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Staffy Collars: How to Choose The Best Collar For My Staffy

Staffy collars have caused many a debate among Staffy owners. Do you go for the stiff and butch type or maybe the harness, or how about a bit of Staffordshire bull terrier bling? Studs or no studs?

Years ago there was not much choice when it came to Staffy dog collars and yet now it seems that you can buy Staffy collars anywhere especially online.

Though dog collars are now a fashion accessory we must not forget that they also need to serve a purpose.

The Staffordshire bull terrier breed is one of the strongest on the planet and pound for pound will give many a dog a run for its money.

This can prove a challenge for some owners who are often seen being pulled along by a Staffy pup. Here though are some guidelines

First of all make sure that you choose something that is going to fit properly. Measure the girth around your staffies neck and then use this as your guide for the collar. The usual guide is to make sure that you can place 2 fingers underneath the co9llar. This ensures that it fits properly and is not choking your Staffordshire bull terrier

You will also need a Staffy collar that is sturdy enough to withstand the scrapes that Staffordshire bull terriers get into when they are out and about on walks. Remember they are a terrier and have the basic terrier instinct to forage and explore. Our advice is don’t go for material collars. It is a false economy and they don’t last. Leather or a leather substitute is best. The exception to this is your Staffy puppies’ first collar. This can be material and is a great way to get your Staffordshire bull terrier puppies used to the sensation.

Finally keep checking them for wear and tear. It depends on your Staffy. If you have a Staffy pup then they will outgrow them at a fast rate. Once they get to about 18 months the main growth will have stopped. Though with a Staffy after this age they can still thicken around the neck so just watch out for this

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