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Shih Tzu Puppies for Sale in Chattanooga TN

Okay, we don’t actually have a Shi Tzu puppy for sale here, but we can help you with figuring out where to get one and more importantly, where not to get one. For those not in the know, the Shi Tzu dog is a highly sought after Chines variation of dog which is sometimes called a Chrysanthemum dog (because it looks like kind of like a flower) or a lion dog because that is what the Buddhists referred to it as. You may also want to refer to it as the wizard dog since its’ face can kind of look like a wise old wizard with the long “beard” hanging down from either side. Whatever you may call them however, it is undeniable that Shi Tzu dogs are extremely popular animals and everyone seems to want one.

The first thing to remember when considering purchasing your new Shi Tzu puppy is that you should not consider looking for a backyard breeder. Backyard breeders typically will try to raise popular breeds of dogs such as Boxers, Shi Tzu and Dalmatians which are quite expensive and difficult to find. They will typically charge much less for the dogs than a traditional breeder, however you should not even think about buying a dog from these people. First of all, they often do not know how to properly raise the dogs and so they will make mistakes from the start, giving your new puppy a bad experience of his or her first days on earth. Secondly, backyard breeders do not provide guarantees that their dogs have been checked by professional vets to make sure that they were not suffering from serious health defects.

While backyard breeders who offer Shiu Tzu puppies for sale are one of the problems, another area of problems are the puppy mills who breed tons of these dogs and other popular breeds in order to sell them en masse. The problem is that the dogs are not really allowed to roam free and to develop as individual puppies. Instead, they are kept in battery cages similar to those used to store chickens and many develop neuroses because of this early experience. Dogs that are not sold are also put to sleep after a year or two because the breeders can’t be bothered with finding proper homes for them.

So where can you find quality Shi Tzu puppies for sale? Try a professional breeder. These are the people who know what it takes to raise a healthy animal and to make sure that they will be loved and cared for until they are ready to go their new homes. Now as for training the somewhat stubborn Shi Tzu, well, that’s a subject for another column!

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