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Small Farmers Are Getting Rich Off Specialty Crops

Small scale farming will change your life.

I’m here to tell you about some of the newest and best crops, animals and agricultural businesses out there today. Many of these commodities have such high demand you will sell your crops before they are even harvested.

With revenues around 100k per acre it is silly not to look into this information. As an Ag consultant I am exposing these new crops that no one has ever heard of.

One example someone called me up curious about growing something on an idle patch of ground that was incapable of growing anything. I suggested she grow a type of ornamental tumble weed and now she is selling the seeds for a substantial income.

It’s all about turning that boring plot of land into something useful and productive. Just how productive you want it to be is limited only buy your desire for success. Many clients have been able to go to full time hobby farmer status except they are anything but hobby farmers they now are successful business owners.

While in college for Ag business, I became preoccupied with finding the new crop that would change the world and make me a boatload of money in the process. Actually, preoccupied is an understatement. I was more like obsessed, infatuated, fixated on finding that new crop that would change the world forever.

My obsession has taken me all over the world and into some of the most pristine rainforests and into some of the most hostile deserts. Did I find that secret crop that had the power to change the world? You better believe I did. Was it developed? Yep, and now it’s a multi-billion-dollar industry.

That’s right-I said multi-billion. Ever heard of Acai? While talk show hosts made this little berry an instant success, others were cashing in on it. Turns out I had a pretty good hunch. That was 10 years ago, and now it’s old news. Yet, I knew there were better, more profitable things out there.

The next billion-dollar crop is waiting to be exploited. And I have it in my book. Truth be told, it’s not just one crop. I have many different types of plants, animals, and unique agricultural ventures waiting to be planted, grown, developed, and harvested. Why many? One size does not fit all.

Does this mean you will become the next billionaire? Probably not. However, some of my secret niches will generate over $100,000 in an area as small as your back yard.

Here is a letter a client sent to our publication office.

My wife and I purchased a small house with about 30 acres of irrigated ground. We planned on the corn crops to take care of the mortgage however it just wasn’t working out like I had thought it would. Instead of making our mortgage this little patch of land was costing us money. With a large fertilizer and chemical bill it simply was costing us more to operate than the income we were bringing in. I knew there had to be a better way. It wasn’t until my wife lost her job that I really needed to supplement some income. We went from buying the farm to nearly losing the farm in less than 3 years time.

It wasn’t until I got the call from the bank that I decided it was time to sink or swim.

We searched and searched the internet for something that would save the farm. However it wasn’t until I found a website called forty acre fortune that the wheels got spinning. There were so many great ideas for small scale farming I didn’t sleep for a week, thinking of which one would be best for all of us and because my beautiful wife would be doing most of the work I wanted something easy for her to manage and not incredibly physically demanding.

After purchasing some information from the Ag consultant who wrote the book, I called him to discuss my next move. He was very knowledgeable of new crops that I have never heard of, and was more than willing to help out. Jon was very adamant about matching the right crop for our lifestyle and now that we are in production I’m so glad because now our family has time for vacations and most weekends are spent off the farm, we have never been happier.

After working with him for a while we decided to settle on a type of berry that helps fight cancer. It has been a big learning curve but we came out on top with average profits of 40 thousand per acre this little hobby farm is now a very lucrative business. I’m so glad I found this information it has literally changed my life.

If you are looking to be a full time farmer or just want to try something new I advise you to look into this information you will be very surprised as I was.

Best of all if you don’t find what you are looking for or you have a unique problem with you property Jon is willing to help you work around your problems. This is truly something every small landowner should look into.

Source by John Olesen

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