Some Simple Good Neighbor Etiquette

I’m absolutely amazed at the insensitive nature of some people. When you live in a town or city, you have a neighbor (usually). It’s generally best if you follow some basic rules and codes of conduct so that you don’t make them mad.

For instance, if you’re going to build a fence, talk to your neighbor. While it’s not required, you may find that your neighbor is willing to share the cost with you in order to get a nicer fence.

If you have dogs, keep them chained up and out of the neighbor’s yard. We don’t want their poo in our grass, which is then picked up on our kids shoes and tracked into our house. Keep your own poo on your side.

Mind your manners. Don’t cuss loudly in front of the kids. Keep your family arguments inside your own walls. If the walls are thin, keep the yelling to a minimum.

Pay attention to daylight hours. Don’t make loud noises after dark when kids are often asleep. Just because you’re a night owl doesn’t mean my kids are. I don’t want your loud music bothering my peace and quiet.

Don’t borrow toys or tools without asking. Teach your kids about boundaries and social rules. Don’t ignore it when they “borrow” stuff and make sure it’s returned in the same good condition.

If you can follow some (better would be all) of these basic rules and even add some other common rules of your own, you and your neighbors will have a much better relationship. You don’t have to be in the same social circles, but at least you won’t have fights and cops involved either.

Source by Alana Tanner

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