in the country you are visiting and tell a bank that you are going to another country so they can not block your cards. One more thing is that always keep local cash with you because not everyone accepts credit cards.

3. Do Advanced Packing

Whenever I go for a trip, I always carry few extra pair of clothes. It helps to ready for the situation of any luggage lost or if the trip extends for a few days. Alongside, you can also get the best anti-theft backpacks to keep your money, expensive smartphone or camera, passport, visa and something else safe. If all set, then keep in mind that how much luggage the airline will allow you to carry. Traveling outside of the country is fun, but the eating junk food may harm your health. So, it would be a good idea to carry some snacks form your home country.

4. Go With Good Gadgets

If you are planning a long trip, then you should also take care of all electronic devices that you are bringing along. Well, the smartphone is one of the most important gadgets which help to get in touch with your friends and family while traveling out of the country. So, do not forget to carry power bank and charging cable so that you could not face any low charging situation. Furthermore, do not forget to contact your network operator regarding the international calling charges and compatibility. Along with that, you should take care of other gadgets like camera, headphones, dryer and more while traveling.

5. Plan Your First And Last Day

Another most important thing that every traveler must do is make a perfect plan for the first and last day of the trip as these two days are only mattered a lot to you. At the first, you could enter in to the new place where everyone is strange. So, make a plan to get into the hotel safely where you are staying. Likewise, do not forget to make a schedule for a whole trip and of course for a last day as well. So, at the end of the trip, you would keep all your documents, gadgets, cash, cards, IDs and key safe while departing the country.


Well, these all are the foremost things that I do take care whenever I plan a holiday with my family and friends. I bet you will not get in any difficulty if you have taken care of aforesaid tips while traveling abroad. So, be always a prepared and happy journey!

Source by Suraj Padmasali

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Turn Your Hobby Into a Business With These 5 Steps

You are probably thinking that an economic downturn is not the best time to be thinking about turning your hobby into a profitable business. Think again. This can be one of the smartest moves you can make – if you take the time to plan ahead and give yourself the best chance possible of success.

Here are 5 tips that you can follow to turn your dream into a plan of action.

1. Write a business plan

This is a requirement for any business that will be seeking funding from other people but there is an even better reason for writing a detailed and comprehensive business plan. When you are forced to write your ideas for others to read it tends to focus your thinking, make you seek better proofs for your assumptions, and sharpen your description of the actions that you will be taking. You can find some good business plan models online but the basic requirements are that your business plan should define your business, the products and services that you'll be offering, how you will distinguish yourself from your competition, and your proposed operating procedures.

2. Consider a corporation or an LLC

If you do not have the time or the inclining to research the best form of business organization for your company then get the advice that you need from an accountant that specializes in business tax returns. Corporations and LLC's help to protect your personal assets from your business debts and liabilities but there are certain tax advantages to formal business organizations that are simply not available to sole proprietorships. The Inc. or LLC after your business name also adds credibility and cache with customers and business partners.

3. Get the business licenses, permits, and tax identification numbers that you'll need

Every business other than a sole proprietorship requires a federal tax identification number and every business that hires employees will require one also. Depending on the nature of your business activities and state and local requirements your business may need a particular license or any variety of permits. Do your own research on this or consult with a local attorney who is familiar with other businesses like yours.

4. Open a business checking account

Even if you decide to operate as a sole proprietorship you will still want to open a separate checking account for the business. It's always a bad idea to mix personal and business income and expenses. For one thing, commingling accounts makes it a nightmare to separate them back out at tax time, and two, you will lose the ability to manage your business finances because you'll quickly lose track of its actual income and expenses.

5. Create your brand and start promoting

If you do all your business locally then get business cards and a letterhead that will distinguish your business. Develop your business persona and promote it through the community. People do business with people that they trust and they like. If your business will be online or with remote customers the same rules apply. Deliver what you promised, and make everyone feel that they are getting their money's worth from you and more.

Source by Peter Boston

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How to Know If a Woman's Attracted: The 5 Signals

Maybe she's that waitress at the local café. Or maybe she's a coworker or classmate or even the friend you've always secretly had a crush on. Regardless who she is, if you like her, then you want to know if the feeling's mutual.

Lucky for you, all women give off signals when they're attracted. Most guys never pick up on these signals. If you do not know what you're looking for, you could easily overlook these secret signals, as well. And you probably already have. You have probably let countless women slip through your fingers in the past because you failed to see the signals.

But you're never going to make that mistake again. By learning the 5 most common-but least understood-signals of female attraction, you are prepared to get the girl. Just look for 1 of these 5 signals, and then make your move. It's as simple as that!

1.) She says your name a lot in conversation

If you find a woman saying your name in conversation, there's a good possibility she has feelings for you. When someone has feelings for another person, the sound of that person's name gives them a little emotional rush. (Just think of children in the schoolyard writing their crush's name in their notebooks!) While adults do not skip around the playground and chant their crush's name, they do unconsciously say it whenever they can. So if she says your name a lot, there's a good chance she's attracted to you.

2.) She fidgets with her hair

When a woman plays with her hair, it often means she's turned on. It's a grooming reflex: primary females groom themselves for males before mating. If you want proof, just go to your local zoo!

3.) She breaks eye contact first

Poets say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, her eyes are also a window into her feelings. It's a well known fact that eye contact signifies confidence. And confidence is nothing more than comfort in one's status. So, for example, if you were training some new entry level employees at your job, then you'd probably feel very confident in holding strong eyes with all of them. If, however, you were having a business with your boss 'boss, then you probably would not feel as comfortable maintaining strong eye contact (since your boss' has a higher status). Likewise, if you notice a woman continuously breaking eye contact first, she's probably nervous with attraction for you.

4.) She gets carried away with emotion sometimes around you

A major misconception most guys have of women is that they need to "like" you to feel attraction. Just think of all the bad boys who do amazing with women! Now, you do not need to become a "bad boy" just to attract women; however, you should not discouraged is a woman is not always in a peachy mood around you. In fact, it's better if she's not! A woman would never waste her emotions on a guy she did not like. So if she sometimes gets frustrated with you or even angry at you, it's a good thing.

5.) She speaks in the future tense about you

Here's a very subtle-but very powerful-attraction signal that women give off. If a woman's interested in you, she'll make comments about seeing you in the future. It's important to note that none of these signals will be overt; instead, they'll be a little offhanded comments like, "Are you going to x, y, z event next week?" If a woman is asking such questions, it's a telltale sign that you're on her mind.

Source by Jay Roberts Jr.