Springtime Pet Safety

Now that you've made it through the winter you'll be anxious to get outside with your pet and start your springtime activities. Everything from gardening to cleaning is on the list as you prepare to get out and about. Your pet will appreciate the nice weather too as he gets to spend more time outdoors. While you may enjoy welcoming this great weather do not forget about the dangers to your pet that may come with it. A little foresight and prevention can go a long way in having an enjoyable spring.

Spring has Sprung

The best part of spring is the opportunity to replant the garden and make your lawn beautiful. Do a little research before planting your flowers as some springtime plants can be harmful to your pets. Azaleas, rhododendrons and particularly lilies are toxic to pets and can make them sick. Fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides that keep your plants green can also make your pets ill. If possible, find non-chemical solutions for keeping your plants and pets healthy.

Cleaning Up and Home Improvement

Another spring ritual that presents some issues is spring cleaning. Those household cleaners can be harmful to your pet, just like outdoor chemicals. Use them sparingly and store them where inquisitive pets can not get to them easily. Follow the instructions on the label to make sure you're using them correctly. Along with cleaning, home improvement is also popular during this time of year. Be mindful of staples, paints, nails and insulation that your pet can swallow or hurt themselves with.


Just like people, pets can have allergies too. Pets that are allergic to pollen will have runny noses and will have itchy ears and noses. Skin allergies are possible if your pet gets into some deep vegetation. Itchy skin, licking at the base of the tail and paws are signs of allergies and can cause a rash. Your vet can give you recommendations on what to do if your pet needs relief.

Outdoor Pests

Your pet is not the only one looking forward to going outside in the spring – so are fleas and ticks. Talk to your vet about preventive measures you can take to make sure your pet is not affected by these little creatures. Even if your pet has been treated, they may still carry fleas and ticks in to the house where they can make your life miserable. If you find a tick on your pet, remove it or have a vet take a look.

Spring Holidays

There are many celebrations that take place this time of year that present safety issues. Easter chocolates, fake grass, and decorations can cause poisoning or intestinal tract blockage if ingested. Be mindful of where you keep these items and warn those celebrating with you of the potential dangers. Many people also buy Easter pets such as chicks and baby bunnies. Have a plan of what you'll do with these animals after the celebrity is over. A novelty for a one day celebration may become a hefty commitment.

Where Did You Go?

Now that you're out and about, make sure your pet can be properly identified if they decide they want to explore on their own. Lost pets need ID tags with current information on them and microchip information needs to be up to date. Keep a current photo of your pet for easy identification or in case you have to make flyers.

Springtime can be fun and exciting. With safety in mind, it can be enjoyable for everyone.

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